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u/rtechnix · 5 pointsr/surfing

As far as basic intro books go Surf Science was pretty good if elementary. Surfline occasionally has these mechanics features on why a world class spot is so good. They had a sweet one on J-Bay not too long ago. As far as going deeper into it though, the learning curve takes a sudden leap as it goes from basic physics to modeling and fluid dynamics, like this book I'm reading through right now. There does really seem to be a lack of middle ground for books. But if you have any specific questions I'll be glad to answer (I'm working towards a masters in the subject so I have some background in it). stoke451 took the tide one pretty well there.

u/Subylovin · 1 pointr/surfing

Update: got these GOOQ Premium Surfer Surf Ears Swimmers Ear Plugs for Unisex Surfers Surfing, Swimmers Swimming and Other Water Athletes Healthy Water Sports Waterproo

They work amazing. No annoying strings. Super super comfortable. Different size tips and a carrying case.

u/goldenglove · 3 pointsr/surfing

You might enjoy this book. It's about a mid-40's author who decides he wants to learn to surf, and not just surf as a beginner, but become advanced in one year. It's a good read and reminder for us all that it's never too late to start and being a beginner at something is good for your mind:

u/blackcaribou · 2 pointsr/surfing

Hey, man sorry to hear about your roommate

You should come to Baja, it's very cheap and you'll probably get the most bang for your buck here. Contrary to what you hear in the media, it's very safe for surfers. Check out this book, Surfer's Guide to Baja. It's got some great spots to explore.

I live in SoCal and I'm learning to surf in northern Baja, it's great

u/bay-surfer · 1 pointr/surfing

I highly recommend these TYR Silicone Ear Plugs:

I used to use the SurfEars knock-offs you can find on Amazon, but they broke after just a few sessions. Someone else here recommended these TYR earplugs, and I picked them up a few weeks ago.

They are cheap, comfortable, stay in place, and don't completely block the sound. Definitely worth picking up a pair (or two).

u/hugephatROD · 5 pointsr/surfing

Get a lock. I used to leave my keys in a tire or hide them somewhere but I didn't want to push my luck. I've been using one of these for a few years and it works great:

u/evilted · 2 pointsr/surfing

I would say "yes" if it's a board you don't give a shit about and you want practice glassing. If you want to go for it, I highly recommend this book: The Ding Repair Scriptures and a good evening's worth of youtube videos. Otherwise, just cough up the dough for the local glasser/ding guy to fix it. They're set up for it and it's money well spent.

u/sequoiachieftain · 3 pointsr/surfing

These work great:
GOOQ Premium Surfer Surf Ears

Super cheap knock offs of the 50-60 dollar ones.

u/TedDanson0fficial · 4 pointsr/surfing

Baja is great. Easy from SocCal. If you stick north of Ensenada, tons of access. If you go farther souther be prepared with maps, food, water, and a spare tire.

u/dustyd2000 · 1 pointr/surfing

this is the best thing i have bought for my wet suit. it is especially good for the winter, when it takes longer for it to dry.

u/lionlamb · 18 pointsr/surfing

Awesome book, this guy camped and surfed Tavarua for like a month with one other dude. And surfed a bunch of other legendary spots. Check it out

u/ChickenMcTesticles · 4 pointsr/surfing

I have driven the length of California at least 10 times with my board using some [shitty straps similar to these] ( I am from SoCal by went to school in NorCal.

That said, during the summeryou're unlikely to find good surf any further north than orange county. Your better trip would be to head south to baja.

u/4InchesOfury · 3 pointsr/surfing

Really, if you just want something that would tell you the time in the water I suggest a cheap/simple watch like this. $10 and it does a good job of telling time.

u/sarcastic_jerk · 6 pointsr/surfing

That wave is absurd... I like to imagine Laird riding much bigger waves than these and just not putting it out there. After reading The Wave I see these and wonder what he's up to, they talk a lot about 'Egypt' which is supposed to be enormous and insane. Anyway, if you want to know what his point of view on waves like this is, check that book out. It's a good quick read.

u/collias · 2 pointsr/surfing

Honestly, if you just need something to tell you the time, this watch will do fine.

I've had mine for a while and haven't had any issues with it. Plus, since it's only $10, if you lose it for some reason, who cares.

u/mrbuckley · 3 pointsr/surfing

I'm in NorCal and we get those fairly often. On fast rising storm swells out of the north west is when you'll see them most because the energy is so close together the wave energy often gets compounded. You'll be out in 2 ft surf riding a longboard then bam! a long period head high and hollow set rolls through. I'm reading this book right now, you'd probably find it really interesting, they talk about freak waves in the 3rd or 4th chapter.

u/GoldenBears · 14 pointsr/surfing Smash it into walls with my gangly arms, toss it into the bottom of my bag, surf consistently, it's been indestructible for me so far. Super nice to know what time it is out on the water. And if i break it... 12 bucks and I get a new one.

u/StokedAllDay · 1 pointr/surfing

probably you are right. worth a shot though if you can try it at a surf shop before purchasing it

and yes, single means you have two straps. this is the double:

u/materdaddy · 2 pointsr/surfing

Get yourself "the scriptures", it answers all, but here's the quick:

  1. I guess, using dixie cups, slightly over-estimate and toss the left-over.

  2. Yes, sand more so the cloth lays in the "grind down zone" (read the scriptures) and you don't sand off all of your new cloth.

