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u/ZGMF-X23S · 2 pointsr/transformers

I started typing and this ended up being really long, hopefully it helps. I might have gone overboard, so if you need / want a TL;DR or more info on anything just say the word and I'll do what I can :)

My personal preference is to add details and touch-ups to my figures. I've done a few full repaints, and I'm working on my first airbrushed figure, but I really like adding in details where the factory didn't :)



I've had good results using alcohol based acrylics like Tamiya, Model Master, or Testors Acrylics (I think Enamels are Testors' main line, so make sure to check what type it is). Alcohol-based acrylics thin and clean up nicely with 91% isopropyl alcohol, I usually pick it up from whatever pharmacy is nearby (don't get the 70%, it doesn't work at all).

Citadel and Vallejo make nice water-based acrylic paints in additional colors, you'll definitely need a primer if you're working with Vallejo (I've only used a couple of Citadel paints, so I can't really speak to them).

You'll want to stay far away from acrylic craft paint, I've tried it in the past and it doesn't come out well at all (I just use some empty glass or plastic jars from stuff like sour cream or salsa since they're not too big).

Some folks like enamel paints, and there might be another kind of model paint, but the chemicals in those paints and their thinner tends to be quite strong so I avoid them. I used un-thinned enamels when I first started painting, and when I tried to use the thinner it ended up melting my paint tray and making a mess, so I'm not too keen to give them another try.


Tools are going to differ a bit depending on how you want to paint (hand painting vs airbrushing or spray painting).


Hand Painting:

You'll need paints, some soft bristle brushes (I have a set like these), something to stir your paint (I use a Badger Paint Mixer and love it to bits), thinner (depending on your type of paint), a mixing tray, some pipettes for measuring paint and thinner, something to hold your parts while painting (I like these Aligator Clips), something to stick the clips into (I use a styrofoam block wrapped in plastic from a craft store, but I've seen folks use taped together cardboard like from Amazon boxes or the cheap foam coolers), some fine grit sand paper or nail buffing blocks to help rough up the surface slightly to help the paint stick, and something for topcoat (I absolutely love Pledge Multisurface Floor Care, aka Future Floor Wax, it's a clear acrylic wax that dries to a semi-gloss to gloss shine, it brushes on nice and self-levels for a smooth finish, and one bottle will last a REALLY long time; I got a bottle a few years ago and I've used it on a LOT of gundams and TFs and the bottle is still half full). You may also want some smaller containers or jars to hold your thinner, brush cleaner (alcohol or water), and topcoat if you're using Pledge just so you don't need to keep the big bottle out on your workspace.



You'll need an airbrush and compressor, and then a lot of the same supplies as above. You'll also want some small-ish jars to store your thinned paint so you can re-use your leftover paint instead of having to toss it, and some painter's tape to mask off parts you don't want to paint and to keep your paint lines clean.

You can airbrush inside the house, but you'll want to do it in a well ventilated area if you don't have a spray booth (box with a fan and air filter to help move the fumes out the window and help keep the paint from spraying everywhere). I'm still learning to paint with my airbrush, so I don't have too many tips here.


Spray painting:

You'll need your choice of spray paints, alligator clips, fine sand paper, and some painter's tape to mask off areas so it doesn't get everywhere. I definitely wouldn't advise using spray paints indoors, the fumes tend to be really strong. I haven't really used spray paints in a long time, so I'm not a lot of help here either.



Some folks might recommend sharpies or paint pens / markers, but I've never had good luck with them.

I do highly recommend using a Micron, Graphix, or Prismacolor marker / pen for highlighting panel lines in .005 thickness for most figures. The .01 and even .05 markers can work well too, but they might be too thick for some figures, so a couple different thicknesses can't hurt (I've got a pencil case full of lining markers from those brands). Don't use sharpies for panel lines, unless things have changed, even the thinnest ones tend to dry a purpley-blue instead of black, and the lines are still really thick compared to the Micron.


