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u/SafetySave · 3 pointsr/thebakery

Solution you can try for free if you are dirt broke: might sound a bit weird but if you have 0 budget you make a blanket fort and put your mic inside, making sure the blanket doesn't touch the mic, and stick your head in there to record vocals. Acoustics will improve as the blanket will absorb all the sound. It's a super guerilla-style recording booth. Won't be great, but it'll be an improvement for no money.

Still quite cheap solution: a lapel microphone - those clip-on jobbies you see on people's shirts during talk shows. As you likely know from watching TV, those mics do perfectly well with some mastering and they cost around 10 GBP on Amazon. You can plug them into your phone with some free apps, and use it like a mic pack. You can do really well for very little.

Low-end full-on computer mic: The Blue Snowball is a quite good mic for the price for vocals, though it certainly is more expensive than what you've probably got built-in to your laptop.

Standard recommendation if you've got money is the Blue Yeti. Not much to say here - it's a better desktop mic and you pay more for the quality.

You may also want to consider some homemade solutions like setting up a stand that is disconnected from your computer desk - say for instance drag a bedside-table over beside you and place the mic on it, or invest in a cheap mic arm stand to isolate ambient sound from the microphone.

You can also make your own pop-filter with a coat hanger (bent into a loop) and some pantyhose wrapped around it. If you can find a C-clamp you could just attach it straight to the boom stand.

u/BadEmpanada · 3 pointsr/thebakery

You can afford to cheap out pretty much everywhere.

Get these first: Audio interface for $40 Microphone for $20

Get the cheapest mic stand and xlr cable you can find to go with them.

Use your phone camera (if your phone is actually serviceable and you want to appear in your vids). If not, a decent enough camera to start are the Logitech 1080p hd webcams which go as low as like $40. You can also get good used interchangeable lens cameras for like $200-300 or a new entry level one for $500, if you want to spend some money.

'Procure' a good video editing program in a '''non ethical''' manner (search for 'Vegas 14')

Download Audacity for editing audio (free)

u/theneonlobster · 4 pointsr/thebakery

I'm a huge fan of Economix and Hypercapitalism and think it's worth sharing with people who are interested in knowing more about economics and capitalism.

u/PM_ME_MANY_THINGS · 9 pointsr/thebakery

It seems like nobody else has responded to you, which sucks, so in the spirit of comradely cooperation, I'll take a crack at it.

> so if anyone has recommendations for websites, videos, articles, links, books, documentaries or anything similar it would be very much appreciated.

A great place to start, whenever you want to talk about the rise of capitalism in America, is Howard Zinn's A People's History Of The United States which you can find online for free. More broadly, The Marxist Internet Archive's History section is a fantastic resource to pull from, and obviously it's all completely free. There's also Anthropocene or capitalocene?: Nature, history, and the crisis of capitalism by Parenti et al is a good in-depth dive. If you're looking for the history of the conservative movement in the US, you can't do any better than Democracy In Chains by Nancy Maclean which really details how the institutional and systemic support received happened, using unprecedented archival material discovered basically by chance.

There's some great resources in terms of articles, too:

[NOTE: I've tried to mark all free PDFs, and anything that isn't behind a paywall will be tagged NP]

the ubiquitous wiki article [NP]

the Kate Sharpley library an anarchist library with a lot of essays, pamphlets, and books from a variety of left voices from throughout history, many of which talk about history. [NP]

There's scholarly articles, but some are hidden behind a paywall, I'll list them anyway, on the off chance you have JSTOR:

an article about how the financial industry contributes to military conflict [NP]

a philosophy paper by Zizek about violence in capitalism but he also has his book, Violence online for free as well [free PDF]

• a paper called Prosperity and Violence: the political economy of development [free PDF]

• a paper called America's Culture of Terrorism: violence, capitalism, and the written word

The Gendered Violence of Development: Imaginative geographies of exclusion in the imposition of neo-liberal capitalism

From global capitalism to economic justice: an inquiry into the elimination of systemic poverty, violence and environmental destruction in the world economy [NP]

Violence and the Rise of Capitalism: Frederic C. Lane's Theory of Protection and Tribute

A short history of American capitalism [free PDF]

Violence in capitalism: Devaluing life in an age of responsibility

Violence and social orders: A conceptual framework for interpreting recorded human history by DC North, JJ Wallis, BR Weingast

So then we come to videos, which I'll list even more popular ones on the off chance that you or anyone availing themselves of this resource haven't seen them already. Some of these won't be from "left" sources, because it's important to get an understanding of the reactionary framing of the history of capitalism is critical here, too. I'm going to include videos about Capitalist Realism, both the book and the concept, because it's very relevant to this discussion:

[NOTE: where applicable, I've marked playlists PL]

History of Ideas - Capitalism by School of Life

The History of Capitalism, Feudalism, Slavery, and Marxism by Richard Wolff

American Capitalism - FINALS by Cornell University [PL]

The Accent Of Money: A Financial History Of The World by Niall Ferguson

The Decline Of Feudalism And The Rise of Capitalism Part 1 by The Academic Agent

A History Of Capitalism And Economic Thought by Joyce Applebey

A Brief History Of Capitalism by Yanis Varoufakis

A Brief History Of How We Got Here And Why by Mark Blythe

Mark Fisher: Capitalist Realism by Simon Obrek

Marx's Theory Of Capitalism by Yale Courses

Slavery, Capitalism, and the Making of the Modern World by The Watson Institute For International And Public Affs

Freedom and Slavery: The Birth of Modern Capitalism by Socialist Appeal

What Was Liberalism #2: Capitalism and History by PhilosophyTube

The Myth of Free Trade and the Secret History of Capitalism (2008) by The Film Archives

Capitalist Realism, Mental Illness, and Societies Of Control by Mad Blender

The Demonstration Of Capitalist Realism by Mark Fisher

Christopher Lasch, the Alt-Left, and Capitalist Realism by Zero Books

Democracy In Chains by Nancy Maclean 1

Democracy In Chains by Nancy Maclean 2

Episode 13: Democracy In Chains by Literary Hangover

Democracy In Chains by Nancy Maclean 3

Episode 1622: Democracy In Chains w Nancy Maclean by The Majority Report

Origins Of The Radical Right & The Crisis Of Our Democracy by thisisUIC

The Origins Of The Billionaire-Funded Radical Right & The Crisis Of Our Democracy

Marxism 101: How Capitalism Is Killing Itself with Richard Wolff by Empire Files

Sorry for dropping so much on you, I probably invested way too much time into this, but hopefully there's at least something in here that you'll find useful. Enjoy