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u/DependentWoman · 8 pointsr/truelesbians

My girlfriend and I have identical body-hair rituals so, I speak for two women here:


Armpit hair - We both remove it all the time, I mean it takes 2 seconds.

Leg hair - Also consistently shave, but if we're wearing pants a lot (winter) we aren't weird about some leg stubble. We are a hairy leg democracy and vote on when we will shave so nobody werewolves alone.

Pube hair - Trim neatly. We both shave the bikini line and the top to keep a nice triangle , and use an electric razor to trim the rest of it down to a neat length, but we don't remove it all ever.



Side note: I highly recommend safety razors, specifically The Lady Gillette - you will save mountains of money. It costs $20-$30 (can be found on eBay), and then the blades cost actual pennies. Example, less than $10 for 100 blades - you could easily use less than 1 blade per week, making this last 2+ years. TEN DOLLARS EVERY TWO YEARS. You can stop buying those overpriced cartridges that were only invented to make you spend more money,

Plus, the shave is superior anyway, and it's convenient. It's so nice being able to take the razor out mid-shave (say, if I let things get a little bad) and hit the blade and the head with water and go back with a perfectly unclogged blade. I've been using mine for over a year, and made my girlfriend buy one immediately and she has never looked back either. Seriously my friends, worth it - happy to answer any questions.


u/randomjordan · 9 pointsr/truelesbians

I do have a favorite trope! It's the like Knight/Princess trope. It comes in multiple forms, like bodyguard and rich girl, etc. I don't even know why I like it so much. It's not even always like a butch/femme thing, but occasionally it happens. I always like that like Stoic/sweet juxtaposition that is common between the knight and princess. Ones like

u/AuntieApocalypse · 3 pointsr/truelesbians

Thanks! I'll look it up. I love reading food books. The next one on my list (if I can ever get through my work reading) is A Square Meal: A Culinary History of the Great Depression.

u/ActualWendy · 1 pointr/truelesbians

An Eden built by Eves by Bonnie J. Morrisis a history of the women's festival culture up to the early 2000s. Great book. Very inspiring.

u/Tangurena · 4 pointsr/truelesbians

I've posted this before; here are some books with stories from other women who have been through similar situations. I think that reading their experiences may help (if only to assure you that you aren't the only one):
Dear John, I love Jane.
Living Two Lives.
Late Bloomers.

You aren't the first woman to go through this. You won't be the last woman to go through this.

u/GumballtheGorilla · 11 pointsr/truelesbians

I landscape. Short, neat, shave underneath and the grow-out hasn't been as unruly. If you use an exfoliant it'll help minimize the ingrown hairs. Also, they make a specific shaving cream for the vagina you can find online that really does make a difference.

u/Artixal · 1 pointr/truelesbians

They are Chuck Taylors. They are winter waterproof boots that have a neoprene liner and they are awesome (which is why I own three pair, lol). They don't seem to have them on their site anymore but I was able to find a link on Amazon but not in that color, sorry.

u/pineapplerevisited · 2 pointsr/truelesbians

u/tacocollector2 do you think this would be an adequate substitution for the remedial lesbian course text?

u/Tangleofsnakes · 3 pointsr/truelesbians

Things with subtle Pride colors are great. I got these sneakers just because they have a rainbow zipper, it's not the same Pride color arrangement but close enough! Unfortunately they're not very comfortable. 😩

u/psychosus · 7 pointsr/truelesbians

Tell me about it. I'm perfectly willing to say that Xena is bisexual based on her actions in the series (she is what she is and is the type that would say she hates labels), but Gabrielle is like a page out of the lesbian Coming Out book.

I had an unhealthy obsession with that show. It helped me figure out my own sexuality and introduced me to whole LGBT community. I submitted a personal story and it got published in a book about the show.

Do not tell me that Iolaus was Gabrielle's fucking soulmate. Her sexuality might be up for a discussion, but don't give me some season 1, episode 8 bullshit when you haven't seen the Autolycus episode.


EDIT: Here's the book.

u/sockerpopper · 3 pointsr/truelesbians

It's lesser known, but there is also "Killing Me!". A single volume, it's about a young vampire hunter and a kissy face vampire.

u/[deleted] · 3 pointsr/truelesbians

There's so many barbaric countries out there. A lot of them are islamic theocracies or majority muslim countries that have cultures that are extremely oppressive to women. FGM, honor killings, stoning women to death, male guardianship of women, policing their fashion, usage of women as baby factories, no educational or career opportunities, etc...

It's fucked up that the politically correct left condemns any person who criticizes the way islamic culture and islamic theocracies treat women and calls them "islamophobic" or "zenophobic." The reality is that islam, like all abrahamic religions, are inherently misogynistic and oppressive to women. The politically correct left is attempting to take away people's rights to stand up for women's rights.

Check out The Penguin Atlas of Women in the World: Fourth Edition 4th Revised, Updated ed. Edition by Joni Seager

This is the newer version of that book

They're both amazon links