Painting Tips:

  • Always wash your figures in some warm soapy water, rinse them off, and let them dry fully before painting. This gets rid of any leftover mould release from the factory, it helps keep the parts from sticking in the moulds during assembly, but it will repel paint, pledge, primer, and panel lines like mad. I've skipped this step in the past, but things never turned out as well; so now I wash all my figures shortly after I open them up and make sure they're keepers.
  • Always thin your paints! You might need 2-3 coats to get things just right, but the end finish will look really nice. I've found a 2:1 ratio of paint:thinner seems to work pretty well for most paints, but ymmv (the temperature and humidity can have a huge impact on how the paint comes out, and fans can speed the drying process, which can be a blessing or a curse, heh).
  • If you're painting parts that will rub against others, lightly sand the surfaces first. This will help the paint stick to the plastic better.
  • You might need / want to prime a piece before painting it. You can prime by hand with a primer like Vallejo Surface Primer, or with a spray primer. I find spray primer tends to come out smoother, but depending on what you're doing, either can work (priming by hand tends to come out a bit thicker, so ymmv again). When I paint by hand I'll usually only prime if I'm painting a dark piece a lighter color, but when I airbrush everything that's getting painted gets primed first.
  • After you paint something, let it sit for about an hour before doing another coat, and let things fully dry and cure before moving on to topcoating and panel lining (usually 24 hours between a final coat of paint and topcoat, and another few hours between topcoat and panel lines).
u/WuzzlesTycoon · 2 pointsr/transformers

Hey Joe. I wanted to provide some input too along with OP's excellent recommendations. I'm living in Japan, although not in Tokyo.

The biggest point I want to make is that prices aren't always so great. Many Takara transformers can be bought in the US from hlj, bbts, etc. with minimal markup.

For example, OP bought a Takara Misfire for 4320 yen (~$40). There's probably tax on top too. Although if you spend 5000 yen or more in many stores, you can purchase these items tax free so always keep your passport with you. The staff will staple a receipt inside, which the airport staff will remove when you depart.

But yea, Misfire. I've been searching for one myself too. OP paid $40, but you could have purchased it for the same amount on bbts when it was in stock. Of course timing affects pricing too, but still.

Let's take a look at some newer figures…

US Siege Megatron at Amazon for $30

Japan Siege Megatron at for ~$40

All these new figures are more expensive here. If there were different and better paint apps, then it might be worth the higher price. But the new stuff is essentially the same.

Japan is the same as the US in that brick&mortar stores tend to price items a bit high because they have overhead. In the US, we have ebay. In Japan, they use yahoo auctions. But travelers don't have access to such things.

When in Tokyo, Osaka, etc., there are many foreigners from all over the world who come to buy toys. They probably don't have access in their country and are on vacation and looking to spend – same as you. So many will overpay because this is their only chance. Also, many Japanese people themselves are collectors. It's their culture so they're buying a lot too. But if you see something you want and are ok with the price, then buy it. Gotta enjoy.

Like OP mentioned, the big retail stores (ToysRUS, Yodobashi, Bic Camera, etc.) mostly carry bayverse. And the selection can be pretty meager. Don't spend too much time here.

I was never into Beast Wars when in the US. But I've purchased many here in Japan simply because there are figures that were only released here. Lio Convoy, Tako Tank, God Neptune, etc. Really interesting figures that I never knew existed and that are uniquely Japanese.

Do as much research as you can prior to arrival. Mark whichever stores in google maps and set a path. Note the store hours. OP is right in that many open at noon.

That's all the info I got for now, but let me know if you have any questions. Enjoy your trip!

u/massiveTimeWaster · 5 pointsr/transformers

You're speaking my language. My favorite transformers are the Hasbro Legend class, the designers really are far more creative with these guys than any other, IMO.