  3. I guess too, basically I double the volume of resin with qcell.

  4. I buy my supplies at a local place:
u/KirklandBatteries · 1 pointr/surfing

This works for me. I’m always touching my face so I reapply when I can, but it stays on and helps with rashes. Made for baby butts too so works with sensitive skin

u/orthecreedence · 2 pointsr/surfing

I swear by these. Cheaper than the docs pro plugs, stay in much better, and you can still hear (sometimes) depending on the size of your ear canal. Sometimes I have to push them up a little to get normal hearing back. But honestly, I'll trade not hearing well in the lineup with not having ten gallons of water stuck in each ear any day.

u/rinikulous · 23 pointsr/surfing

Barbarian Days: A Surfing Life

You should read this book. I think you’ll enjoy it.

u/MDListing · 2 pointsr/surfing

Same advice as above, just cheaper.

Block Surf Soft Rack I find myself using my racks for lots of other things besides just the board, so it'll be a good investment.

u/WookiePubes · 3 pointsr/surfing

Pickle wax remover

Surf wax scraper

I use scraper first to get off all the big chunks, then the pickle to remove the rest if I'm motivated.

u/owenbowen04 · 1 pointr/surfing

Kook - Peter Heller

Also, I second Breath. Probably my favorite book about surfing.

u/n0t_5hure · 1 pointr/surfing

Surfing gift are tough, because there is a lot of personal preference involved in selecting surf gear, and most surfers already have everything they need. Are you somewhere that the water is cold? A powered wetsuit drying hanger and/o a boot dryer that he could use to dry booties would be something he may not have.

u/Reinfear · 1 pointr/surfing

Use to sell this at the shop i worked at. Updated fairly often last I remmeber. Has some good info for new travelers.

u/ihatecashews · 2 pointsr/surfing

I couldn't wear Docs plugs under my hood because they kinda stick out so the hood pushes them against my head and it's kinda painful. Recently I got some unbranded "SurfEars"-style plugs (the kind with the little wing thingy) off Amazon (for like $13) and those are much more low profile. My friend who's been surfing forever and has a doctor that surfs (also in your area) says that the doc sees lots of cases of surfer's ear in the area due to the cold and wind, so personally I err on the side of over-caution and always wear plugs. I'm told the unblocking surgery is super gnarly...

Oh, re: the other dude's comment about Doc's plugs: Yeah they leak water but the water that comes in isn't as cold and the plugs block wind, and it's those two things that I understand are the cause of surfer's ear. The main disadvantage I found with Doc's (which I've used for years) is that the water gets in and stays there, causing you to not be able to hear; this is more of a minor annoyance but it's definitely annoying. The "SurfEars"-style plugs seem better at this but I haven't used them much yet to come to any definite conclusions.

These are the ear plugs I mentioned, although there are plenty that are exactly like them under different brands:

u/lanzi444 · 1 pointr/surfing

I have a set of these racks from FCS that I got on Amazon. It comes with 2.

u/hobolincoln · 1 pointr/surfing

I've got this one for $12. Guess you can call me a big spender

u/Kal__ · 1 pointr/surfing

Second/third on this, just got a $12 Casio. Haven't used it in the water yet but this is what I plan using so I don't have to get out of the water and check my phone. Heard these cheapo Casios work forever too. About 3 days in, so far so good

Edit: the one I bought

u/netw1z · 2 pointsr/surfing

Use cedar for the hanging locker, with a drain at the bottom (although just tupperware will work to collect water, and use this:

u/Ld00d · 2 pointsr/surfing


If you have the proximity thing, wrap the fob in foil first.

u/Hankest · 2 pointsr/surfing

The classic on understanding waves:

You can probably find it at a used book store, as it's been around for years.

u/Frappes · 1 pointr/surfing

Get yourself one of these I lock mine on a tow hitch under my car. Cheap price for a tiny piece of mind especially in SF. Haven't had any issues around ob in 2 years I've had it.

u/garrettd714 · 1 pointr/surfing

when I had a regular key, I just brought it with me.
when I got a electronic key/alarm/fob thing, I got one of these: and lock in on one of my rims.

u/jmini17 · 2 pointsr/surfing

What about this key compartment lock?

put it around a tow point, door handle or hitch hole. I've seen them on bike racks so you don't know which car too.

u/thelionofgodzilla · 2 pointsr/surfing

Waterproof key pouch, around my neck, tucked inside my wetsuit.

Here’s the one I use: Aquapac Waterproof Keymaster 608

u/Marcusnaut · 1 pointr/surfing

If you don't want the cod liver oil (Desitin) on your face you can use this stuff Rugby zinc oxide ointment usp

10$ for a pound of it. 20% zinc oxide.

u/Viperdriver69 · 2 pointsr/surfing

Must have just gotten a bad batch or the seal was broken - I use the Ding ALL kit from amazon because it has the flexibility to use just the resin or I can use the fiberglass cloth too in case I need to patch a bigger space. Never had the issue of opening a new bottle and it being solid.

edit: grammar cracker

u/bhotep · 5 pointsr/surfing

It'll come out to the low price of $12.95 + your labor (which is worthless anyway, let's be real)

u/doriancat · 1 pointr/surfing

I bought this from Amazon. Worked for me so far. It was a little scary at first but I haven't had even close to an accident in the past 8 months. I've even gone 70mph+ on the freeway with it, though not really recommended.