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Being into guitar myself, I will say two things:

  1. Practice/education time is different from playing/jamming time. You practice & learn so that you can build up your knowledge & get good at it, in order for you to have fun with it. The majority of people who don't straight-up quit guitar simply play around on the instrument & never really master it. Anyone can master it. Kids can do it. People with one arm can do it. People with NO arms can do it.
  2. Practicing the guitar is an entirely different discipline (i.e. thing you have to do) than writing music. Millions of people listen to music on the radio every day & have no idea how to play or write it. Millions of people play guitar every day & have no idea how to write music. Some people write music. If you're spending time practicing guitar, then you are not spending time writing music. You can do both, if you want, but then you have to practice guitar and also write music.

    I would recommend checking out a great book called The Talent Code, which breaks down how talent operates (also available as an audiobook, if you prefer). Pay particular attention to the story of the Brönte sisters, authors of famous novels including Jane Eyre & Wuthering Heights. They crafted complex stories that are classics to this day, and they did so by practicing a lot. They rewrote existing stories. They filled in different names, different situations. They learned the intricacies of how good storytelling operated.

    You can take the same approach with writing songs & also combine it with learning new songs! Pick a song to learn for the day or for the week. Practice it & master it. Rewrite the lyrics. Play around with the melody. The rules for each particular genre of music become apparent after you screw around with them for awhile - how long the lines are, how the beat goes, how the rhyming schemes work, etc. Country pop is different than old country, which is different from pop music, which is different from rap. What genre do you want to start working in? Pick something & rewrite one song a day as you practice it on your guitar.

    Also decide on how you're going to write your own songs. The only way you get good at something is by doing it, you know? Maybe set a goal to write a song a day, even if it's gibberish. That, combined with rewriting the lyrics to an existing song every day, will build up your internal knowledge of how music operates. Imagine where you'll be in five years if you rewrite one song a day & write one song a day! That doesn't so much mean you have to be locked down into a non-creative schedule, as you have to force yourself to write something based on a personal appointment with yourself every day - it's a scheduled opportunity to spread your creative wings, you know?

    So you want to work on writing songs - based on the ideas above, tell us how you are going to do it - what's your daily plan of action?