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u/Acanthas · 2 pointsr/tech

Twenty Hydrogen Myths by noted environmentalist Amory Lovins:

>Amory Lovins has received ten honorary doctorates and was elected a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in 1984, of the World Academy of Art and Science in 1988, and of the World Business Academy in 2001. He has received the World Technology Award, the Right Livelihood Award, the Blue Planet Prize, Volvo Environment Prize, the 4th Annual Heinz Award in the Environment in 1998, and the National Design (Design Mind), Jean Meyer, and Lindbergh Awards

>Lovins is also the recipient of the Time Hero for the Planet awards, the Benjamin Franklin and Happold Medals, and the Shingo, Nissan, Mitchell, and Onassis Prizes. He has also received a MacArthur Fellowship and is an honorary member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), a Foreign Member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences, and an Honorary Senior Fellow of the Design Futures Council. Furthermore he is on the Advisory Board of the Holcim Foundation.

>In 2009, Time magazine named Lovins as one of the world's 100 most influential people.

Hydrogen is not only clean and green when made from renewable energy, it's the fuel of the future.

u/JoseJimeniz · -3 pointsr/tech

You're perfectly free to repair your own laptop.

You have a right to repair your own laptop.

But you haven't got a right to get Apple to help you.


Richard Feynman told the story of the old electrician who was upset at these new microchip things. Because the guy couldn't understand how he was supposed to get in there with this soldering iron to fix a transistor.

You don't. You don't fix it. You can try, but the fact that you can't is your problem.

They're perfectly free to use technology that you cannot repair; that's the way it goes.

u/Systems_Tech · 1 pointr/tech


If the audio quality on the x-fi3 is any were near as good as the original, it should be a good purchase... I used to love my Creative Zen.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/tech

Well if you're interested in Computer Science stuff (which is what I do), then I'd recommend Nine Algorithms That Changed The Future. It's written so that a layperson can understand it (but it can get a bit dense here and there if you are unfamiliar with the topics). It's fairly light reading, and enjoyable if you want to learn a little more about some of the computer algorithms that have had a tremendous impact on modern technology.

u/BigSHug825 · 6 pointsr/tech

It's pretty easy to add a usb charging port with this and this.

u/akashik · 1 pointr/tech

I'm typing this on a Saitek Eclipse keyboard that I've had for close to a decade. The Amazon reviews show people who, just like me, have had this keyboard for a very long time. It's bulletproof.

I hope the new owners bring this durability back.

u/Y0tsuya · 1 pointr/tech

Why ask here when you can just google "hardware software interface" and get free on-line lectures on the subject?

When you talk software+hardware, it means there's a CPU somewhere in the system. This is basic computer engineering stuff, and blends electrical engineering (EE) and computer science (CS).

Also google "embedded programming" to see what it's like to work on that type of stuff.

For something more in-depth I'm partial toward this book since it's my college computer architecture textbook back in the 90's.

u/francis2559 · 1 pointr/tech

Ehh, it's not like their brief soho routers ran windows, and it's not like they don't pay a shit ton of licensing fees in the cell space anyway, for patents.

I can see why they wouldn't want to feed google, but I'm pretty sure they'd make money faster on the hardware and whatever OneDrive stuff they integrate than whatever google charges for stock android.

u/somedudegeekman · 1 pointr/tech

> Yes, there is a lot of progress to be made, but technological advancement is very much part of it, and the problems aren't with the fact that technology renders human labor obsolete, the problem is with how we handle the new situation.

I agree with this very much. We are already seeing employment suffer as a result of a lack of imagination. It's going to get worse as robotic technology gets better. I've read several books on this sort of thing, but the one I think gave the best high level picture was this: http://www.amazon.com/The-Second-Machine-Age-Technologies/dp/1480577472 (Don't worry, it's not too pessimistic. :))

RE: Repairing democracy. I truly hope you are right...I have kids.

u/invisiblephrend · 2 pointsr/tech

you mean amazon reviews are completely unregulated and easy to exploit? you don't say

u/delial420 · 2 pointsr/tech

Or you could just spend $15 on MSR Sweet Water Purifier Solution.

Or $40 on a SteriPen, if you don't want to mess up the flavor.

u/darkry · 1 pointr/tech

The great thing with computers is... There is no magic only stuff you haven't figured out yet. Order a copy of this.

u/lightforce3 · 8 pointsr/tech

What you seem to be asking is "how do computers work?" At any rate, the interaction of hardware and software is fundamental to any computer system, whether it's your fitness band or your cell phone or a supercomputer or the computer in your car engine or The Next Big Thing.

How that works is a really, really big question. Rather than attempt to answer it, I'll suggest you check out the book Code by Charles Petzold. It explains how computer hardware and software work, starting with basic electrical circuits and building up layer by layer until you're running an operating system and application software. That might seem like a lot to cover, but Code does it simply and cleanly, in a way that just about anybody can digest and understand.

u/TomTheGeek · 2 pointsr/tech

No way I'll give up my rally mirror. I suggest everyone get one, they're cheap and really increase visibility.

u/eleitl · 1 pointr/tech

Because researchers like their budgets and news agencies haven't the foggiest.

PdAg membranes for hydrogen separation are nothing new.

If you want to see something which might borderline work, check out https://www.amazon.com/Beyond-Oil-Gas-Methanol-Economy/dp/3527312757/

You're still stuck with water electrolysis and synthesizing methanol from H2 and CO2, which is however at mild conditions and CO2 is abundant. Unlike an ammonia leak, methanol leaks don't kill people. You shouldn't drink it, but then you shouldn't gasoline either. Unlike gasoline, methanol is fully water miscible and highly biodegradable.

Another thing: methanol is C1 feedstock for much of industrial chemistry.

u/senekafalls · 1 pointr/tech

You could always try buying a 2 male 1 female audio splitter. To make the cords that go into your computers longer you can buy female to male audio extenders for each side.



Not sure how the sound quality will be but I would imagine this should work.