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u/Sherbniz · 2 pointsr/swrpg

My suggestion, which could help you a bunch would be to track down a PDF/ebook of the "The New Essential Guide to Alien Species".

It has most of the species in there, each with a gorgeous picture, many of which have become the gold standard on how some species are portrayed (every time you se a picture with NEGAS in the filename it's from that book! The wiki uses them ALL THE TIME!), a nice description and a lot more info.

Here's also a nice project someone on this sub is making:
Race Cards, which are printable cards with a little race info on them (he uses NEGAS images mostly as well!).
You could just as well copy the images and display those on your screen! :)

u/mactheterrible · 8 pointsr/swrpg

I understand now - sorry. I thought you were making a joke about the dice system because it is so free-flowing. I get it now. You did lay your complaints out clearly. I thought you were asking ironically. :)

I personally think that this system is so heavily narrative that it is not going to appeal to everyone. It just isn't. For me, it's breathed fresh air into a hobby that I really didn't care about anymore and caused me to discover a number of narrative-style systems and I find the complication of every single roll to be interesting and fun. I was so tired of just hitting or not and just playing math against terrain, conditions, and ultimately baddie hit points.

It sounds like you favor the "strategic" side of role-playing more than the creative nature of storytelling - and I've said this before on this sub, that's totally ok. There is no shame in playing the game the way you like it! I don't know that there's a way to address the complaints you have for the system without tearing out parts of the spirit of the game. For me, limiting how Advantage/Disadvantage and Triumph/Despair can affect every kind of roll is limiting the game potential both from a mechanical and a player perspective.

Have you played Star Wars d20 or Star Wars Saga before? It sounds like these systems would appeal to you far more than FFG's narrative dice system. They're d20 based and lend heavily to a grid map battle system and a simple "hit or not" system. They've got the Star Wars feel (especially Saga) with that tried and true "roll a d20 and add some stuff and simply hit or not" method of gaming.

Hope this helps - and sorry again for the confusion on your post. :)

u/DanOfTheDead · 2 pointsr/swrpg

The old West End Games d6 system had two great source books.

The Death Star Technical Companion has a lot of interesting floorplans, and according to that, things like the Death Stars and Star Destroyers were basically built using the same modular rooms. They're not ready to use battlemaps or anything, but I remember there being a good deal of great layouts for things like crew living areas, detention center, etc.


There's also The Imperial Source book from WEG. I don't remember if there are a lot of deck/floor plans in it, but there is a TON of information on the Imperial military is organized.


Obviously, neither will have compatible stat blocks for the new system, but if you can find paper backs of either for <$10, I'd say they were essential if your game is going to have a lot of Imperial Entanglements, and you want a solid source you can pull from without having to invent it all on the fly... which is also certainly an option!

u/Kulban · 4 pointsr/swrpg

Not quite as old as WEG, but for a Dark Side campaign I love going back to the Dark Side Sourcebook. It's from the first D20 SWRPG.

u/Batgirl_III · 1 pointr/swrpg
  • A CD (or digital streaming service) of The Planets, Op. 32, by Gustav Holst, cued up and ready to play. (At the very least, you absolutely need to have the first movement Mars, the Bringer of War ready to go.)
  • A jar that everyone who quotes Star Wars has to throw 25¢ into, everyone who quotes Mr. Plinkett has to throw in a $1, and everyone who quotes Spaceballs has to throw in $5.
  • Snacks. Paid for by the quote jar.
u/skintan · 4 pointsr/swrpg


This has been awesome, by providing some basic phrases in Huttese i've been able to spice up soem of the interations with Hutts in game.

u/El_Fez · 1 pointr/swrpg

There's a couple of old WEG games that were basically Choose Your Own Adventure style books. Perhaps one of those could be adapted for a one-person one-off?



u/Glucose98 · 2 pointsr/swrpg

Do any of you guys have the Essential Atlas? Is that book worth getting?


u/bearvsshawn · 1 pointr/swrpg

I saw a vehicles/starships of Star Wars coffee table book at Barnes and Noble a few weeks ago for about $30 and almost picked it up for my game. It would make a great visual aid for critical hits, cinematics, etc.

Edit: Here's the link.


u/USSMISSOURI · 4 pointsr/swrpg

The Han Solo trilogy is a very good series for showing how the Underworld works for smugglers. It follows Han from his childhood, his rocky start into smuggling, joining and then leaving the Empire, acquiring the Falcon, all the way up until he sits down at the table with Obi-wan and Luke. The trilogy gives a look into the shady underbelly of the galaxy.

Scoundrels: A book more in line with a heist film, follows Solo again but this time after the destruction of the first Death Star. Trying to get credits to save his neck from Jabba he accepts a job to infiltrate a fortress and steal from a Black Sun Underboss. It is slow at times and not the best read but it is still a good resource for inspiration.

u/DarthGM · 3 pointsr/swrpg

If you're setting it around the time of the SWTOR MMO, the Star Wars: The Old Republic: Encyclopedia is a pretty handy and resourceful reference book to have.


u/BloodTrident · 1 pointr/swrpg

Not sure. I googled that line of toy, and the pilot area only has a single dome, while the one shown has two.

Source here:

My guess is maybe the Rebel Scale one?
Source here:

u/CitizenCrash · 4 pointsr/swrpg

If you're open to looking at novels outside of the Star Wars universe, I've stolen several characters from The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet. The crew in that story is more Firefly-ish, just taking jobs and trying to make it.

u/Melleris · 3 pointsr/swrpg

A couple things to note:
A trial could be pre-arranged by the council or just happen by accident and someone says it works.
Trial of Skill could be any difficult or near impossible task. If I recall correctly Obi-Wan passed this by defeating a Sith lord (Maul) while still being a Padawan.
Trial of Flesh dosent have to be physical. Experiencing any great trauma coping well could count. Death of a master or even your aunt and uncle who raised you could work.

And even if a trial is designed for one of these it could be used for another or multiple trials if passed in a way you didn't expect. There's an anecdote of 3 padawans that were made to fight dozens of opponents in a row. The first fought for hours before collapsing from exhaustion and awoke to the news he had passed the trial of Skill. The second faced a few before realizing they were illusions and after dispelling them, passed the trial of Insight. The third believing victory was impossible surrendered and was removed from the order.

Edit: my source for the anecdote, The Jedi path page 103.
Star Wars: The Jedi Path https://www.amazon.com/dp/1452102279/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_taa_2xrezb5ZAAQYT