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u/NikButter · 1 pointr/trees

Yo bro, I got you!

First Rolling Papers

Second thing for sure is Filters

Now you need a grinder and there's a lot of good ones out there, this is the one I went with a few years back and I still use it all of the time, plus it came with a pollen press but... It's a bit pricey!

I'm gonna give you the rest of my typical setup that are less used by others and just the "little things"

  • A hand needle or an long/avg size but THIN screw/nail (anything). This really is a must, what I use is this guy

  • I have an average sized RAW (hemp) tray, however I've noticed I keep using it less and less. You'll be fine without one just use a book or something but it's something to consider.
    *Get yourself a magnifying glass man. One of my all time favorite activities while I'm high with friends or even by myself is to just check out this dank skunk beautiful in front of me y'know? I went a step further and just recently bought a full on microscope.

  • This scale will be just fine give it a nice wipe every once n awhile and it will be fine.

  • HEMP WICK!! you'll want one it really is nice to have a kind of controlled flame. A typical bic lighter is actually making your trees too hot! You burnin away all of that deliciousness bro, gotta get a hemp wick. My preference is humboldt's hemp wick, they have been nothing but amazing for me constantly giving me random fun stuff for free and their product is solid.

  • Smell Proof Bags There's plenty of cheaper options that are probably just as good I just use these and haven't changed.

  • Check this Jar out! You want to be an ent, that's good, that's real good. This jar is the perfect representation of a proud and happy ent, just keep it filled!

    Alright so that's the basic shiznit my man. On a side note I'd recommend just giving vaporizers a try if you have the resources. I just recently made the switch to a PAX2 from a grav water pipe. Let me tell you the transition has been beautiful. Anyways, I hope this was helpful. Toke care, pal.
u/CosmicKitten94 · 7 pointsr/trees
  • Using a MFLB and breathing into one of these eliminates basically all smell. Although it’s a good idea to spray down your room with some air freshener after you change trenches and after you’re done smoking.

  • Wax usually has between 60%-90% THC, which is why it packs such a punch. Normal bud has ~15% THC content, which is much higher than it was in the past. Thank you selective breeding!

  • Since you have very little body fat, not very long. And especially since you’re a light user, it would only take 3-4 days for it to clear out of your system. Still, it’s usually it’s a good rule-of-thumb to wait a month after smoking to take any drug tests, since everyone metabolises THC differently. If you’re really in a pinch pick up one of these.

  • Read online reviews if you can and don’t buy cheap for a long-term piece. A good piece should hit big but gentle. Percolator bongs usually hit very smoothly, but are more expensive.

  • Don’t let them search you. Don’t be an asshole. If he asks to search you, simply deny his request, state that you are exercising your right to refuse a search, but thank him for his concern for your well-being. It sounds bad, but brown-nosing cops will help you a lot more than being confrontational.

  • I would say an infrequent user would be less than once a week. A frequent user would be once every other day or once a day. A heavy user would be someone who smokes every day, multiple times a day.

  • Here you go.

  • Yes. If you want to post a pic of weed to social media, create an alt account and do not allow your face to be seen in any photos. If your face isn’t visible, your identity is protected enough that you won’t be pursued.

  • I use Clear Eyes.

  • People usually suggest cranberry juice since it’s a diuretic (something that makes you urinate more frequently). The logic is that you’re “flushing” your system. These claims are unfounded and have varying results. I would stick to more tried-and-true methods to be safe.

  • I have two places I smoke: With the people I love where I can laugh, make friends, and share stores and meals; and with myself, where I can explore my creativity, imagination, and just enjoy my own thoughts and company. But in all actuality I’ve found that it doesn’t matter where you smoke as long as it’s safe and (relatively) sanitary.

  • If you’re going to be exploring munchies, be careful. I see a lot of stoners accidentally program their high selves to only crave junk food and it’s killer on their bodies. Try to stick to fruit and veg if you’re getting high frequently. When I first started smoking I put so much garbage into my body I’m surprised I’m not 300 lbs.

    Edit: a word
u/theforce34 · 1 pointr/trees
  1. most of the time frost=THC more the better
  2. not really many side effects from bud, any smoking has the potential to cause issues if you have an chronic lung issues, so vaping or eating edibles is suggested
  3. glass and acrylic is based on your opinion, glass taste better and I don't think that heating and inhaling plastic is good, glass all day.
  4. grinders are cheap and make packing/loading pieces faster, but not necessary, sometimes its fun to break up sticky bud for the texture.
  5. to properly roll a blunt or joint just buy one of these at your local shop, some hand roll, most hand roll blunts most of the time and tons of youtube clips how to do it lol

    Good luck, be safe, stay smart, and don't drive while blazed. :) toke on
u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/trees

Get rid of the tinfoil - You can use mylar if you want, but a good coat of flat white paint works fine.

With such limited vertical space, work on training your plants - tie them down so they grow sideways as opposed to straight up. Top your plants after the 4th/5th node to help control growth. How long you veg them depends on how much vertical space you have in flowering. Most plants will at least double their size in 12/12, plan accordingly.

What soilless medium are you using? What lighting are you going to use for flowering?

Sites like are good resources, but there is a lot of bad information on the internet and sometimes its hard to find a trustworthy source. I suggest you pick up a good book:

Books are still the best way to learn everything you need to for a successful harvest.

u/legalpothead · 1 pointr/trees

A $210 pH meter strikes me as an extravagance for this level of grow. You can use pH strips or better off, use a small standard soil pH tester.

The 4 inch carbon filter will work, but it's going to need an inline fan and some ducting hose.

Personally, I'd just get a small grow tent that fits the dimensions of your closet, and scrap the mylar and poly film. Then you can duct the fan and filter directly into your tent.

The tent only needs to be about 3 or 4 feet tall. You can place it on a table or stand if you want. Then you can sit in a chair when you tend your plants.

Some sort of adjustable rope system to hang the lamps.

I've grown more than a dozen crops indoors, and I've never worried about adding CO2 to the grow space. I'm aware of the benefits, but this might be more of an advanced consideration. If you're looking to economize, this would be one thing I think you could definitely cut for at least the first few grows.

