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u/Meagasus · 2 pointsr/sugarfreemua

How awesome are you! The big question is: what's your budget!?

A couple reactions to your list: honestly if she is just starting out, this brush set is OK (not great, but OK). It does seem to have a lot of eye/detail brushes and not a lot for base. The thing is, she won't know what brushes she's in love with until she tries out a bunch. If she's into it, then she might want to buy better quality brushes in the kind she likes. I'm saying this also because I'm a mua and I use brushes kind of unconventionally and I find a lot of mu enthusiasts/pros are the same way (example--it might say "crease" brush, but I'll use it for buffing out concealer or smudging eyeliner). She won't know until she tries a bunch of different kinds, so I think getting a variety of inexpensive brushes isn't a bad idea. It also depends on the face she's working on?

You might want to splurge on one kinda decent set, too, though if you're saving a ton of money getting a more inexpensive set. This one might be good to start BUTTTTTTT if you have a TJMaxx near you DEFINITELY go check it out. You can get surprisingly decent brush sets there for a great price--you also might be able to feel them before buying to check them out. I got that RT eye brush set for, like, $7.99 or something.

The brush/sponge cleaner--If I were you, I'd save some $$ by just getting a baby shampoo or Dr. Bronner's soap. (Not to say that Eco Tools one is super pricey, but if she's washing her brushes as much as she should, she may run out quick). In my kit, I use Parian Spirit or Cinema Secrets, but it's kind of $$$. If I'm running low, I'll use baby shampoo because it's super gentle. For lip brushes or special fx makeup stuff, I'll even use Dawn. The silicone brush cleaner is a cool gadget, but be warned it can wreak havoc on brushes (esp. cheap brushes!)

The organizer is a good idea and it's cute, but the only thing is that type are kinda tricky in that they don't really hold that much. If she is really getting into it, maybe something more versatile? I'm obsessed with Muji organizers, but $$$. WAIT, just checked and they're having a sale:

They are wonderful because they are SUPER versatile and all kind of fit together, so you can make your own little set up.

What about a cute vanity mirror?

Brush holder?

An amazing book that still has an insane amount of relevant information even 20 years later:

I use this guy for if I know I'm only doing one client. Would be great for personal use, too:

OK, I'm going to bed, haha! Have fun, you are an amazing sister and whatever you get her will be cherished.

u/sewsewsewyourboat · 12 pointsr/sugarfreemua

i strongly suggest going over to /r/HoodedEyes. there are some good techniques there, and practice every day an eye look. I HIGHLY recommend watching this Wayne Goss tutorial on hooded eyes: the straight line technique. I think this will be especially beneficial to your eye shape.

I'd also highly recommend that you learn tightlining. That's actually a pretty simple technique to master but will make your eyes pop.

As for colors for your eyeshadow, i think you'll be most happy with a light base plus one or two darker brown colors, just enough to give the illusion of an eye lift, but nothing terribly dark to make you cringe years later after you have mastered the technique. I personally like to use a light beige base color plus another brown that is basically a contour color because that basically contours the eye in a pretty nice shape but is not noticeable.

As for tools, I was really impressed with this set as a beginner's set. The blending brush is definitely nice.

Now, as for the other stuff, your eyebrows are very nice. They're pretty neat as it is, so it's no big deal. You probably don't even need anything done with those.

As for foundation... honestly, go to sephora/nordstrom/ulta as many times as you can and get color matched. Get samples. Test at home, ask for opinions both IRL and on here, if desired. Go again, and try to get different color matchers each time. Also, avoid that stupid Sephora IQ gimmick device. If you have any redness at all, it'll match you to an incredibly dark color.

To help you answer your questions about tone... ask yourself what colors look best on you. It's a bit difficult for me to get a decent idea of your tone with one photo. But wearing different colors and seeing how your skin looks can give you a decent indication. If you have trouble figuring out what tone the clothing is, you can probably google it and see what others say.

But... going off the one photo, you look more warm.

u/awheckohjeez · 1 pointr/sugarfreemua

I for one love, love, love this palette
It has highlighters as well and the pigment is stunning. Plus, it’s easy to build up and blend the colours so you can control the look better.
Also, undertones do play a huge roll with red lipsticks and I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the best at picking out red lipsticks. Your best bet would be to go into a store and ask one of the MUA to help you figure out your undertones and which lipsticks would compliment you the best.
I used to be a dancer as well and the transition from stage makeup to everyday makeup is a process of trial and error. Sometimes I would think it looked fine and then go out and realise my eyeshadow is wayyyy too dramatic for the real world haha. Other days I would go so light it looked like I didn’t have any makeup on (and not in the cute “no makeup, makeup” way).

u/R4W13Y · 4 pointsr/sugarfreemua
  1. Concealer or BB cream
  2. Brows
  3. Mascara
  4. My Lips But Better
  5. Blush
  6. Powder

    If I HAD to choose only 3 products: Concealer or BB cream, brows, powder.

    A 6 product face would add color (blush, MLBB) and thickened/longer lashes (mascara).

    Drug store products - Under $20**

u/Kawaii_Fart_Tits · 2 pointsr/sugarfreemua

I think three things could really help you out.

