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u/chewymammoth · 1 pointr/trap

I love my ATH-M50x headphones, but I agree, they do get uncomfortable after a few hours. I ended up buying these replacement ear pads and now my headphones are perfect, I can wear them all day super comfortably. And the quality is fantastic!

u/dickfoy · 1 pointr/trap

are you talking about like the tip? it comes with a variety of shapes and sizes of tips but the ones that came on mine fit me perfectly. ive had shures in the past and love these. fit any size ear, roll it down then hold it in your ear and it expands to fit it. also you could try these. if you order it on amazon, you have 30 days to return them so you could try it out, say they are broken and return them. done that a bunch with other stuff.

u/TheAberzombie · 2 pointsr/trap

While earbuds can sound pretty nice and are easy to carry in your pocket or whatever. Over the ear head phones will have much larger drivers that have the ability to really push out some bass. Generally speaking, for the most part the bigger the driver the more powerful the bass. And always buy the best quality you can afford. Buy once, cry once.

Edit: these are the earbuds and headphones I use.

Bose SIE2i Sport Headphones - Green

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones

u/ProfessorBlakery · 13 pointsr/trap

AMEN. I know a lot of people with tennitus and that shit's no joke.

I bought these on amazon and haven't looked back. They work great, don't look goofy in your ears, and the metal case they come in is perfect for stashing party favors...if that's your thing :)

u/ArtOfConfusion · 2 pointsr/trap

It's always a little bit muted of course, but if you invest in a decent pair, it will totally be worth it in the long run. I picked up a pair of these cheap Etymotics, and they've saved me so many times going to clubs, shows and festivals. Of course if a song that you just want to fully "experience" comes on, feel free to take them out, but if you plan on attending a lot of live events in the future, I really suggest you get a pair. You get used to it and your older self will thank you.

In terms of going as a 16 year old, you'll be fine as long as you don't do anything really stupid. The teenagers that annoy people are the ones who think they're hot shit, get in peoples faces, act obnoxious and overdose on drugs because they have no idea what they're doing. Just play it cool, enjoy the music and be considerate and you'll be fine

u/Dr0p1tH4rd · 8 pointsr/trap

I made one for this years halloween, and while I can't speak for OP on how he made his, I can tell you how I made mine. You can buy the mask from Amazon then spray paint it gold. Then, buy a small black shirt to cut up. Cut part of it into a square and super glue it to the bottom part of the mask. This is where it gets tricky. I used pieces of the black shirt to cover the eyes on the inside of the mask, but it's incredibly hard to see out of when I'm not in a well lit room. That one you might have to figure out on your own. Then you just need a black hoody with a white zipper as OP does in the picture and the hat, which can be found through an easy Google search. If you're like me and live in an area where a lot of parents have younger children and don't want to offend hundreds of trick or treaters, you can opt for a more family friendly snapback like I did. It's a sick costume, I actually just got back from wearing it somewhere tonight and while a lot of people didn't necessarily know who I was, they thought it was creepy as hell and loved it. Good luck if you decide to make one :D

u/tbatts33 · 1 pointr/trap

i use these.

comfortable, fit well and make shows sound great.

u/danlg · 58 pointsr/trap



Alright, small wall of text time:

Think about your parents and the shows they went to…

"Oh yeah, my hearing's still a little fuzzy from all those shows back in the day. Got to see the Stones! Could barely hear em cause THE CROWD WAS TOO LOUD"

Think about that for a second - we're living in a time where you can barely talk to the person standing next to you the speakers are so loud. Hearing loss does NOT take very long to take effect and it lasts FOREVER. That high pitched ringing is you hearing that frequency for the LAST time.

There are 3 ways to protect your ears:

No money

Some money

Real money/Requires a doctors appointment

All-in I would say the custom plugs are a $200 investment but they are SO WORTH IT I CAN'T EVEN BEGIN TO TELL YOU. I wear them whenever I go out OR play. Always. I want my hearing forever - my career depends on it.

u/Soldier_of_the_Light · 2 pointsr/trap

These are what I have and I think it perfectly matches your conditions of: cheap, good for exercising, and good sound. I much prefer the memory wire wrap around back style since then they won't fall out, especially during exercise

u/elcielo17 · 3 pointsr/trap

I know I'm late to the party but these Downbeats earplugs were the best investment I've made. There was a show in Atlantic City in some nightclub that RL performed at, being in the would have been unbearable if I didn't have the earplugs. Front and center for most of the show and I heard absolutely fine. Ear protection is serious

u/steadylit · 1 pointr/trap

I use these, they're awesome and they keep great sound quality

u/vuxa · 1 pointr/trap

if you enjoyed that i highly recommend his side project with subtitle as lab waste. one of my favorite hip hop albums of all time

u/Raiyanmagician718 · 3 pointsr/trap

i have the klipsch pro media 2.1 and the sub is great, the bass shakes my whole house and they are definitely worth the money.

u/WigginIII · 0 pointsr/trap

Because we live in a glowingly narcissistic culture of "look how awesome I am!" Every aspiring "someday famous" person needs constant attention and fuel for that attention. Moments like these provide the fuel, their twitter/instagram/snapchat accounts provide the vehicle.

u/skizai_ · 3 pointsr/trap

I use these because I love the bass on them. Make sure you get this model, there are similar/cheaper ones where the bass isn't as good.

u/Benepope · 1 pointr/trap

Sony MDR V-6's are pretty good. They're studio monitor headphones so they have a flat response, not too much emphasis on bass, but it still has that punch you want, and the full clarity for the mids, highs and lows. They're on sale in Amazon for $95 right now.

u/smoothCriminal23 · 1 pointr/trap

I have these bad boy's hooked up to my computer.
AMAZING high quality sound and the sub fucking BUMPS!
Not to mention they are THX (movie theater) rated.

Logitech Z623

u/i91809 · 5 pointsr/trap

I have these and they are great I wear them to every show I go to

u/Lakerz4life · 1 pointr/trap

I just use foam earplugs that I get from work but I always see people saying good things about Etymotic earplugs

u/Brandinoftw · 1 pointr/trap

I have these in my room and they bump pretty loud for the price if you place the sub in a corner

u/Fuck-Yo-Couch · 1 pointr/trap

I use Audio Technica ATH-M50Xs. Get them from Guitar Center. They do price matching (just find a cheap pair on Amazon, Ebay etc) and a one year full replacement warranty. My headphones "break" once a year so I've had a pair for 4 years and only paid once.

Edit: Here is a pair of the M40Xs for $80

u/DatKaz · 7 pointsr/trap

Earplugs, absolutely earplugs. It will be really loud, and earplugs are a saving a grace. I use Etymotics, and I swear by them; helps hear the actual music that gets drowned out by the bass, and cuts down on ears ringing for the next day or two.

u/sstarryyy · 3 pointsr/trap

Copying my post from the last time this was asked.

>I don't really know the logistics of sound well, but this is the speaker system that I have.
This shit rattles my windows and shakes my bed frame even when the volume and bass knobs are in the middle as opposed to maxed out, so I think it should work well for you.

u/egraf · 2 pointsr/trap

mask can be found here spray it gold and if you do a google search for "black snapback hat olde English fuck" there should be a few results that come up. Cut up a black shirt or get some black fabric to glue below the eyes and find and black hoodie and you're good to go!