One thing that could benefit you might be Marijuana Horticulture by Jorge Cervantes. He's been updating and revising this book for 35 years. So it's pretty comprehensive, and it can take you from first grow all the way up to how to grow top shelf bud. It will tell you exactly what soil and nutrients you need, which can save you a lot of money versus overpriced fancy boutique nutrients and designer potting soils. And it can help you troubleshoot the inevitable problems when they occur.

u/RealNaughtyusername · 1 pointr/trees

im not sure if it does international but ive had a good experience with 'brothers with glass' as for rolling papers and grinders and some of the other non smoking related equipment you might want go to amazon, i get all my papers on amazon and its super cheap and awesome, i reccomend raw papers, and heres the grinder i use, its pretty good.

u/sloanluxe · 1 pointr/trees

Not sure what your price range is but I recently just bought one on amazon and it's great! 4pc with a great catch for kief. Larger than I thought. Great quality and grinds nice and fine.

Golden Gate Grinder - Amazon

u/pm_me_thick_girlz · 1 pointr/trees

I forgot about incense! I will try that. I don't want to stink up their living room too incense-y either, but maybe I could burn it while I smoke and then put it out. That way if they have some smoke pollution, at least it smells good lol.

I use this and I do put a dryer sheet in it too, mostly just to help keep me from accidentally spitting into the carbon filter though, because you really can't smell anything coming out of the end of the smokebuddy. My problem was mostly like not always getting the swing lid closed over the bowl in time, in your protopipe. Except mine was a flat, thick, piece of glass about 1.5"x1.5". It tamps out the bowl nicely, but I'm like, juggling:

a lighter

a pipe

trying to tamp out the bowl

and not let any smoke out before I can grab the smokebuddy

Lol I just fail at all that sometimes. So many objects! Incense will totally help though, I'm pretty sure.

u/SpecialAgent_00420 · 2 pointsr/trees

It very well could be. The density of weed depends on a lot of things, mostly how dry it is. Less dense weed may look like more but be 3.5 grams, just as more dense weed can look like less. My advice is to invest in a scale like this one. $11, durable, goes to the .01 gram, and closes to protect the sensitive weighing surface. I like to weigh when I buy (before smoking any) to be sure I got what I paid for, no matter how much I trust a dealer, and you can also keep track of your usage more efficiently.

u/AhNeem · 1 pointr/trees

I can't vouch for if that thing would work but the principle seems the same as smoking in the bathroom with hot water on so the steam/vapor gets rid of the smell. What I do to minimize smell is I use a bong a smokebuddy and an activated carbon bowl adapter. The carbon adapter will purify and take the smell out of the smoke that goes through it because that's what activated carbon or whatever it is does and I always snap my bowls this way the bowl doesn't stay burning and giving off the weed smell. The smoke buddy is the same concept as the adapter it has activated carbon in it and you blow your hit through it to give it a 2nd desmelling. I personally don't use any incense or candles or anything but for your living situation I'd purchase this incense I've read great stuff about it. Good luck and stay safe.

u/Slimpikins23 · 3 pointsr/trees

Not to say that op needs a new coffee grinder, or that coffee grinders are a bad idea, but you could always get a regular herb grinder from amazon for like 6 bucks and with shipping and tax i think its well worth it. I got mine when the price was like 2.84 and overall it came out to like 7 bucks tops for 2.25'' grinder with a pollen collector(kief catcher). Plus who ever shows up with a coffee grinder all like, "hey i grind as much as you could possibly want in about 2 seconds with this bitch" lol.

u/averonalus · 8 pointsr/trees
  • I bought a Kind Creations coil, they're a local glass blower in Fort Collins, CO. However, I don't think they make these anymore, on account of the glue used to seal the glycerine in the tube eventually wears away when frozen and thawed multiple times, leading to cheap, but annoying repairs.

  • This was $300 for the beaker and the coil, but most cost more.

  • In total with the coil on it's about 18" tall...I think. I'll have to measure it when I get home.

  • You can hit it when it's not frozen, but then it's essentially just a normal bong. When it's not frozen the coil doesn't do anything. I keep mine in the freezer all the time though, so I can't say I have much experience with it.

  • This is a loaded question. Yes and no. It's the smoothest piece I've ever hit, hands down. However, it takes a lot of maintenance. When it condenses the smoke, it removes some of the tar. This sticks and it gets dirty really fast (keep in mind that mine has two, smaller coils instead of one large one, so that factors in to how fast it gets clogged). I personally love cleaning my glass; it's therapeutic to me. But, if smoked consistently, the coil itself needs a cleaning about once a week. If you don't like cleaning, or you don't have consistent access to somewhere you can clean, I would say stay away.

  • I know you didn't ask, but one thing I've found that makes it much easier to keep clean in the activated carbon filter (attached to the bowl). It filters out almost all tar and acts as an ash catcher, which is much needed for this bong. I've also found that Grunge Cleaner works the best out of anything I've tried for cleaning glass.
u/dhlock · 2 pointsr/trees

Yep, for sure possible. Probable even.
It'll depend on the bud and method of consumption though. Joints of dank bud would be the worst for sure. Maybe pick up a smoke Buddy?
It's super good that you do care about being a good neighbor though lol. :)

u/travis- · 2 pointsr/trees

Rubbing alc + salt to get rid of the bulk of the garbage. After that, I really can't recommend Grunge Off enough. This is the best cleaner on the market, you really won't find many glass aficionados speak out against it sans the fact it might remove a label if you rub it against it enough. If you can't get grunge off this works well too which has the same active ingredient limonene-d (which is just a terpene from oranges). Soak your pieces over night, depending on your tube if its not a pipe you can get a glass stopper instead of a bowl so you can fill it to the top. You can reuse the stuff quite a bite before having to buy more. It's maybe 5 - 10 minutes of extra work every night for perfectly clean like you bought it new glass (with that new-shine look because it removes hard water).

u/Villiam01 · 3 pointsr/trees
  1. Open your window
  2. Put your [bathroom fan/heater](Holmes Digital Bathroom Heater Fan with Pre-Heat Timer and Max Heat Output, HFH436WGL-UM on the windowsill, point it towards outside, turn on fan setting (not heater)
  3. Cover the gap under the bathroom door with a towel.
  4. Light a candle
  5. Small tokes, exhale towards the fan out the window
  6. To really do the job, be redundant and exhale into a [Smoke Buddy](Black smokebuddy Jr Personal Air Filter Yes, a sploof is a cheapo alternative, but if covering the smell is really important, just go pro.
  7. Cover your bowl between tokes to minimize burn and smell.
  8. Have an easy and quick way to dump your ash (if you flush it, make sure it ALL gets flushed).
  9. Shower (steam helps clear the air).
  10. Blow out your candle.

