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u/Stepan1894 · 1 pointr/summonerswar

What do you like more? Big screen or small screen? How much money you have?

u/V-ktr · 2 pointsr/summonerswar

I just bought the Amazon Fire. Gotta download the APK and whatnot but was fairly straightforward, took maybe 10mins tops to sort out. Runs it fairly smoothly (much better than an LG L90 at least) plus its only $50. (35$ during black friday)

u/Gustuf · 3 pointsr/summonerswar

Unfortunately something happened to the Haribo version 2-3 years ago. Discontinued due to popularity. But this one is only $26! The sugar free ones are the best! Oh, dont trust the reviews. /s

u/Khromasoul · 1 pointr/summonerswar

Got the Fire HD 8 for father's day and it runs the game great. Battery lasts for quite a while as well. Been alternating SW and F:GO during the day and the battery holds up (unless you max out brightness of course).

u/TH3ANGRYON3 · 1 pointr/summonerswar

I got this for 109 last week. Works great and inexpensive. Don't expect high end features though. You get what you pay for. I do really like the front facing speakers IN STEREO too.

u/XDamnationX · 1 pointr/summonerswar

a friend of mine bought the Amazon Fire 7 Tablet for 29.99$ xD he told me it´s good enough for SW.

I personally have the Nvidia shield K1 which is really really good but they don´t produce it anymore.

u/Nipica · 1 pointr/summonerswar

Just a question about an adroid tablet.
Actually I have Sw on an ihpone but I must buy an androit tablet for work.
I think to take the Lenovo IdeaTab A7-10 (
Someone know if Sw work on it ?
thanks !

u/TheMiziko · 1 pointr/summonerswar

Well, for starters, Is there any official source to download the official amazon app that uses amazon coins ? The only one I could find is this one :

And from what I understand it requires completely different install of sw right ?

u/shuyananah_sw · 1 pointr/summonerswar

I bought the amazon prime version of this phone for that exact reason and it works great. (I also have an Iphone 7 and in SW i really see no difference)

u/FatFed · 6 pointsr/summonerswar

Do you know how well it plays SW?

Edit: did some Google Fu and it seems like the Fire 8 HD is a better buy due to the increased RAM which gives it smoother performance. It's only $20 more for the 16 GB model. Link

u/pointatob · 1 pointr/summonerswar

Does anyone know if the BLU Advance 5.0 phone can run SW decently? If not is there any phone around the price range <$100? I'm currently playing too much on my iphone and the battery is shot so I want something I can carry around to play/not have it be as big as a tablet.

Link to phone in case specs are needed:

u/VeIca · 0 pointsr/summonerswar

that sure isnt a quote of where I said "why are you saying this is going to affect your gaming experience"

ill be waiting

if you remove the non existent implication itll still say the same exact thing

i asked "why would it matter to you or anyone else if everyone got compensation"

and in the next sentence I put my two sense in, logically if I was trying to IMPLY you said that I would not separate the two sentences NOR would I ask you why it mattered if everyone got the compensation

here's the link for you;

u/GoatTheCook · 1 pointr/summonerswar

apperantly only 30$. I bought it in €. just select with special offer, which means the lock screen is an advertisment, wich doesn't realy bother me personaly. The 8gb version is big enough for only summoners war, because you can use 7.6 gb of it for your own stuff, 400 mb are for the system

u/Will7357 · 1 pointr/summonerswar

These will solve your problems: Anker PowerLine Micro USB (6ft) - The World's Fastest, Most Durable Charging Cable, with Kevlar Fiber and 10000+ Bend Lifespan for Samsung, Nexus, LG, Motorola, Android Smartphones and More (Gray)

u/jarstult · 3 pointsr/summonerswar

I ended up getting my son this $50 kindle fire tablet for Christmas. The issue is you can only install apps from the amazon app store and summoners war is not offered there.

BUT! Here is a guide on how to manually add the google play store and remove the built in ads. I have summoners war installed and ready to go for him. Not exactly sure on the performance aspect of the device but it is still a quad core processor so I imagine it should run juts fine.

u/Zeldoon · 1 pointr/summonerswar

$16.99 eBay or $22.99 Amazon. Kind of surprised these batteries are more expensive than most other phones.

When you're looking for batteries on Amazon or eBay, you typically want to ignore customer reviews and look at seller reviews. The issue with review system on Amazon is that multiple sellers can sell the same item, one day you'll have a good seller, selling actual working batteries and next day you'll have somebody from China selling dead batteries. Then you'll get a mix of bad and good reviews and not sure whether to buy or not. Both link I gave you are sellers from US and have really good reviews (pro-gadgets and ValueHut). Worst case scenario you get a refund and return the item.

u/ScorpiaChasis · 1 pointr/summonerswar

fire 7, the current one (I have the previous one 8gb and it works very well)