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u/jayattheUES · 1 pointr/trackers

Have you ever read Information Doesn't Want to Be Free: Laws for the Internet Age by Cory Doctorow?

There are really really robust arguments to be made for why media should be funded by grants from the state administered by organizations of independent artists and distributed semi-freely to the populace like in the open-library model. It's better for a free, upstanding, and stable democracy. It promotes technology development, economic growth, etc.

There's no reason pirating content illegally and having ethical thoughts about a future society are incompatible.

Socialist democracy, my friend.

u/Forever_Feel_Autumn · 2 pointsr/trackers

I have a seedbox that I use. The laptop does get pretty warm when transferring files via FileZilla, but I bought a small desktop fan I turn on high speed while I transfer data. I also elevate the back of the laptop about a half inch with a folded piece of paper to help cool it better.

This is the HD I'm looking at:

Also, thank you!

u/PirateForDaLolz · 3 pointsr/trackers

I am looking for this:

Sadly, it does not seem to be desirable enough for anyone to want to share it. Honestly I would not even mind if it was not a Blu-Ray rip. It's available for streaming purchase on Amazon Prime as well.

u/312c · 22 pointsr/trackers

That's not at all what he said, he says it's more convenient. His book is a fairly good, and well researched, history of digital music.

u/RobinS1985 · -18 pointsr/trackers

I'm not sure what this new TV will play. I wanted to try setting up Plex but it's all very new to me.

This is the TV I bought

It says it supports HEVC, but I have files from PTP that are 5.1 DTS and I'm just concerned they won't play because of how picky LG tvs are with MKV files.

To be honest, I don't care about the 4k. I think it's gimmicky but I got an incredible deal on it. YIFY releases were fine in 1080p on my old LG TV.

I've been trying to convert 5.1 DTS audio to AAC (lav) but the sound comes out really bad.

u/TheOtherP · 2 pointsr/trackers

Not quite what you want but there's this.

u/directheated · 3 pointsr/trackers

Can't even imagine the effort that guy that uploaded the 122 GB Jazz Collection went through having to click 500 times to upload all the log files :o

u/catvllvs · 7 pointsr/trackers

Found them both.

Lone Star Politics

We the people

I'm guessing you're not using your regular account because of this:
>/r/trackers is NOT a personal search party for content.

u/zurkog · 1 pointr/trackers

This plus four of these. Ain't cheap, but I bought the drives back when they were cheaper; about $85 apiece.

Of course, that doesn't help you much if you're running a remote seedbox.

u/ikspus · 5 pointsr/trackers

I mostly DL shit from 60/70/80s (on private sites)... sure, GoT has no problems, so a 1:1 ratio is okay in that case... but a HnR in the case on a 1970s season pack is pretty rough when that pack gets 1 DL a week... And 24 hrs seed req on a 1970s show is pointless since you can come and go before anyone else checks for it.

I think we may be attacking the problem from different perspectives. And maybe that's why the mods had "ratio 1:1 or xxx seedtime" as a requirement, lol.

For me, retention is the key aspect, so for me seedtime is the key aspect.

edit: also, I assume everyone has a 4tb drive at least, so, holding everything a month is... 1tb a week... I don't frequently rock through a whole tb in a week... 1 show a day in 720p is... 21 gb... 3 albums a day in FLAC is... 7 gb... 2 movies on the weekend in 1080p is... 30gb? .... 60gb a week? not exactly colossal.... times a month... 240 gb. I'm asking for a 240 gb seedsize on constantly consumed material... I think you can literally buy a thumb drive with that capacity... for... 40$