    I just realized you want to do this tonight, and you may not have all of this stuff, but if you want to make it your routine, this is what works for me.

    EDIT: if you don't have a window and only have a vent, smoke buddy is essential.
u/ReligiousObjector · 2 pointsr/trees

A grinder i would recommend.
I'm quite happy with my mflb vaporizer.. cheap, lifetime warranty, works completely effective, stealthy as fuck and best of all rechargeable batteries.
if you do get an MFLB i would recommend getting an extra set of batteries.
Also Bongs are the way to go if you aren't worried about smell or size. Nothing quite like hitting a glass on glass bong with an ashcatcher.

Edit: Also, I would check out a local head shop, support local business and all that. Plus they can often provide helpful information on your questions.

u/vently · 1 pointr/trees

I love to roll them! I got an MFLB so I don't smoke much anymore. It feels like I'm wasting it if I smoke it alone. It's so fun to roll them. I'm not very good but when it comes out nice, I'm content. There's also those rollers that help you out and cheap too. I've never used it but like I said, rolling is fun.

Here's a link to the "rolling machine"

u/DJ_GiantMidget · 1 pointr/trees

2 piece is just a basic
3 piece has a catch for trees
4 piece has a catch for trees and a keif catch
5 piece.... IDK? i'm still wondering
you should be able to get the MFLB anywhere but here is a cheap ass grinder that should work well (i'm probably going to buy like 10 and just give them out as gifts to people, or when a friend comes over and is all like man i need a grinder, i'll just throw him mine and be like "FREE OF CHARGE!!!" becoming the ultimate GGG)

u/foxy1167 · 0 pointsr/trees

I recommend this one

Cheap price, but good quality. Great for solo seshes, but if you're more of a group toker, I'd still recommend it, but not as highly. It's a medium sized grinder, usually two or three times I use it in groups as opposed to the once I use it for me.

u/budchef · 14 pointsr/trees

Best part - enjoy popcorn while calming down.

Invest in a smokebuddy! It's a personal filter, that removes all smoke that you blow trough it, doesn't work for streamers off a bowl. Use it with small/ one hits and it will save so much hassle.

Edit: or Just don't smoke in your dorm ;)

u/KuzcoKramer · 2 pointsr/trees

Thanks for the advice! I'd love to make edibles but my wife hates the smell of weed in our house (she actually likes me when I'm stoned, she just can't tolerate the smell). It's possible to just eat the ABV straight? Would it be a good idea to get some [empty capsules] (

u/Ksadia · 2 pointsr/trees

I've heard good things about that grinder so go for it. I have this one and it works great so it could be your choice between the two.

And yeah you can make joints as big or little as you want. Do not worry about excess room in a j, just twist it off and cut off the extra. 0.25 grams with low tolerance should get you pretty stoned especially if its good quality.

u/stlcarlos989 · 1 pointr/trees

Grunge Off is the best cleaner, plus its super cheap because its reusable. The bottles I have i've been using for 4 months are pitch black and still clean my pieces like new.

u/Tacticaltugboat1 · 9 pointsr/trees

BUY A SCALE. Non negotiable. You don't want to get ripped off.

Target and Walmart sell cheap and all different size mason jars that work great. Biggest I've seen would easily hold 2 lbs.
Watch how to roll a joint with Wiz Khalifa on YouTube. (Or Seth rogen, your choice)
Buy a grinder with a pollen screen (I would recommend you splurge if you can and get a quality one with a lifetime warranty. You will use this object every time, and cheap grinders will break, I've broken 3. I now own a large Phoenician and it's the best thing ever.)
Buy papers and practice rolling, raw filter tips are awesome but optional. (Shout out to organic OCB papers, they're the best)
Optional, buy a rolling tray. (Rolling practice will be messy for beginners, and why lose that precious green.)
Doob toobs work very well for carrying joints/blunts and are smell proof, float and will not break.
Rolling machines are great if you want to cheat ;)

u/shutup_you_dick · 3 pointsr/trees

You don't need to spend a ton! This one is CLUTCH. Plus it's on Amazon. Mine has been heavily used, and is still in great shape. I totally recommend it! Happy kiefing!

Golden Gate Grinders 4-Piece Anodized Aluminum Herb Grinder with Pollen Catcher, Large (2.5-Inch), Black

u/Musicduude · 2 pointsr/trees

Anything "RAW" in that case. Without spending too much money I'd suggest a raw rolling tray, raw papers (1 1/4 size is what most people roll with), and some tips! If he has a difficult time rolling his own joints you could always get him a rolling machine. They're pretty cheap.

Rolling machine


I cannot vouch for the machine, but everything else is pretty basic. Pretty much everyone uses Raw papers these days. I prefer variety myself, but yeah.

u/CreepyRob_Lowe · 1 pointr/trees

i think what he is refering to is something like this, i dont think he was talking about a sploof.

if you want a good sploof buy this
it works very well and i love it for my college apartment

u/radsadmadz · 1 pointr/trees

You can probably invest in an air filter for your apartment which would probably help some. Also, shoving towels under the doors works better than you would think. If you smoke in the back room with a towel under the bedroom door, and under the front door, that should help a bit.

On top of that, SmokeBuddies and [Sploofies] ( work amazing to keep the smell contained.

u/RedShirtDecoy · 2 pointsr/trees

ah got it... Couldnt really tell from the picture if it was set up like that or not. Something like this is what you need to use the coin trick.

