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u/beesbuzzlots · 1 pointr/tippytaps

Aw :) yeah, it’s so difficult to find a quality one! I’ve heard good things about this one though!!!

u/buildingbridges · 6 pointsr/tippytaps

I am a volunteer dog walker/trainer at my local shelter and leash biting is common. She's worked up about something and doesn't have any other outlet for her energy. If she is doing it in the same place every time try walking a different direction. She may also be doing it when you turn around to go home in which case walking a loop rather than up and down the block would help. You can also bring a toy so she has something on her mouth instead of the leash when she starts to act out and a harness that the leash clips to the back of is helpful to keep the leash out of her eye line, I really love the Freedom Harness.

u/Teelo888 · 2 pointsr/tippytaps

Would highly recommend. For dog owners that constantly have to throw a ball to keep their dog entertained, it's life changing. It's certainly saved me a lot of time and distraction... Not that I don't want to play with Winnie, but if I'm trying to get work done it's nice that she can keep herself occupied!

u/Jadis4742 · 164 pointsr/tippytaps

He's gorgeous! And your tank is great. If I could make one suggestion, it would be to get a plant with large, flat leaves reaching to the top of the water so your boy can take a nap on them. Unless you already have something like that on the other side of the tank, of course.

I also found this through /r/all, so, once again, here's the betta info dump:

> Another betta picture hits /r/all! And no one else has already said it, so I guess it's my turn.

  • Bettas are great pets, ESPECIALLY when housed correctly. That shitty tiny bowl at the pet store? Not a proper tank for a betta. Pet stores LIE TO YOU so people will keep buying shitty, tiny tanks and bettas when their current betta dies. It's not in their interest for you to be smart, do research, and invest in a decent setup, because then you'll have a healthy fish for several years and won't be spending money replacing everything.

  • Bettas really do best in at least a 5-gallon tank, but 2.5 gallons is considered the minimum.

  • Bettas are tropical fish. THEY MUST HAVE A HEATER. Problem is, heaters for tanks that small are notoriously fickle. You don't want fish soup, after all. I used this heater for my boys and their 5-gallon tanks.

  • All fish tanks need a filter, otherwise you have to commit to changing AND treating 50%-100% of the water in the tank EVERY DAY. It's a pain, trust me.

  • You MUST dechlorinate water before adding it to the tank, otherwise your fish will die. It'll be a bottle called dechlorinator or water conditioner.

  • Get a water test kit. Don't bitch about it, just do it. It's kind of fun, actually. Test your water levels once or twice a week. If your fish get sick, this is the first thing /r/bettas and /r/aquariums will ask about. People will judge you if you don't have this already.

  • Bettas are best kept as solitary fish. If you want to keep a betta in a tank with other fish, you'll need at least a 20-gallon tank and probably the advice of /r/aquriums for stocking.

  • Yes, you or your friend has/had a betta that was playful and active for four years in a shitty, 3oz vase with a bamboo plant on top that you stuck in a cabinet and only fed once a week and never changed the water. I don't care. You were doing it wrong and you should feel bad. People get mad if you stick a dog in a closet, never let it out, and never clean up the shit that accumluates in there, but somehow if it's a fish it's ok. It's not. Fish aren't as smart as dogs, but they are still living creatures that deserve to be treated well.

  • Yes, the pet stores keep bettas in cups and overstock their fishtanks, but those are temporary situations, and every morning I promise you they have to throw away a bunch of dead fish. Corporate doesn't care.

  • While I'm here, goldfish are meant to grow up and be huge, gorgeous poop machines. They need a 30-gallon tank MINIMUM with appropriate filtration. Your goldfish died from a combination of suffocating in its own shit and internal organ failure from stunted growth. Sorry.

u/Agent_Dutchess · 17 pointsr/tippytaps

I live in new England. Those steel wire leashes rot within the first day of winter and become frail as paper. If you dont believe me, leave a steel or iron tool outside for a couple nights when it's humid or raining. I have a socket on my desk that's ruined because I forgot it in the bed of my truck for one night when I was fixing my tonneau cover.

Or just read some amazon reviews instead of diving headfirst into what is likely a bunch of 12 year old girls upvoting eachother on something they have no experience or clue about and taking it as gospel.

Dog Leashes, Petforu Pet Tie-out Cable Steel Wire Rope with Dual Heads Metal Hooks [3M /10Feet]

>Somehow my puppy was able to break the retracting pin in the metal hook. She is a 30lb puppy

>>Our dog broke this within the first day. We have a 120lbs dog


My favorite ones...

>Didn’t last three months with our Beagle puppy. We used this to bring our puppy outside while we were working or playing with kids in the yard, grilling, etc. Yesterday we were in the driveway when our puppy took off running down the street. She had chewed right through it.

>>Horrible. I bought 4 of them and not one lasted more than a week. Rusted and snapped immediately. If my dogs weren't trained they would've ran away and who knows what could've happened