I have a shelf at home dedicated to them. :)

Right now, my favorites are Cosmos, Shrapnel and Rewind. Honorable mention to Wheelie, he doesn't stay in car mode without a lot of fiddling. Cosmos especially is really fantastic. Super fun transformation and very posable. The balance to this figure is the little target master that comes with him is total trash.

u/cynic79 · 9 pointsr/transformers

It depends on what you want to read.

If you want to read the 80's Marvel comics, pick up the Classics trade paperbacks.

If you want to read the new IDW comics, I would advise you to start with the IDW Collection Phase Two. It collects the first few issues of the More Than Meets the Eye and Robots in Disguise (now just "Transformers") comics. These are the current ongoing books, and the ones everyone talks about today, so it's a good place to start if you want to catch up with the current storyline.

If you want to start at the beginning of the IDW comics, you can pick up the Phase One collection. It's good, but the story is a bit of a slow burn.

If you're a G1 cartoon fan, you could start right in the middle with All Hail Megatron. The art is mostly spot on for the cartoon, and it's easy to pick up for a new reader, but the story overall is a bit...meh.

There are other collections besides the ones I linked to if you don't want to splurge on a hardback. Those collections are just a good start if you're interested in the comics.

u/crookedspiral · 3 pointsr/transformers

Here's an amazon link for Future Floor Polish.

They changed the label a little while back, so it doesn't say Future on it anymore, but it is the same product.

I use this stuff all the time, and it is very effective at tightening joints. If robot disassembly isn't your thing, you can even use an eyedropper or pipette to apply it directly into pinholes and joints.

After curing for 24 hours, even a small amount worked into a joint can make a huge difference.

An extra bonus is that it is fairly water-soluble, so you can undo a tightening or clean off excess with just a little water.

u/Nawara_Ven · 2 pointsr/transformers

I might specifically recommend IDW Phase 2 Volume 1 for best value, or simply More than Meets the Eye Volume 1 if you want somewhat less of a commitment.

I started with Phase 2 and it's just a good spot; everything is established, characters are familiar but out there doing interesting and different things; definitely worth a read.

I might go back to phase 1 some day, but I still haven't caught up to the present releases.

u/almightywhacko · 15 pointsr/transformers

This has been up for a while so it isn't necessarily a Black Friday sale, but Amazon has Siege Jetfire for $55.

Still worth sharing in case someone knows a person who'd like this guy as a gift.

u/BFBeast666 · 3 pointsr/transformers

I love my Soundwave to bits too - except for his breadbox "starship" mode. Even if Hasbro didn't want to go to the boom box well again, I'd rather have liked another "armored car" type Soundwave like the WFC/FOC incarnation.


As for Siege Voyager Prime: Amazon has you covered:

u/danhimself36 · 1 pointr/transformers

I definitely agree with the posters above...if you have the ability then you should definitely support the franchise and buy them when you should check out the collected editions

u/HexManiak · 3 pointsr/transformers

r/idwtransformers would be able to go into things in more detail and would be the more on-topic location for this.

Basically, though, there are three 'eras' of IDW. If you're looking to start from the very beginning, that's what the IDW TF collections are for. They collect all the stuff in order. Furman's IDW run of Spotlight issues and miniseries, All Hail Megatron and the ongoing that span out of that, and then the More Than Meets The Eye era of IDW (this is all the post-war stuff, the adventures of the Lost Light, Starscream as a political figure, Windblade, Autobot Megatron, and so on).

I call them three eras because Furman's stuff feels different than AHM onwards (which is designed as a jumping on point), and this in turn feels different from MTMTE and Robots In Disguise, which are also designed as jumping on points for the third 'era' (these two ran at the same time).

If you want all the things, pick up the collections starting at volume one of Phase One. (amazon link to make it easy to tell which book I mean)

All Hail Megatron starts with volume 5 of the 'Phase One' collections (amazon link). Aside from being a soft reboot, the main variation is that Furman's line focused more on the 'in disguise' content and presented Earth as just one front among many, with an overplot involving the 'Dead Universe'. All Hail Megatron has the Decepticons conquer Earth and kind of brings things back to an Earth-centric focus.