Things like this are a dime a dozen at your local head shop and a decent one can be found for $20 bucks. I will say the coin trick increased my kief production astronomically... what used to take me an entire O now only takes a few bowls (the stuff had a decent amount of crystals and wasnt as sticky as it used to be). This has also helped with my tolerance... I do this during the week and only consume the herb which has a far lesser potency without all the kief on it and use the kief on weekends. ;)

Good luck!!

u/zonker4965 · 4 pointsr/trees

Watch all three parts. Also get his book,

I think Jorge is the easiest to learn from. Apparently he isnt a grower but works closely with growers so he has pretty good advice.

If you want to take it up a notch you should also get Ed Rosenthals book

With these videos and books you should be able to really get a understanding of the reality of MMJ horticulture.

u/TheFreshestSpam · 1 pointr/trees

Can I make a suggestion?

Pick up a bottle of Grundge Off.

It's a little more pricey, but it works way better with way less effort...AND its reusable! I've been using the same bottle since last July on a weekly basis and it still works great! It works way better than iso and salt ever worked for me, is cheaper in the long run, and no weird after taste.

u/Gassess · 3 pointsr/trees

Put the smell-proof bag inside one of these:

I'm pretty sure you'll get 0 smell. Just be careful when and where you smoke. Have fun, frient :)

u/kingka · 5 pointsr/trees

this is what most people i know use: raw paper filters (raw is the brand)

the picture above is part of the zig zag papers booklet flap, it's the og way, it's actually a great theme of this picture; cannabis picked apart by fingers, ripped out flap from the same packaging as your paper that i assume will be hand rolled. a great cowboy/down to earth feel - it's probably this part of the booklet

u/alexandrovic · 2 pointsr/trees

awesome!! and i use mine to make sure i dont get ripped off... something ilke this works perfectly

u/frickxoff · 1 pointr/trees

I use a grinder. The buds don't break up enough for me when I do it by hand. Use a RAW rolling machine to roll joints. They burn a lot better that way because I can't roll a joint on my own to save my life. Lol

u/Brytanium · 1 pointr/trees

99% iso is best if you can get it. Amazon sells it for pretty cheap here for future reference haha

u/crazyloof · 1 pointr/trees

Yes really... I just ordered one that measures perfectly down to the HUNDREDTH of a gram. The calibration weight is only $2 as well. $12 total. It registers even .01 of kief.

Much nicer than a lot of the more expensive ones I've seen. Not to mention it has a 10 year warranty.

u/TroubleInMyMind · 2 pointsr/trees

Great book. But a lot of those look like grow books. I see Jorge Cervante's book in that pile, one of my favorites. As well as Ed Rosenthal's growers handbook in the upper right corner

u/iamablackbeltman · 1 pointr/trees

This one

It's $30 instead of $20, but when you consider how much value worth of product passes through it, it's worth it. Look how good the reviews are.

u/Blacklightrising · 1 pointr/trees

That's cool, no judgement. But a rolling machine like this one.
A pack of papers and a Glass crutch are minimal effort for a much more powerful and cheaper experience.
The smallest amount of effort will afford you a better experience, that's all I wish to point out.

u/spacecat420 · 3 pointsr/trees

Space Case grinders are awesome quality, and the teeth rarely ever break off. Although with the big name comes a big price. If you are strapped for cash and don't mind waiting on shipping/don't need to keep what you are getting in the mail hidden from anyone, I would purchase the grinder from the link below. It's great quality for 5 bucks. I bought one and it always grinds my trees up really well.

u/smokebudsmoke · 3 pointsr/trees

Not bad, looks a bit 'bumpy' though..

Did you break it down more than what you have left in your hand there?

Also, if you're going to use the 'dollar trick', might as well get you a cigarette roller, roll perfect joints every time and fast.

Takes away from the 'hand rolling' I guess, but it's quite efficient. I usually only use mine for actually rolling cigs, don't smoke many joints any more really.

u/microcoins912 · 1 pointr/trees

Dude, Amazon has a great grinder with a screen and kief catcher for less than $8. Bought this exact one - the consistency of the herb and durability of the actual grinder is excellent. Plus, the kief tray will hold about 2g worth of kief.

u/framburglar · 1 pointr/trees

This is actually my grinder. I'm fwerner729's roommate. I'm not exactly sure who it's made by. I found it on the MFLB tab at the top of the r/trees homepage. From there, I was able to buy it through Amazon. I can't figure out who it is made by, but it got really good reviews and i really enjoy it so far.

u/Rtbriggs · 1 pointr/trees

honestly, this stuff works wonders

let it sit in the bong for 30 minutes or so then pour it out and rinse with hot water, works sooooo much better than isopropyl. The best part is you can pour it back into the bottle and reuse it, I have been using the same bottle for ~6 months.

u/StonedSnorlax · 2 pointsr/trees

Grinders are good because they allow you to quickly break up lots of bud and they save your keef for you. Here's a cheap and effective one that I bought:

u/marvelking666 · 1 pointr/trees

I went through a similar phase about a month and a half ago. I decided for my first grinder to get this one. It's not the best grinder in the world, but it gets the job done. Also, I just throw a dime in the weed-catching compartment before grinding then shake for about a minute to get more kief.

I also decided on a chillum for the bowl that I wanted. That's just because I like them though.

On top of that, I would recommend getting some papers and filters. They are easy to pass off as a cig from a distance and also if you bout to get caught you can always eat it to get rid of the evidence.

u/huntertheram · -1 pointsr/trees

You sound like you may hold some misconceptions about growing weed, Id suggest this book for illumination

Edit: after reading your edit, Id definitely buy the book. Great for first time growers

u/TheBitterSeason · 1 pointr/trees

I've never used one, but I've heard extremely good things about the Smoke Buddy. It's basically a hand-held carbon filter that scrubs all the smoke out of your breath when you exhale through it, leaving no smell at all. They're pretty cheap so I'd suggest giving one a shot. You can also pick them up in a lot of head shops if having a thing like that delivered to your house would be a problem.

u/CoalontheFire · 3 pointsr/trees

Vaping will significantly reduce the smell. Especially with a small personal vape but what may answer your prayers perfectly is this. They work really well. I know I lot of people that use the them for dorms.

u/PhosphorescentWave · 1 pointr/trees

Try a rolling machine (Amazon). I've given up on hand rolling. Honestly even the rolling machine was a pain in the ass for me to get right (took me like 20 attempts after watching a REALLY simple youtube video) but eventually I got it right.

