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u/nem0fazer · 2 pointsr/torrents

Don't worry about charge. It should be small enough being only audio.

The Amateur Marriage is a great novel by Ann Tyler she might like and its good and long at 9 cds!

This American Life is pretty good too. If you're outside N America you might not be familiare but its a great show with stories and reports on a different theme every week. I've kept the best of the last few years.

If you are a Brit by any chance I have a lot of R4 comedy like Stephen Fry, Old Harry's Game etc.

FYI I got a lot of this from but you'll get thrown off for having a terrible ratio if you try and download a lot without uploading. Having said that its a great place for UK radio.

u/mr_candlelight · 1 pointr/torrents

I've watched entire movies when I was younger on an ipod nano 3rd gen. The resolution was okay for the screen size. It was nice for sitting in bed or on trips when I didn't have any other devices that could play video (except obviously my PC which isn't mobile). But that was before tablets and smartphones were getting popular so there's definitely better options now.

u/redditcomu · 3 pointsr/torrents

I'm not the guy you're responding to, but at $99, here's Amazon's cheapest 3 Tb external:

Although if I were you I'd pony up the extra $18 and go for this one:

Not only do I have more confidence in WD over Seagate, you also get an extra 1 Tb for that $18. Then again, if you don't care about brand, you can get 4 Tb for only $10 more:

Or you could go nuts and get 5 Tb for $129:

u/LikesFemales · 1 pointr/torrents

How good is the Pi compared to something like the Micca Speck, or other media players like so?

u/JewBacca420 · 3 pointsr/torrents

Well there is 4,339 movies that are in 1080p which are the ones I want. On average a movie is about 1.8GB. That totals to about 7.8TB. I have two of these 5TB external hard drives. They're plugged into a computer I use as a Plex server which streams to my Roku.

> First of all there are way better than yify

What groups are better?

u/no_step · 3 pointsr/torrents

Something like this would work fine. Very easy to setup

u/hackslayd0g · 0 pointsr/torrents

And they make 7200rpm ones as well. Like I said, $49.99 on amazon right now. Https://

u/312c · 3 pointsr/torrents

Existenz is a perfect example of this. For the longest time it was only available on a 3 movie BD and the quality was abysmal. Then it got a stand-alone release and somehow they managed to butcher the video even more.

u/Cosomo · 3 pointsr/torrents

Is x264 a .mkv file? I have an older network media player Micca 350 that will play anything I throw at it except some of the newer .mkv file types.

u/FR05TB1T3 · 2 pointsr/torrents , the one i saw was in costco on sale. You want to look for "backup" or "desktop" in the name. They need an external source of power but are way cheaper than the plug and plays.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/torrents

edit: that site has two books on the topic available for download. this and this. you'll need to create an account.

u/LvL99OnionKnight · 1 pointr/torrents

I apologize, Sony - GS7. Its google TV so a TV overlay.

u/burntsushi · 1 pointr/torrents

> So what, what's your point?

My point is that your argument is nonsense. The most you seem capable of saying is that those who disagree with you are stupid.

Namely, there are plenty of legitimate arguments against intellectual property (in its entirety) that have nothing to do with legitimizing the pirating of media content. But you seem incapable of comprehending this fact, so you lump everything together in nice and neat little bins that are easy targets of your incessant lambasting.

> I'm aware that there are people who believe that. I'm also aware that there are people who believe a rape victim should have to marry their rapist.

This is at best an implied false equivalency. It is at worse disingenuous.

> Also, I find it interesting that I've never once, in the wild, encountered someone who does not pirate media who has been particularly vocal on that topic about media. I have met people who share those views in regard to things like medicine and treatments. But I've only heard this bullshit from people who pirate media.

Wait, you mean you've never heard someone who doesn't care about pirating media talk about the legitimacy of pirating media? What a wonder! Truly this means that any such position is nonsense! (The much more likely answer is that talking about legitimacy of pirating media is a lightning rod for people whose best retort is, "you're a dumbass.")

You might want to tug on that "medicine and treatments" thread a bit more. It's kind of important. And that ain't the only thing either. Think agriculture.

> Plus, looking at it as "legally enforced by governments" is just one way of looking at it.

It's a fact of reality. Intellectual property is enforced via courts, which are (in today's world) run by governments.

> Another way of looking at is protecting the people who create that media for a living. If they worked 40 hours to create a couple of minutes of content, I bet those people would probably think differently about those protections.

I've worked for years on things that I've given away without let, lien or obligation. (And I don't just mean that in the abstract sense. People actually use these things.)

I know this doesn't jive well with your mental model of the world, so please, feel free to respond dutifully with a personal attack.

> Of course, the retort to all of that will be that it's big companies that have the rights to this stuff and not the artists and if the money was going to the artists, they'd treat it differently. It's bullshit.

No, that has nothing to do with my point.

> I steal shit. Just own it.

You've completely and utterly missed my point. My point is that you start with an assumption that's not necessarily justified; namely that intellectual property is property, and that it can even be stolen in the first place.