If what you're looking for is the post-war stuff, the content most people talk about when they say IDW, that's helpfully noted in the collections as Phase Two. Pick up volume one of that (amazon link) and start from there.

It's worth noting that the read order with these collections can be a little jumpy, especially in Phase Two where the intended chronological read order means it has to juggle two largely unconnected ongoings and also the various miniseries. It's still perfectly readable and everything and is far from a major issue, you'll just go from the adventures of these guys to those guys to these other guys and back again a lot.

u/SUPERHAPPYDINO · 4 pointsr/transformers

My computron combiner are nice figures, and I like the Alphastrike Counterforce pack and Phantomstrike Squadron sets, my sister likes the predaking set. But my personal favorite is ko Fall of cybertron grimlock though its probably not that good for a 9 year old

u/BrainstormsBriefcase · 9 pointsr/transformers

There was a shrapnel (called Skrapnel) earlier in generations. He should be pretty cheap.

Best I can find is an amazon link but he's pretty pricey there.

u/BrainWav · 8 pointsr/transformers

There's a 2-pack available on Amazon now with a Deluxe class War for Cybertron Optimus and Titans Return Orion Pax. I think that's your sweet spot right now. 2 figures, at a good price, and WFC Prime is pretty badass-looking. The main problem is both are Cybertronian alt modes, so they're a lot more sci-fi than other offerings, if that's a problem.

Outside of that, the Classics one is really nice. I'd say he's the the best G1 styled Prime that doesn't cost a ton. The original version is hard to find now though, but there is a two-pack with Classics Megatron that I think still goes for reasonable prices. Only real problem is he's pretty small.

Combiner Wars isn't bad, per se, but he does sacrifice a bit for the combiner gimmick, and IMO really only shines with some limbs and an upgrade kit. The classic red version is pretty hard to find now too, not sure about the white one. I should also note that CW Prime has an upgrade kit, Primo Vitalis, which makes him very IDW-esque. But it adds a lot of cost to him in general.

Titans Return has 3 versions: a Leader-class Powermaster Optimus Prime, and 2 Voyagers, one in the normal red deco and one 90s G2 deco. Both versions are solid, but like CW Prime, they kind of suffer from shoehorning in a gimmick. The G2 version also requires buying a set for $100, so it's not for everyone.

That covers most of the CHUG (which includes Generations) Optimuses.

If you're willing to spend more money, MP-10, Masterpiece Optimus, just got re-release. He's really the definitive Optimus, but he's expensive.

u/blazemongr · 2 pointsr/transformers

And if I may make a suggestion at this point: Roadbuster and Whirl are relatively large, pretty sturdy, and not as difficult to transform as some of the smaller Deluxes.

I own them both and think a five year old could handle Roadbuster pretty well.

u/Vonabu · 5 pointsr/transformers

Pledge Floor polish is the best option for tightening most joints as well as ports. Takes a bit to dry, but it doesn't damage the plastic, it's reversible and one bottle is enough for the rest of your life.

This video explains how to apply it properly (he uses it for a port around the 5:30 mark, but I recommend watching the whole thing).

u/EvenFatso · 5 pointsr/transformers

Yeah it's got some weird name like "helipad mode". No joke I'm pretty sure that's what it's called


Check the product description. It is infact called helipad mode

u/Anonimitty · 1 pointr/transformers

So obviously the dude is biased. Watch everything for what they are. I recommend to start from the start: G1 Seasons 1 and 2 then 1986 movie. And then move on from there chronologically. If you’re not liking something, then skip to the next. On comics, you can also start with the Marvel G1, or you can go ahead and start reading the IDW Collections .

u/Buzzsaw_Eject · 2 pointsr/transformers

You should check out this book.