The thing I figured out was that the herb needs to be somewhat dense for it to roll right. I only like to smoke a little at a time so I didn't want to fill the entire joint.

I fixed that by cutting a piece of a plastic drinking straw and stuffing it with rolled up filters. I put the straw at one end of the roller, and the (actual) filter at the other, that way I can pack herb into the open area tightly without using too much.

Now that the herb is packed in nice and tight, I roll it up, seal it, and kind of pinch the straw out of the joint and twist it up. They come out a little pathetic looking but who gives a shit? They smoke really nice and it's the perfect amount.

If you're interested I can take a few pictures to illustrate what I mean about the straw.

u/ballgodstats · 1 pointr/trees

Get a Smoke Buddy and some Ozium spray. It’s your best combatant combo.

Smoke Buddy 0159-BLU Personal Air Filter, Blue

Ozium Air Sanitizer Spray - Glycolized Air Freshener Reduces Airborne Bacteria Eliminates Smoke & Malodors 8oz Spray Air Freshener, Original (3 Pack) Hand Sanitizer Included

u/illwatchyousleep · 1 pointr/trees

I have a plain aluminum grinder. It has a kief chamber which is awesome. I have had mine for four years now. I've seen people's kief screens bust/clog up, magnets fall out, teeth break. But mine is still like new (besides a bit of residue and scratches). I would recommend one like this. It looks almost identical to mine, but I paid $20 in a shop. I think as long as it is metal and has a kief chamber, it should be good.

u/fortnam · 2 pointsr/trees

You get a grind like this from almost any grinder which doesn't have "spikes." This little guy from Amazon got me by for an entire year until I passed it on to a friend. Still grinds magnificently and the chief catcher functions perfectly. Just a great cheap grinder (obviously not perfect but it's not a fucking pirhana)

u/BaneWayne · 2 pointsr/trees

GENERIC SILVER Four Piece NEW STYLE 2 1/4" Herb, Spice or Tobacco Pollen Grinder is awesome. I have been using mine for about a month now and it's really great. I'm also a new ENT and I feel spoiled by it.

u/richhomiekarma · 13 pointsr/trees

sharp stone. chromium crusher. space case. diamond grind. cali crusher. sweet stone

both the chromium crusher and sharp stone are on amazon, with free shipping. the sharpstones are about ten bucks more

u/TheResetButton · 1 pointr/trees

This is the best rated, so the best bang for your buck

Otherwise, Space Case and Santa Cruz Shredder are recognized as the best grinder brands.

u/dreambldr · 15 pointsr/trees

Popped in hoping to see a whole list of shit and realized this is empty. -_-

So here is the first thing.
Smoke Buddy
Got this from the dude who posted a while back about his neighbor catching him in his dorm window. I have no need for it, but thought its cool af and I should share. Enjoy!

u/chiefkiefnobeef · 1 pointr/trees

ya id say once u start coppin more than a quarter, you shold invest a little money into a scale, you can find them on amazon for really good prices and nice brands...i like AWS for the price/quality ratio.

u/eatbootylikbreakfast · 1 pointr/trees

Never used it myself, but I've seen this one suggested more times than I can count on this sub:

I believe it contains activated carbon to neutralize the odors. Good luck friENT!

u/theghostofkurtcobain · 1 pointr/trees

I found using Randy's rolling papers helped me learn how to roll because it has a wire running down through it and helps give you the technique to roll. and it turns in to a roach clip kinda thing so they are kinda cool.

But these rolling machines are fantastic and worth a the couple bucks they cost.

u/snobord · 2 pointsr/trees

Great DIY project and write up. That said, a Smoke Buddy should cost you about the same while working better. Dryer sheets you're using only masks the smell. The smoke buddy has carbon in it that actually filters so it actually eliminates the odor. But it's not reusable.

If you could integrate activated carbon into yours, it would work just as well and be reusable.

u/TheLostSol · 1 pointr/trees

Here is the grinder I bought when I bought my MFLB. This thing is a godsend and fits perfectly in the MFLB box

u/change_four_a_twenty · 2 pointsr/trees

Honestly, I wouldn't stress finding a specific triangle tooth shape. Either way you cut it, its going to get ground up. If you like the triangles just for aesthetics, there's that.

I got a chepo off of amazon, fully stainless steel, 4 piece, very similar to this one

You should have a great time with that one. It should also last a long time. I've had mine for 4 years, no plans to get a new one.

u/Marcus_Allen · 1 pointr/trees

Picked up one of these a couple weeks ago. Strong recommendation. Even with people on either side of my backyard they could barely smell a thing. It filters the smoke perfectly

u/helreidh · 2 pointsr/trees

She's an awesome girl and definitely deserves it! You might have a favorite shop you like to hit up, but since I recently moved to this area I just ended up on Amazon and got this one.

u/The_Dreaded · 2 pointsr/trees

get this one:

I have it. It works pretty good. Not the best, but better than others ive used. Plus its metal.. and its $6.. holds enough for a blunt. Really cant go wrong.

u/helminthic · 8 pointsr/trees

You think that’s a game changer? I travel for work and smoke filters are my best friend

u/rendeld · 2 pointsr/trees

To significantly cut the smell, unless you are smoking a joint or blunt

To keep the area Fresh

and make sure to use these filters for the air purifier

The purifier takes 3 filters which is what is included in that filter pack i sent. The smoke ones are really good and have a carbon filter backing to them and last about 3 months. The ones that come with it are great for alergens but you might as well toss them if you are trying to get rid of smoke only.

