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u/gimpwiz · 3 pointsr/tequila

I bought this: set of six. I kept four and gave two to a good friend.

Alternatively, if you want just the one, this single is a good price.

Finally, this site sells glencairns with various things on the glass, and they do sell (but are currently out of stock) a glencairn with a reddit alien (snoo) logo on it. It's not to my taste but a lot of people like it. They're a bit more expensive, but they are high quality, not some cheap acid etching. And they have fancy gift box type dealies if you want fancy; a standard box of six just looks like this.

For Reidels, I would ask /u/ipixelpixels for a better opinion than mine!

u/quercus_robur · 1 pointr/tequila

Cool idea, although it's not for me.

Looks similar to the NEAT glass:

I use a nosing glass like this for all my spirits:

There is no way to dissipate ethanol vapors while concentrating aromas--they're both the same thing. So I want/need concentrated aromas to get the most out of a spirit, and the alcohol vapors don't bother me.

Good luck with your product, though! You might want to try it with whiskey and expand your target audience, at least as an alternative to the NEAT glass.

u/NattyB · 3 pointsr/tequila

i was first served this in a restaurant in washington, DC, about 5 years ago. in order for it not to be insanely expensive, they used budget versions of both spirits, and it turned out good enough that i immediately started making them for myself at home.

the restaurant used el silencio espadin as the mezcal:

and olmeca altos tequila (i believe reposado or anejo, not sure.)

both are about the cheapest passable options. if a liquor store near you doesn't carry el silecio espadin, there is a good chance they'll order it for you. there aren't many mezcals in that price range that i would buy. the other mixing mezcal you'll see is del maguey vida, but vida is a little harsher and a little less pleasant than el silencio in my experience.

on extra special occasions, i'll make this cocktail with chichicapa or san luis del rio mezcal ($80+) and el tesoro ($60+) or another highland tequila.

the guy who invented that cocktail works/worked at death and co. in new york city. their cocktail book is well done, i've given it as a gift to two friends:

u/gwyn · 1 pointr/tequila

It's actually a really tricky quiz, 5 or above is a pretty decent score.
The book's scheduled for release at the end of October (just before Día de Muertos) and will be on Amazon and all the usual places. Thanks for your interest and giving the quiz a go.

u/bbum · 3 pointsr/tequila

Yup. That'd work perfectly.

Or, alternatively, something like this in a bottle.

u/MrDonutCreme · 4 pointsr/tequila

It’s really really good, tastes like an extra añejo.

Here are the glasses:
Riedel Ouverture Tequila Glasses, Set of 4

u/TequilaTitan · 2 pointsr/tequila

Some wine protectors from Amazon.

I've had luck with these inflatable ones:

I've also bought some nicer, reusable leak proof one's on Amazon.

u/Blugrl21 · 2 pointsr/tequila

Large Cube Silicone Ice Tray, 2 Pack by Kitch, Giant 2 Inch Ice Cubes Keep Your Drink Cooled for Hours - Cobalt Blue

These silicone ice trays are no brainers. They're so cheap, I've keep two in the freezer so I'm never out. I have like 5 different ice ball thingies but they're so bulky and tricky to fill that I never use them.

I just took one of these silicone trays to the beach with me, in my suitcase with a bottle of G4 reposado and a bottle of McKenna BiB 10yr. Great week.

u/EmDeeEm · 3 pointsr/tequila

Here's the official Riedel Glass.

Glencarins are also popular.

u/DarkLeviathan · 1 pointr/tequila

Glencairn they are preferred by whiskey and also translates good with tequila for picking up notes in the nose.

Glencairn Crystal Whiskey Glass, Set of 2

u/mtdaoust · 2 pointsr/tequila

The glass kinda sounds like a grappa glass: (apologies for link; I'm on mobile and don't know how to link or properly).