I also recommend going on Deviantart as there seems to be some good artists on there and you may be able to talk to some to doing something custom for you.

u/cacarpenter89 · 1 pointr/transformers

I'm a huge combiner fan myself. Unfortunately, I think most of the ones that aren't really the body-and-limbs type are going to be a bit out of your price range. You might give the Minicon Assault Team a shot, though! Stands 3-4" high and, frankly, looks awesome!

As far as unique transformers go, I'm having a tough time thinking some up that are going to be in your range. Some of the Platinum editions might fit the bill:

u/Scatterstar · 12 pointsr/transformers

I believe its going by "Pledge Floor Gloss" now. Pledge 11182 Revive It Floor Gloss, 27 Ounce, Clear Transparent Liquid

u/Domstrez · 1 pointr/transformers

Finally ordered That Optimus prime from amazon

Its real and official

Stay safe solider its coming

u/PseudoElite · 2 pointsr/transformers

I have this version, it includes bonus features. It also comes with a digital version you can download.

Not sure if that answers your question.

u/evil_yellow_ranger · 10 pointsr/transformers

$39?! At Walmart?! WHAT! Voyagers are supposed to retail for $29.99. You could have just got him off Amazon ( ), also what Walmart do you shop at? SS38 Bumblebee movie OP isn't due out until late March/early April.

u/CowabungaCarl555-Mk2 · 1 pointr/transformers

Comes out in September in the US and Amazon have a limited edition steelbook if you are into that sort of thing.
Otherwise you might be able to find an international release on ebay. I know it has been out on blu ray for a few years in Australia and it should be region free.

u/MrReapersSon · 3 pointsr/transformers

The cover art and description on Amazon says, "Blu-ray + Digital Copy" so I'm going to say yes.

u/bss83 · 1 pointr/transformers

If you miss the G1 version of Astrotrain, you can buy a brand new version of it in a re-release:

u/blownhemi · 2 pointsr/transformers

Supposed to be in a few days, I believe. Amazon has him listed as being released on the 22nd.

u/MarsEclipse · 1 pointr/transformers

They also have THIS on for a decent price too..

u/flaring_nostrils · 1 pointr/transformers

I mean, Superion and Menasor are sold in a box together. Whereas Defensor and Bruticus are sold seperately.

u/OpMegs · 1 pointr/transformers

Also available on Amazon now, with Prime eligibility. Snagged one for mine.

u/poolwater · 3 pointsr/transformers

Transformers: The Movie (Limited Edition 30th Anniversary Steelbook) [Blu-ray/Digital]

u/optiprimas · 3 pointsr/transformers

start off with more than meets the eyes and robots in disguise you can get collected issues with both on amazon

u/andr50 · 1 pointr/transformers

There was an post a few weeks back about that, I just picked up the hardcover IDW Vol1, and I'm about half way through that. There's 9 volumes right now, and each run $30-40. It's going to make my wallet cry, but I can't find the CW figures right now anyway, so... there's that.

u/Sonomatic · 1 pointr/transformers

...That's an expensive Voyager! Though I wonder if that's just a place holder price.


Megatron too.


I'm seeing a couple listings for them just for purchase, were some leaked?

u/Redmond98052 · 1 pointr/transformers

US Amazon has him for $55.00 (U$): Transformers Toys Generations War for Cybertron Commander Wfc-S28 Jetfire Action Figure - Siege Chapter - Adults & Kids Ages 8 & Up, 11"

u/Rot10_soul · 2 pointsr/transformers

If you want siege shockwave a little cheaper.

Transformers Generations War for Cybertron: Siege Leader Class WFC-S14 Shockwave Action Figure

u/metalhead1024 · 5 pointsr/transformers

Yeh dude! Transformers Generations War for Cybertron: Siege Voyager Class WFC-S12 Megatron Action Figure

u/Gnu_Mutant · 2 pointsr/transformers

Transformers Toys Generations War for Cybertron Deluxe Wfc-S26 Autobot Alphastrike Counterforce 3 Pack - Final Strike Figure Series: Part 1 (Amazon Exclusive)