Edit: There is also this Which goes with this. Now this might be overkill, but it will get rid of any smell you have period, cats, smoke, whatever.

u/OreoPillow · 4 pointsr/trees

dude, if you're looking for a scale recommendation, I bought this thing for about the same price its listed right now. Keep in mind though that you might want to buy a calibration weight, too. If not, you can use 20 nickels. I think each one weighs exactly 5 grams. If you're across the pond, I think 20 pent coins weigh exactly 5 grams, too. If you're in the EU, you could use 12 0.50 euro coins, 1 0.10 euro coin, and 1 0.01 euro coin for exactly 100 grams. I'm sure there are other combinations too, you guys just don't have nice round numbers for your coin weights.

Good luck, dawg

u/One_Crazy_Dude · 1 pointr/trees

Not really. The stuff you're thinking of putting in it is typically more moist and doesnt pack as well in a machine of this caliber. Save the $70 bucks and maybe go with something like this instead.

Although hand rollies still work better i think.

u/Californja · 6 pointsr/trees

This is the shit you need:

It's 100% natural, and it's reusable for a long time.

Pour it in, wait an hour, pour it back into the bottle and rinse. It dissolves everything.

Edit: The Amazon reviews speak for themselves.

u/soberanotherday · 3 pointsr/trees

I believe he’s talking about something like this and if that’s the case these will make your life 100% easier if you can’t roll too good on your own

u/tnorts · 1 pointr/trees

Get a smokebuddy, one of those fans that is extendable so it can seal into a window, and a second fan to put near the door to help pull in air from outside. Ripped bong in my room 7 days of the week and never got caught. Our RA was known to be pretty strict too.


u/UmmStef · 1 pointr/trees

Uhh I just get it at the grocery store its on amazon though if that helps or doesn't? I've never used anything else to compare it to. Its works well for me and I just use like regular salt in a ziplock baggy for bowls/pipes. Hasn't done me wrong yet.

u/NosyargKcid · 1 pointr/trees

Here's a good grinder for about $5+tax. It was the first I'd ever bought and I loved it. You can find other methods to grind it up, but this will make your life easier in that regard

u/g4howie · 1 pointr/trees

I can't stress how awesome the automatic cigarette rollers are. They are 5 bucks, and worth their weight in gold.

it takes about 2 minutes to learn how to use it.
every joint you roll is perfect, cylindrical, tight, same diameter of a cigarette. and because they are so perfect, they look a lot more like a cigarette.

edit: here is the one i have

u/himynameisdave9 · 1 pointr/trees

Personally I don't like this stuff cause of the residue left behind. It's also been a long time since I've used it and I know a lot of ents that swear by it.

I prefer to use a product called Grunge Off which has always worked well for me and is a great value for what you get.

u/coreyja · 1 pointr/trees

On the sploofs, I honestly wouldn't bother making homemade sploofs. I buy Smoke Buddies []. They are pretty cheap and they have a carbon filter which will do a much better job of blocking the smell than dryer sheets that I used before.

u/Swagmustdie · 1 pointr/trees

Nice it's the same idea, I use [420 glass]( 420 Glass Metal Ceramic Pipe Cleaner 12 Oz. 3 Pack but it's the same idea and I'm sure they all work well

u/resonatingfury · 1 pointr/trees

This is my fucking calling.

I can account for the second one being decent but the first one is still being crafted for me.

EDIT: The first site also has like ten other churchwarden-ish pipes on the rest of the website, should you be interested.

u/AngryFatToe · 2 pointsr/trees

Blows my mind folks spend top dollah on herb, yet won't invest $10 bucks in a scale so they won't get cheated on that top dollah they just spent.

Op, PLEASE buy a scale and never get ripped again. Always mention that you have a scale, that way they know before handing you a bag that it needs to be on point.

This is my setup.


u/Gyis · 1 pointr/trees

Just get a cigarette roller. They are cheap, easy to use, and roll a perfect joint every time.

u/smol_mlem · 2 pointsr/trees

Formula 420 is awesome. Just follow the directions on the bottle and your glass will look like new.

u/jacob_the_snacob · 1 pointr/trees

rolling set -- amazon

^ has all the parts you need -- rolling machine / papers / filters

only takes about 15 seconds of work to produce the joint in the original picture


make sure you have a grinder too


instructions on how to roll using a machine

dead-simple stuff :)

u/MeltsLikeButter · 4 pointsr/trees

Looks solid, nice job! I take the easy way out and just use a roller. RAW 79mm 1 1/4 Hemp Plastic Cigarette Rolling Machine

u/poop_up_a_rope · 2 pointsr/trees

hope you like reading, cuz you're gonna have to do a bunch...

hit up these forums and read all the stickies first, then look around some more:


get the ultimate Grow Bible once ya got the basics all making sense...

if you havent already, get ur 215 (duh).
fuck seeds, go to the dispensary and pick up some clones for $10-15.
if you really want to do it right, be prepared to spend $500+ AT LEAST (but the nutes/light/bunch stuff will be used for the next grow, so just think of it as an investment...)
don't worry too much about which strain you grow, but that being said some are harder than others...

just now finishing my first grow (woot) so i cant speak with too much authority, but the main thing is read read read read read those forums until youre sick of reading, then read some more. it's really not that hard to do if you're willing to put the time in. good luck :D

u/OneMoreRobot · 3 pointsr/trees

Thanks! If you're having a hard time cleaning your piece, try 99% proof Isopropyl Alcohol (available in most supermarkets) and some kosher salt (since it's coarse, it acts as a good abrasive). Mix it in the pipe, shake vigorously and rinse. I know some ents prefer a broken in pipe, but for me there's nothing better than smoking from a fresh, clean pipe.

u/dis0riented · 2 pointsr/trees

just trust me, i got ripped off by my old dealer but wasnt sure (id buy a gram and he'd give me .7 or.8) but with my scale, never again. This one works fantastic.

u/xMurkz · 2 pointsr/trees

Whatever you end up getting, make sure its a 4-piece so it has a kief catcher. Basically holds the dank dust. Heres a cheap 4-piece grinder I bought and it works great.

u/CreeperDays · 5 pointsr/trees

Get a smoke buddy. It's like a super sploof, removes 100% of the smell.

u/BAWLS_Life · 17 pointsr/trees

Please tell me you are not smoking in your god damn dorm?

