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u/kristi_yamaguccimane · 1 pointr/thedailyzeitgeist

We have an Epson XP-610 series that is honestly fantastic. My wife is a realtor, I’m a wedding officiant and we’re constantly using this thing but the ink seems to last forrrreeeevvverrrrr. I don’t think it’s super expensive to refill either and it’s wireless with great reliability.

It’s a little pricey for consumer models I guess but kinda worth it for as much as we use it: Epson WorkForce 610 Wireless Color Inkjet All-in-One Printer (C11CA50201)

u/Pokehunter217 · 1 pointr/thedailyzeitgeist

I got these AfterShokz but look around they come at various prices, my first pair was like 50 bucks.

u/Hayley9000 · 3 pointsr/thedailyzeitgeist

According to the book The Residence, HRC has legitimately been carrying hot sauce around with her since at least the 90s. I listened to that book on Audible at work and genuinely laughed at loud at that part.

u/kilgoresparrot · 2 pointsr/thedailyzeitgeist

Yeah, and he specifically talks about JQA in the clip I linked, and I don't think it's the first time I've heard him do so. He also wrote this book, which I might finally actually buy this week.
What's frustrating is that I think I remember the conversation where they are just discussing their picks for best/worst presidents in history, but I can't recall any other context for the episode.

u/Bombingofdresden · 1 pointr/thedailyzeitgeist

This is what I use to listen to podcasts, audiobooks etc. Would this be legal in Quebec? I’m confused why the aftershoks are legal when Bluetooth earpieces aren’t?

NENRENT S570 Bluetooth...

u/Theministryhasfallen · 1 pointr/thedailyzeitgeist

So back in the day, my dad’s squadron had a plane that needed to make an emergency landing at the air strip in Groom Lake. The pilot and RIO were detained. My dad, being the head crew chief for the aircraft, and a couple of his crew members, had to fly to Las Vegas then Groom Lake under the cover darkness. Apparently, the plane they flew in in had blacked out windows and they were taxied to the broken plane. They weren’t allowed to leave the area and had one night to get the plane running again.

If you want to find out more about the history of Area 51, there’s an excellent book here

u/coke_and_coffee · 0 pointsr/thedailyzeitgeist

I’m sorry man but I just don’t believe you. You’re pulling the same BS that right-wing conspiracy theorists pull, “do your own research”, “the information is out there”, “it’s not my problem your unwilling to learn”.

First, you don’t seem to understand that there are multiple opinions on how to achieve certain objectives. You are, by default, attributing malice to those who you disagree with.

Second, you are making judgements about republican supporters based on the actions of the GOP in the past and in the present of which you deem to be the worst. This is an obvious logical fallacy. I supported Obama. Does that mean I must like drone bombing middle eastern school children? Please don’t judge people based on your own opinion of the worst actions taken by federal administrations.

And there’s plenty of occasions in your rambling wall of text that are just flat-out wrong. I’ll show you a few:

> Since Nixon, the Republican party has consistently reduced education funding / blocked raises for teachers / blocked or limited funding from the Federal to the State gov't's to supplement the State's education funds.

A foundational tenet of American conservatives is to reduce federal spending and leave these decisions up to the states or local levels.

> Since Nixon, the Republican party has consistently worked with the sole benefactor being Corporate America. The citizens have consistently suffered the consequences. Those would include stagnating wages, worsening or stagnating workers rights, the ever worsening wealth inequality divide, and the extreme rate that the middle class is rapidly becoming the lower class.

Opinion at best. And extremely contentious and shortsighted. There are many top economists that will completely disagree. There are many many many other factors that contribute to these problems.

> The economic actions that Republicans take often lead to recessions, and the damage is cleaned up after they leave office.

Again, opinion. There is a reason most top economists advocate economic conservatism.

> By attacking education, and promoting propaganda, the Republican party is creating a base of supporters who both do not know the realities of the world, and cannot learn the realities of the world.

Opinion and fallacy all wrapped in one. You are again attributing stupidity or ignorance to the beliefs of others instead of realizing that people have real foundational psychological differences which shape their beliefs.

> They are creating a base of supporters who are likely to act in heinous ways when faced with opposition because they never learned how to deal with information contrary to their beliefs.

Not even sure what you’re trying to say here. How do you expect me to find a source for this. This line is an obvious straw man you’ve built up to represent your view of republican voters.

> According to FBI Statistics, 97% of all terrorism deaths in the US are by Right-wing extremists. The earliest produced records that I was able to easily find began in the late 90's and continue through today. That's roughly 20 years of records, and of that 97%, two-thirds of the deaths were caused by white, American men who identified as right-wing, or whose acts of violence were motivated by right-wing propaganda. Roughly one-third were the deaths on Sept. 11, and a very few deaths were by non-white, American men, and not Sept. 11 related. The remaining 3% were by people who were not motivated by political ideology, or by people who were left-wing extremists.

Extremism is not even close to the views that republicans hold. Hence the word “extremism”. So what exactly are you trying to say here?

> Right-wing ideology and the methods that Republicans use to spread their ideology are creating right-wing extremists at alarming rates, and they are directly responsible for creating the conditions and environment where gun violence flourishes.

Absolutely untrue. And you should also know that gun violence is consistently decreasing over time. So even if what you’ve said is true, their tactics clearly aren’t working...

> Right-wing ideology / conservatism / Republicans are a brand of Fascism. The ideologies match up, the methods match up, and the outcome matches up. The population is subjugated and made to be a workforce for the super-wealthy. The end-goal of Fascism is to turn the entire population into slaves who don't know they are slaves, whose sole purpose in life is to enrich the elite.

This is so silly it hurts. You are wrong by definition. Another straw man, conflating fascism with republicanism, and again attributing malice to those with differing views.

Come on man. Quit it with the straw mans, hyperbole, and exaggeration. The only way to have a good faith argument is to fairly represent your opponent’s views. Please do a better job.

In case you’re actually interested in learning about the differences between people, Jonathan Haidt has a great book on why people differ.

Read that and perhaps you’ll learn to view people in a better light rather than living in your pathetic imaginary world full of evil stupid people. We all want the same things, we simply have very different psychological slates which lead to our differences in opinion on how to achieve our goals.