  1. Cover lashes with a small bit of water proof eyeliner and then curl them, that will hold the curl. EDIT: You guys, this is a popular tip MUA god Wayne Goss uses. I swear I'm not just making this tip up. She obviously doesn't have to do it if it irritates her eyes. It's just a tip. The main point is her lashes need a curl. Then cover lashes with a dark mascara.

  2. Define your beautiful big eyebrows. If you're scared of plucking you can use an eyebrow razor. (I do!) You just want a clean line is all. Edit: If you're afraid of plucking eyebrow hairs then wouldn't you think using a razor designed for eyebrows would be a great alternative? It works amazing for me when I don't have the time for plucking.

  3. Use some highlighter on your cheekbones. That will give you a 'glow'.

    Hope that helps, good luck!
u/yellowpeach · 1 pointr/sugarfreemua

You have really beautiful eyes, and I think that by framing them well by masking the undereye discoloration, and perfecting your brows, that your face could look killer.

The Judith August Everything Pencil Concealer in Pink Glow is the most effective way to conceal my under eye darkness in a natural way. The other colors of her concealer sticks are great at covering burst caps, so I'd recommend investing in a three pack, if your budget allows.

I'd also recommend a brow pencil with a cooler, less-warm undertone. Something taupe-ish, perhaps? I use this and really like it.

I found the BB cream you're using to make my skin appear a bit grey.

More blush, and maybe a bit of illuminating powder to give you a glow.

u/sunflowermenace · 2 pointsr/sugarfreemua

Your lipstick is really beautiful and it looks so good on you! However I just looked it up and found this shade ( which doesn't seem like the correct one. Could you please help me out? Only asking because I really loved it!!!

u/butterbrezeln · 5 pointsr/sugarfreemua

I bought this one for just under $30. It has the light around the oval, and has a magnifying side. Honestly, I've never used the magnified side, but some people might find it useful, I just have trouble staring at that much detail (must clear all the pores!). I have a vanity table that I use it on and the vanity has it's own mirror, but I like how the light helps to highlight my face so I usually just use this mirror and then back up for the "big picture" in my main mirror.

I did a poor job answering your questions, but I really like having it and find it very useful because I can lean closer without smashing my hand into a mirror since it is small and the light is concentrated to my face. It didn't change how I applied makeup other than I can probably get closer to apply eyeliner than a standard mirror on the wall.

u/blowjobs4everyone · 4 pointsr/sugarfreemua

I have this one. I have had it for easily over 4 years. It has a magnifying side, different light settings, and a really handy outlet on it for when I need one (hair tools, a mini fan, or charging my phone). I use the mag side for my eye stuff (lashes, liner, brows) and the non-mag side for my face application. It shouldn't change how you apply makeup, though.

I life having the side panels--especially with lashes I like to make sure they line up perfectly from all angles with my natural lashes. It is nice to see different sides of your face without having to turn your head.

I do wish the mirror was slightly bigger but it is sturdy and serves its purpose. Also like that this one folds down to about 4 inches thick if I ever had to travel with it.

u/the2ndbreakfast · 4 pointsr/sugarfreemua

Thanks so much! It’s double extend by L’Oréal in black. I’ve tried a lot of the more expensive ones but this is my fav by far. It also doesn’t smudge ever- and actually when you take it off it looks like your eyelashes are molting, which scared me at first but is totally normal.

I highly recommend it!

u/noys · 1 pointr/sugarfreemua

I use a clean mascara wand I salvaged from an old mascara to comb through my lashes :)

This product gets rave reviews and has a really good price/quality/quantity ratio.

u/Endrealis · 1 pointr/sugarfreemua

I bought this one which works really well for me for thin lines.

u/arcadedragon · 17 pointsr/sugarfreemua

if your brow hairs dont grow in well id recommend trying this if youre interested. i learned it from another user here, i just dip a qtip in the serum and apply it to my browns (and a bit outside the current edges of where i want them to fill in) every night. took about a month but it seriously helped bring my eyebrows closer together after i thought that inner part would never grow back.

u/bethanyb00 · 3 pointsr/sugarfreemua

I wonder how the BB one compares to the General Pencil Company cleaner I've heard so much about.

I currently just swirl my brushes around in soapy water and it can be quite time consuming for foundation brushes. I need to try one of these products. I also want to get a spray to use on eyeshadow blending brushes between thorough washes.

u/JaysusShaves · 1 pointr/sugarfreemua

Maybe invest in one of these? I did, after getting inconsistent results with threading despite going to the same salon each time. There are tutorials on YouTube to show you how to use it.

u/redrioja · 3 pointsr/sugarfreemua

What about a brush holder for the brushes
I bought this one and it's really decent. there is lots of compartments, a removal pouch and extra zipped pockets.

u/uv_catastrofille · 1 pointr/sugarfreemua

Mine is a cheap set off amazon! The "Seven Essential makeup brushes" set from Lamora. I'm not sure if it's smaller than yours, but there's a few options to pick from.

u/Jadis4742 · 7 pointsr/sugarfreemua

I'm an old, so I learned from magazine articles (Seventeen, Allure), Making Faces by Kevyn Aucoin, and, quite honestly, the back of Revlon eyeshadow packages.

I also learned how to contour in my high school theatre class. So it still kind of shocks me that there's this entire subset of the human population that believes 'stage makeup' is a normal, everyday thing.