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u/Bank_Gothic · 18 pointsr/texas

Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry for little bit of culture through fiction and Texas by James A. Mitchner, which is technically still fiction but is really just factual history communicated by narrative.

I can't recommend these highly enough. Not only do they capture Texas perfectly, but they are highly enjoyable reads.

Edit: Also, skarter, thanks for taking an interest in Texas.

u/5_Frog_Margin · 2 pointsr/texas

As a recent transplant, I listened to Lone Star Nation (the 2004 book) on my 3 day drive down here last year, and became interested in the Birth of Texas. I like the state and find myself wanting to learn more about my new home. It's got a slew of lesser known, but great actors, such as Crispin Glover, Jake Busey, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, as well as more well-known actors as Kris Kristofferson and Ray Liotta.

I take any historical fiction with a pillar of salt....especially coming from the network that gave us 'Vikings'.

Still, this might be good. Is this on anyone else's radar?

You can see a 2-minute trailer here.

u/srsly_sam · -9 pointsr/texas

I don't know enough about unions to make any type of meaningful or positive contribution to this conversation. But I thought I might share a new novel that I suspect fans of restaurant unions would appreciate. Texas author from Dallas.

u/aluinnsearlait · 2 pointsr/texas

The big name in Edward III is W. Mark Ormrod, and he is fantastic. The only thing we disagree on is this issue with the clergy, and the ensuing mess it makes. So I highly recommend his newest publication, Edward III.

If you are interested in Patronage, James Bothwell's Edward III and the English Peerage is fascinating, and really well-documented.

Scott Waugh has a really great book on what was going on generally during his reign called England in the Reign of Edward III
that is a good foundational book, while Before the Black Death starts to get into some of the more interesting debates about the state of England prior to the Black Death.

If you are at all interested in the legal side, Robert Palmer's English Law in the Age of the Black Death is a meticulously researched examination of the transformation of Edward III's legal and domestic policies in the wake of the Black Death. A fairly controversial book, but again, the documentation is incredibly solid.

u/dam072000 · 5 pointsr/texas

Funny. My reading of The Evolution of a State Recollections of Old Texas Days which is a firsthand recollection of early Texas life saw the Mormons as a pro separatist vote in Texas.

It said they had no strong feelings toward the Confederacy's cause, but that they wanted it to succeed so that there was precedent for an independence movement that might allow them their own territory out west. They also apparently voted 'Yes' to Texas secession then moved west soon after the vote. (The author says he voted 'No' and similarly migrated West.)

u/archover · 4 pointsr/texas

That iconic Ranger was Joaquin Jackson.

For any Texan half way interested in history or law enforcement, his autobiography is well worth reading. He was on many big cases, a good example of which is his epic account of the Rio Grande shooting of the river rafters, as the media reported here.

Check it out

u/TexGoose · 5 pointsr/texas

I have that waffle maker too, it's great. Here is a link for anyone who is looking for a good Texas waffle maker!

The Texas Waffle Maker

u/sunny-in-texas · 3 pointsr/texas

A friend of mine owns this wonderful book. It has pics and descriptions of all 254 county courthouses!

u/SimbaInja · 1 pointr/texas

Well then you are doing so for no other reason than empty pride

Limo Liberal

Rise of the Liberal Rich
Wealthy Liberals oust Bush

Need more?

You're dreaming if you think the wealthy aren't the ones that get anybody elected. But thanks for observing reddiquette by downvoting my comment because you didn't like it.

u/GoEducateYourself · 11 pointsr/texas

I can understand that, somehow, unexplainably, the Texas shaped waffles just taste better. I'll agree it's not logical, but it also seems to be true.

Edit: For your Daughter... The Texas Waffle Maker

u/TheDonOfAnne · 1 pointr/texas

I like this book:

It's cited quite a bit for Texas' Wikipedia page, and it's author, T.E. Fehrenbach, was on the Texas Historical Commission for a while. It starts in prehistory and traces what happensed in and around Texas up until about the 1950s. The parts about the Republic are my favorite! 🤠

u/Kar98_Byf42 · 2 pointsr/texas

Well, not so much a fan, but recently discovered him. I picked up this:

which includes a short story by him, and having lived in the Longview/Marshall area from 2002 through 2010, I had to get more of his books. Didn't even know Bubba Hotep was by him also, which I watched because Bruce Campbell, and then liked for the same reasons, hey, something local!

u/rlanthony · 3 pointsr/texas

Just get yourself one of these which will fit nicely in the outside pocket of your luggage. Now you have two options:

1) Unplug their waffle iron and plug yours in, or

2) Get a couple scoops of batter in a coffee cup and go back to your room and make your waffles

u/macgillweer · 1 pointr/texas

Texas, by Michener. Its enormous, you can read it on the plain on the way over here.

Also see Lone Star by John Sayles. Its the best, most realistic depiction of modern (1996) Texas race relations and politics I can think of.

u/ElCapitan361 · 1 pointr/texas

Taming the Nueces Strip: The Story of McNelly's Rangers True stories from interviews of a real Texas Ranger about the settling of South Texas in the lawless years after the Civil War. A great read about my part of Texas!

u/Im_just_saying · 3 pointsr/texas

I'm reading Gwynne's book Empire of the Summer Moon about Cynthia Ann and Quanah Parker and the Comanche tribes in Texas. Astonishing and captivating read for those interested in early Texas history.

u/viper112001 · 1 pointr/texas

Texas shapes waffle iron, I think HEB has them. If not, Amazon has one for ya

u/Radixx · 4 pointsr/texas

Here's an old SciFi book about doing just that!

u/kennywatson · 1 pointr/texas

Empire of the Summer Moon by S.C. Gwynne


u/dr3 · 5 pointsr/texas

> the devils highway


Looks interesting

u/Maelenthar · 3 pointsr/texas

Lone Star by T.R. Fehrenbach is one of the better books that I've read. However, it isn't politically correct (calls Native Americans redskins and stuff) if that is the sort of thing that bothers you. Some of the other books on the Amazon "Customers also purchased" list are alright, but they aren't as entertaining and I found myself having to take breaks reading them. That wasn't the case with Lone Star, I always wanted to read more.

u/anechoicmedia · 2 pointsr/texas

>Things that don't match their values are evil or sinful.

This is language typical of someone who can't conceptualize right-wing ideas in their moral system.

I am immersed in the right and I've never seen someone call transgenderism a sin or an evil. It is usually seen as a sad diversion, or maybe a mental illness, a confusion they do not want to see spread to nearby developing minds.

The right does not want non-passing trans people using their non-biological bathroom because they don't belong there. Public infrastructure is built to suit the needs of normal people, and they're not normal. Someone is going to be disappointed so it may as well be them.