If you are; go the fuck outside, you are in fucking college. Toking in your dorm isn't cool or edgy. It is more disrespectful than anything, not everyone wants to smell it. Be the considerate toker.

If you are not; quit being a dirty ass toker smelling like weed everywhere you go. Again, be considerate and not a stereotype.

If it is simply because of the weed you have on you; get a tightvac from Amazon. Zero smell. I have that 6oz one. Holds my grinder, pipe, 1/8th and two lighters easy.

I bought a second one recently for edibles. No smell at all from either tightvac.

They have bigger and smaller ones for whatever your needs are.

Be smart! These flowers are not worth fucking up your life.

u/theboysaccount · 2 pointsr/trees

Joint Roller

check this out, I don’t use it but I heard it gets you perfect joints every time!

u/nullvader · 5 pointsr/trees

Does it happen to be this? If it is, I'd really like to hear how good/bad it is. :]

u/squibbs47 · 5 pointsr/trees

I had the same problem until I discovered this. I know I know...I'm a disgrace to the joint rolling world...but seriously, works like a charm and you end up having perfectly rolled joints to enjoy! And for under $5, you can't beat it.

u/darkmooninc · 1 pointr/trees

When I bought a huge bag of shrooms years ago and ground them in a coffee grinder, I got this capsule machine and then filled it with these capsules here and loaded up tightly packed.

That shroom powder lasted for over a year that way.

With AVB I could do the exact same thing. Only I opted to mix it into a jar of peanut butter and let it coagulate. But this guy has got a fantastic idea.

u/kushdup · 4 pointsr/trees

The Smoke Buddy is an excellent addition to the stealth-tokers arsenal, but the best method is to vape high quality concentrates out of a pen-style vaporizer, then exhale out the window through a carbon filter (smoke buddy or make a custom one). I got away with this for years with 0 suspicion from any of my extremely anti-weed family.

Edit: I also must mention that silly "sploof" idea where you put dryer sheets in a toilet paper tube simply does not work and will get you caught!

u/ueyat · 2 pointsr/trees

From what I've come to know the cotton tips filter out almost all THC. These are my go to for joints. You get a lot of them for cheap I think its a pretty good deal.

u/TheHappyLittleTrees · 2 pointsr/trees

Yikes, shit situation. One cheap thing that could help is a good sploof, these things work great in my experience.

u/Drizzle8888 · 4 pointsr/trees

RAW 79 mm 1 1/4 Hemp Plastic Cigarette Rolling Machine

I can't roll for shit either. This makes it simple and cake to roll perfect every time. Look into vaporizers! It will change how you use weed for ever!

u/MudHouse · 2 pointsr/trees

Make sure it's metal, and has a keif catcher. I'll try to track down the one I bought online. It was $5 and is perfect with my MFLB
Edit: found it -

u/ronnieboy25 · 1 pointr/trees

If you smoke regularly then I recommend you get this Buy some Elements King size Papers and a pack of tips. You'll save a lot of money!

u/I_Name_Your_Bong · 2 pointsr/trees

Amazon is always the best way to go. Cheap, durable, and discrete shipping, it will come in the standard amazon brown box.

u/monkeyhead_man · 1 pointr/trees

This is the best stuff I've ever come across. Nothing else has come close.

Formula 420 Glass Metal Ceramic Pipe Cleaner 12 Oz. 3 Pack

u/no_other · 1 pointr/trees

clean your piece!! May i recommend Grunge off

u/Arrow_In_Your_Knee · 9 pointsr/trees

These are 1000x better than any sploof you can make, and totally worth the money.

Also Ozium, it's not an air freshener, it's an odor remover. Will fix the smell in moments.

I used the two of them to smoke in my dorm room without getting caught. I definitely don't recommend smoking in the dorm but it does make it a lot easier to get away with.

u/Sniperawd · 2 pointsr/trees

Well do you have a grinder?
Do you enjoy: joints, blunts, vaping, bongs, bowls, etc.
What do you have?

u/DiabloMuchacho · 1 pointr/trees

The Chromium Crusher is absolutely great!

Put a dime in the middle section for maximum keif accumulation. It fills almost too fast (almost).

u/the1osu · 2 pointsr/trees

I would get this one
I've got it and a bunch of my friends have it and it works just like it should.

u/thisismyherbsona · 1 pointr/trees

I've been happy with this guy (and I see I'm the 3rd person to post it):

I've seen a lot of other people post pics with this one:

Just watch the specs when you order, those above measure max 100 grams, and are precise to 0.01g. There are models that look identical but have different specs. This one looks like #1 above but does 1000 grams x 0.1g, so less precision, but can weigh more at once.

u/dushamp · 1 pointr/trees

same lol I was an RA there so i gotta say, to avoid getting caught you wanna use a smoke buddy and if you got the money grab a weed vaporizer and the smoke buddy and no one will ever know

Good luck out there!

u/WetMalik · 1 pointr/trees

Here you go. :)

Battery powered scale. Be sure to buy a 100g weight to calibrate it if you buy one.

It measures in grams and ounces. And several others that i doubt you care about.

Its small enough to fit in a pocket so you can take it to measure with when you buy.

u/ExtacyGold · 1 pointr/trees

Pretty sure that is this grinder

u/willis81808 · 2 pointsr/trees

There are vapes that use oils and there are vapes that use dry herb (and there are probably some that do both...). If you are going to use a dry herb vape I wouldn't suggest just ripping up the weed into chunks and putting them in it. You want the bud to be as finely ground as possible if it's going to be used in a vape; 2-piece grinders (like this one) are perfect for making a fine grind, but even 4-piece grinders (like this one) can make a fine enough grind if held upside down while grinding.

u/BlackEyedSceva7 · 1 pointr/trees

Honestly, will likely be the most affordable place around. Here is a box of Double Platinum Blunt Wraps - Various Flavors 25 Packs (50 Wraps) for £16.93. That is what, about two dollars cheaper per pack than you are paying at the local shop?

