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u/mrsfiction · 5 pointsr/trichotillomania

Congrats on starting therapy! I can’t recommend it enough for this.

When I first talked to my therapist about my trich it was a new thing for her to treat, but she treated it the same way as any compulsion she would treat and we dug to the root cause of it, which turned out to be anxiety brought on by low self esteem, which was caused by some very specific events in my childhood. I really thought we would talk more about the trich itself, and we did in the beginning, but most of my sessions focused on growing in my own self esteem and truly realizing that I’m worth just as much as any other person. That’s what eventually helped me overcome trich. And I still have some setbacks and pull occasionally but it’s nothing like what it used to be and now I have the tools to handle the regressions and calm my anxieties on my own.

My one recommendation would be to get some porcupine eggs—they’re a sensory toy that I used a lot in the beginning and still sometimes now to calm my anxiety and satisfy the tactile need my hands have. They’re like $10 for two dozen on amazon. Egg Shaped Porcupine Balls- 12 Pack

Good luck!

u/MissyMayhem · 1 pointr/trichotillomania

This all natural creosote lotion from Siphon Draw Apothecary is cheap yet amazing. It heals skin issues faster than anything else I've ever tried, including skin picking trauma. I originally bought the $10 small 2 oz size for spot treatment, but I love it so much I've been using it all over, especially on triggering KP bumps on back of arms, (which are now smooth). I use as facial moisturizer, & it's helping my puny eyelashes get longer, stronger, & harder to pull out. Noticing same with brows. It has a rain scent that I don't mind, but my daughter thinks is weird.
However a little goes a long way, & I've barely put a dent in my bottle despite using it daily for the last month.

My other favorite lotion is Pure Emu Oil by Naturals New Zealand. I purchased my last bottle at xmas 2017 & only half way thru it, again a little goes a long way. I use for everything including scar healing, mosquito bites, scapes, cuts, bumps, & every other skin/hair issue I have. It's unscented, absorbs quickly, & non greasy. It's $25 for 4oz bottle & lasts forever. I'm on my 2nd bottle in a little over a year, (only because I gave my 1st bottle away to a friend whose daughter had a burn mark & needed something for the scarring). Helps with hair growth, originally bought for bald spot on scalp that was unnoticeable after only a few weeks of use.

Sorry for your setback, but keep your chin up. I hope this helps, hugs.

u/EthiopianNutella · 4 pointsr/trichotillomania

I’m currently reading The Hair-Pulling Problem: A Complete Guide to Trichotillomania , I was fortunate enough to find this book in my school library and I think you’ll find it helpful. Right now I’m at work but I don’t mind taking some pics of the pages for you that might be beneficial as a family member.

Also just want to point out that it’s so amazing you’re here making an effort to be more supportive for your brother. I come from a family/culture that doesn’t even acknowledge mental health issues so this disorder has always been something that is “all in my head” . It really makes me happy to know that you’re supporting a fellow trichster in as many ways as you can.

u/stev0205 · 2 pointsr/trichotillomania

Just found this subreddit and wanted to comment to let you know I'm in a very similar situation. I even pull from the same place as you! (left side of my jaw)

I've been pulling consistently for about ~7 years, and I started when I was in college going through a bad bad breakup.

I actually started pulling when I was just starting puberty. I have thick bushy eyebrows and growing up anybody with a unibrow was made fun of or considered gross. As soon as I noticed hair growing in between my eyebrows I started plucking them with tweezers.

That never really got out of control but eventually when stress got to me I moved on to my face.

> It's oddly specific too. I look for certain hairs: isolated, course, and long; a hair that really stands out among the rest.

This is also true for me. I work at a desk on a computer all day and many times I find that I will be pulling without even realizing it. By then it will be too late and I will have 30+ whiskers on my desk.

I'm not sure how much you've looked into it, but I just recently came across this website which has some great resources.

I'm also thinking about reading this book and I might post my thoughts on it.

Support from fellow Trich sufferers is important to treatment!

Good luck with your finals and remember if you're feeling stressed about pulling come back and talk it out.

Thanks for posting and helping me out a little.

u/biwei · 1 pointr/trichotillomania

My hair can't really do oils - just makes it look greasy. But I've had good results using Keune shaping fibres

One container lasts me for most of the year.


Also - - I think your hair looks great in the pic! I would never suspect that you have trich!

u/mytalkinghead · 1 pointr/trichotillomania

I've used oils to help with moisturizing my hair, but I didn't notice any direct effects on my pulling. I pull from my beard too, and even when I put the oils in that I still pulled. It just made them softer and easier to get ahold of lol.

Here's the oil:

u/noodleparty · 1 pointr/trichotillomania


There have been some small studies that show it helps so I asked my psychiatrist about it and he said to just give it a whirl cuz if it works then cool, if it doesn’t, oh well.

There are very minimal drug interactions and side effects of the supplement so it’s pretty safe.

u/backswimmer47 · 3 pointsr/trichotillomania

I use elf eyebrow pencil - I pretty much have to draw my brows on everyday and this one seems to be the best one I’ve found

u/trichyfingers · 7 pointsr/trichotillomania

You’re beautiful!! I use these four products to cover spots:
Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz

Crown/side spots:
Toppik Hair Building Fibers

Toppik Fiber Hold Spray

The thing that helps me not pull the most is putting athletic tape on my pointer finger.
Athletic tape

And using a streaks app on my phone

Good luck! I know it sucks ☹️ 😞

u/velocity2ds · 2 pointsr/trichotillomania

No problem and best of luck! I added some more details in my comment to you in case they are helpful. 3 months is still too short of a time for a major time just give it time but trust your hair will repair itself! Try to not stress about it since stress can trigger hair loss too. I was at one point considering female rogaine but I’m so glad I didn’t
The shampoo for this is okay but try to get this treatment product first. Be careful not to end up overwashing your hair so just twice a week is what you should aim for

u/Annimal421 · 2 pointsr/trichotillomania

Thank you so much! It's been 8 years for me too; I used to buy supplies from the drug store but lately I've been buying eyebrow pencils and fake lashes from Amazon. Just recently these false eyebrows popped up in my suggestions and I decided to give them a try. I've been wearing this pair daily for the past 5 days, the lace backing is starting to fray around the edges a bit but so far they're holding up.

u/screech_owl_kachina · 1 pointr/trichotillomania

I found some of these at work and even if it's just on one finger, I feel like I twist my hair less overall.

u/Ihearthuckabees · 4 pointsr/trichotillomania

I have the same crown, but im all brunette. I've recently used This

Basically a topper that clips in. I also use This to put in my hair so i don't have a bare scalp in some places.

u/Shoooooo · 2 pointsr/trichotillomania

I think these were from the office supplies section at Martin's. Here are some sold on Amazon.
36 First Aid Finger Cots - Protection for Finger Tips From Cuts, Burns or Blisters by Flents