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u/closetsissy512 路 2 pointsr/traps

I got mine on Amazon. It was like $10. Great deal

u/NikkiSapphire 路 5 pointsr/traps

not a silly question at all 馃檪

Elegant Moments Women's Three Piece String Bra Top Tie Side Thong and Stockings, Pink/Yellow, One Size

u/shiriboi 路 1 pointr/traps

Thanks! It takes about a minute now. When I first got it it took like 10 minutes :P It's a Doc Johnson medium.

u/SolFall 路 3 pointsr/traps

Oh, got em all off Amazon.
cytprimedesign Women's Gradient Colored 120D Stockings (Purple)

LongSale Womens Matte Lace Up Knee High Platform Pumps Shoes 41 Black

u/thatgirljanessa 路 1 pointr/traps