If you are willing to pay the shipping cost to order the product from the US you can score some amazing deals on various products. For example, you can get 64 "RAW King Size Organic" rolling papers, a 110mm "RAW Organic" branded rolling machine, and a book of 50 "RAW Organic" filter tips for about $6(AUD). You can also order an extra 512 "RAW King Size Organic" rolling papers and 500 "RAW Organic" filter tips for about $15(AUD).

In the event that you want glass pieces you could always try Etsy. Many sellers are individuals just looking to sell their art. I am sure you could easily make shipping arrangements by contacting the individual. Here is a sick Piranha Plant pipe, a Pineapple Chillum that looks impossible to use, and a wicked Earth-tone pipe with Mandala designs on it.

u/iKojack · 1 pointr/trees

I dont know about cigarette injector, but before I learned how to roll joints I had bought a raw roller. It makes flawless joints and it's really quick. this is the one I got. You can get a 1 1/4 size and a king size. But now I roll my joints faster. It just takes practice man.

u/UnderagedPeanut · 10 pointsr/trees

This one is small af but it only costs 1.19 and has free shipping, if you change the seller one of them even has delivery times that is just about a week. Here is a link.

u/BigBabyJesus4Life · 5 pointsr/trees

btw here are the links if anyone wants… I recommend the Cannabis Grow Bible by Green first. It’s good for beginners. The Cervantes one might seem overwhelming for beginners.

u/Hrel · 3 pointsr/trees

Get This

Thing is VERY precise. I just put a Solo Cup on it since you obviously can't fit an oz, much less a lb, on just the plate. Also have this card board piece, square on the bottom then goes out like an upside down pyramid at like 150 degrees. A solo cup should work fine for you though.

u/MibZ · 1 pointr/trees

Here is a link to a dirt cheap 4 piece grinder, it has a screen that filters the finest part of the weed (the tiny crystalline bits). That's called kief, and it's the bees knees of trees. You won't feel like you're getting less high using a grinder that filters it because there is only a tiny amount that gets filtered each grind, but once enough has built up you can either sprinkle a little bit of it on top of a bowl or smoke straight kief (not recommended unless you want to be a vegetable) and get extremely more stoned.

u/durtduhdurr · 2 pointsr/trees

Just buy this and never worry about it again. Rolls perfect every single time.

u/scoopinresponse · 1 pointr/trees

One of these, but I have since learned that it's basically just activated charcoal inside it. I'm thinking I'll just go get some of that from the pet store and make my own. I used to make them with dryer-sheets stuffed in them but that's less fun if you accidently inhale again before taking your mouth off it. All the scented stuff inside tastes pretty terrible.

u/philipwhw · 1 pointr/trees

Smoke Buddy is by far the best product I've ever used

u/DubbuhDubbuh · 3 pointsr/trees

One of the best investments I've ever made.

u/DAIRYFRESH · 2 pointsr/trees

Chromium Crusher, best grinder for that kinda dough

u/Quinke · 46 pointsr/trees

I've owned this one for awhile now and love it. Never had an issue with it maxing out at 100g.

u/FordDent42 · 1 pointr/trees

Here you go friENT. I have it and it's the best grinder I've ever used (even compared to the 20 dollar ones.)

u/sk8ingnakedhurtz · 1 pointr/trees

Or just get one of these at a store, its probably the best $5 smoking investment I've made.

u/willpuff4ganj · 2 pointsr/trees

Small mason jar will keep it air tight, pill bottle might still smell. As for a piece get a dug out or just a metal/glass one hitter... They're about 5$ and look like a cigarette.

Edit: for ultimate stealth get one of these. And for ultra stealth upgrade to vaporization.

Edit, edit: if you need a free DIY setup: when I was In h.s. I would do a socket on a bic pen, melt a hole in a Gatorade bottle near the middle, poke the pen/socket "downstem" through then burn a hole for your thumb as a carb. Then just throw away the bottle when done.

u/Reveen_ · 1 pointr/trees

I bought this grinder 2 years ago and it still works perfectly. Has a kief catcher, and even comes with a little kief scraping tool. Only $25.

u/anongamer1985 · 2 pointsr/trees

Best way to store
Tightvac - 1 oz to 6 ounce Airtight Multi-Use Vacuum Seal Portable Storage Container for Dry Goods, Food, and Herbs - Black Cap & Body

u/kash1993 · 1 pointr/trees

I used to stick a fan by the window and use a smokebuddy. Still use the smokebuddy as a cop lives above me lol.

smokebuddy Jr Black Personal Air Filter

u/gatosvatos · 1 pointr/trees ...There awesome, I believe its got some kind of carbon filter in it

u/damienthereal · 1 pointr/trees

I upgraded to this after using my chromium crusher into the ground. This one still feels great after 2 months of 1 oz a week

u/The_____Truth · 3 pointsr/trees

I can tell you the secret... for about tree-fiddie

And by that I mean buy the aforementioned rolling machine... it's just over 3.50 on amazon with free shipping.

u/Erathen · 5 pointsr/trees

Plenty of people need one. The person I specifically replied to asked for one... He said two decimal points, but given the fact that he already reported the weight of this scale upside down as 46.2g, that means he already has a .01 scale... That means he was actually asking for a .001 scale, which is exactly what I linked...

The definition of harder drugs is incredibly subjective too. If you measure anything in milligrams, you need a .001 scale. Thanks for chiming in though.

u/vape4jesus · 1 pointr/trees

I'd recommend the traditional 4-piece design for your first purchase, such as this one:

You can't go wrong with the #1 selling grinder on Amazon.

u/Ublind · 3 pointsr/trees

I used to do this exact thing before I moved out. You should consider buying a Smokebuddy. I bought one recently and it's amazing.

With a vaporizer and an open window you can almost literally blow it in someone's face and they won't smell anything.

u/tones02 · 1 pointr/trees

If you're willing to migrate to Amazon you might want to give Golden Gate Grinders a look. Bought the 2" for my first one and I think it's as nice as my buddy's Space Case.