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u/ChopsNewBag · 26 pointsr/tilwtf

I read a book when I was in high school that had a chapter about this incident in it. I really wish I could remember the name of the book, it was fascinating. Every chapter was about a different infamous killer/cannibal throughout human history. I think I remember the cover of the book had the painting "Saturn Devouring His Son" on it...

Anyone by chance know what book this is?

Edit: The folks over at r/tipofmytongue found it for me! It's called "Eat Thy Neighbor: A History of Cannibalism"

Fantastic book if you are interested in these kinds of things!

u/DoctorVanHelsing · 23 pointsr/tilwtf

Not exactly mouth to nose, but this device is specifically for sucking snot out of babies' noses. Super popular too.

u/thebardingreen · 1 pointr/tilwtf

The function of money itself is a variable.

What is money? I've heard it as "An agreement within a community to establish a system for the distribution of resources."

Everything about how it works: inflation, interest, scale, who issues it. . . is all arbitrary.

Markets, as they currently function, are set up to drive unsustainable recurring growth. . . and they've shaped global human behavior toward a kind of destructiveness, greed and unchecked ambition that is SINGLE HANDEDLY the source of, I will go so far as to say "most" of the human suffering in the world. But those that benefit from them the most are almost Pavlovianly conditioned to have a hard time seeing this. This is a big problem.

If YOU would like to open your eyes, here's some resources:

Barnard Lietaer was a world class economist (who was one of the architects of the Euro. . .which he warned was going to cause and run into a lot of the same problems as it has, but it had POLITICAL requirements that HAD to be met that had those problems baked in) who focused his work on helping communities reimagine the idea of what currency even is. When you realize it doesn't have to work the way it does, the whole way that markets even work starts to look. . . well downright evil and unnecessary. . . sorry Libertarians.

This book and it's sequel are interesting techno-thriller sci-fi. But the second book imagines a system by which a market economy could be managed by democratized opensource AI to produce MUCH better social outcomes. This kind of a system is MUCH more in reach than people reflexively think. It also takes a look at how one MIGHT use gamification to help people rethink their preconceived notions of how economies MUST work.

And also. . .this is dope!

u/Hanashimaru · 6 pointsr/tilwtf

This one shot was made by Junji Ito, horror mangaka. Unfortunately I don't think many of his works have been translated to English, although you can find less... official versions of those.

One story that I know is translated is Uzumaki (Spiral). There also seems to be some others like Gyo and Tomie... Hmm, I think I need to do some shopping now!