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u/jtwilson136 · -2 pointsr/tacobell

Like. I’ve done this in the past. And I only ever put it on Taco Bell food. And they give it to you with the food. So I feel like it’s a waste of space to hold on to it for that long. Also, I only use 1 packet per item. And usually end up throwing away most of them because I don’t wanna carry around 50 packets all day. lol

I feel like this has to be costing them a toooooon of money from a shrinkage point of view. Just lots of money thrown in the trash.

The company as a whole would save so much money of each customer only got like 1, maybe 2 sauce packets per item.

Say they cost .5 cents to make 1 packet. Giving. Customer 2 packets at 1 cent. And on average the customer gets 20 packets. That’s only 2 cents per customer vs 10 cents per customer. That’s a dollar every 10 customers vs 10 cents per ten customers on average. And it grows exponentially. So the Taco Bell sauce system(where it seems as though they are trained to give you as much sausage as possible) would save soooooo much money for the company as a hole considering how many customers the entire company serves daily.

Also, HERE YA GO , Merry Christmas.

u/wookerTbrahshington · 3 pointsr/tacobell

The name of the sauce is literally sweet chili sauce. It's like ketchup. It's a type of sauce a lot of different companies make. My favorite is Mae Ploy (there's smaller and cheaper bottles on Amazon then the one in the link).

u/takemetoglasgow · 1 pointr/tacobell

Not sure how close this is since I haven't had the sauce at the restaurant, but they sell a "Spicy Ranchero" sauce that's pretty good.

u/tehruke · 1 pointr/tacobell

I used to eat these hot sauce packets in elementary school. Like put them on food, but sometimes I'd just straight eat them by themselves cause they were so tasty. Diablo sauce reminds me of that flavor with a little bit more heat. Good memories in a packet.

u/insukio · 1 pointr/tacobell

way more expensive than it should be but here you go but I've notcied that this and baja sauce are super common at grocery stores and walmarts

u/Toohhnnee · 4 pointsr/tacobell

I've seen taco bell sauces in most grocery stores. Diablo is sold at some, not all stores carry the full line. I'm in the north metro and both Festival and Cub carry most of the TB sauce line. If not I've also gotten them from Amazon.

u/jaryd55 · 2 pointsr/tacobell

Theres a good deal on Amazon, pack of 6

Be warned it doesn't taste exactly the same, not as spicy, color is different too.

u/SnackeyG1 · 1 pointr/tacobell

Wait, does the first question mean anywhere? I assumed it was an employee question until I saw the other questions.

Edit: Hell yeah I would use a tool. When I discovered the chop stir for ground beef it was one of the best things ever.

u/whaxy · 1 pointr/tacobell

I rarely get an ideal amount of sauce at the drive thru. I've had some employees grab as much as they can pick up and dump it in my bag (which is a big factor in me having so many packets now), and I've had other employees ask me the precise number I want which always results in me lowballing it to avoid judgement.

I definitely suggest going in and grabbing a few extras to have on hand. Diablo is also now in bottles, so you might go that route. I often use my bottled Verde supply as I think the packets will last longer.

u/glitchn · 2 pointsr/tacobell

I assumed this was what he was talking about, but it isn't the same to me.

u/Nugsly · 3 pointsr/tacobell

You can order the sauces online