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u/StalinsLoveChild · 5 pointsr/surrealmemes

I don't see how it's bunk? It explains the double slit experiment perfectly well and doesn't go deeper than that. Matter can be both a particle and a wave. It begins as a 'wave function' of probability. The particles location within the wave just isn't destined until it is measured/observed through an experiment. The measuring of such a wave forces it to collapse into a single location of matter. I will say that this is not an "Observation" in the traditional sense that it needs a living being to observe it (the giant eye in the video is misrepresented). It's all about the measuring of the wave through Mathematics.

It's still unknown why this occurs and is coined the 'Measurement problem'. The best explanation is that it supports the many world's theory of reality, in which all outcomes occur and we are but one of an infinite amount of outcomes.
I am no expert but it's insanely interesting stuff, I encourage people to look up the Quantum Wave Function on YouTube or grab a decent book outlining Quantum Mechanics.

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u/flimsyspoons · 10 pointsr/surrealmemes

I enjoy the vintage feel of this meme. Sometimes I feel as if most surreal memes are too polished and modern to give a feeling of actually being disconnected from reality I mean |€|€€€€€€€ fofooooooood )).

u/ChamberpotJack · 1 pointr/surrealmemes

We must save the blûe before they kill him