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u/novel__ · 13 pointsr/truetf2


Sens is personal preference, and that's just the end of it. Here you have clockwork playing with 20"+/360, and then yz50 with a much higher sens. And they are both in Invite, and have different playstyles.

In the end, NEITHER is objectively better than the other. You can even use 1cm/360 in COUNTER-STRIKE, if you wanted to. Here's the issue...

Higher sens has a steeper learning curve.

It's much different using only your fingers to make the smallest of movements, compared to sliding your whole arm across the mousepad.

As higher sens is... well... more sensitive... there's a much larger chance you can make errors.


This can easily be overcome with practice. Though you might spend more time training to be able to headshot soldiers out of the air with a high sens compared to a low sens, it is the same in the end.

I want you to choose a sensitivity that's COMFORTABLE for you. Don't fall into the idea that "lower is objectively better" from CS. I can assure you, it's not.


If you haven't already, pick up a nice mouse. Forget "positive acceleration" or "negative acceleration." I know it's a controversial stance, but choose a mouse that is COMFORTABLE, and is accurate based on what you can tell. If you can't tell a G500 has accel, and think it's just as accurate as a Zowie FK, then you can get it! If you aren't comfortable, your performance will go down.

That means no stock mice.

Make sure it won't malfunction if you swing it too fast. I don't mean at 100 miles per hour, but judge it based on the FASTEST turn you would ever do. In order to test this, I'd temporarily use clockwork's sensitivity and try to do a 360. If the mouse malfunctions (tracks oddly or keeps going after you've stopped moving) it's no good.

Laser or optical. Doesn't matter to be completely honest, as long as you're comfortable.

Some pretty good ones:

  • CM STORM SPAWN Small little mouse, great for claw grip. Rubber grips, Omrons, perfect tracking, the usual. Notable users: Platinum

  • [Logitech G500s] ( A huge palm grip mouse. It's laser, but some people like Taggerung love it. Comfortable, and widely available. Notable users: Taggerung

  • Zowie FK Some say it has the best tracking of any mouse ever created. Sensei-style small-ish mouse, claw/fingertip grip. Mine comes in the mail the 20th. However, not widely available. Try a Sensei to get an idea of how this feels. Notable users of it's predecessor: cookye

  • Logitech G400s Typical, super-ergonomic overengineered palm-grip mouse from Logitech. Perfect sensor. Inspired by the fabled MX518. If you hear about issues with the cable, Logitech has excellent customer service and will help you out in a heartbeat. Notable users: enigma, ruwin, PYYOUR, TLR, b4nny

    I'm going to say to keep away from Razer mice. Had a couple bad experiences with them. Like when my Deathadder from 3 months ago broke when I was just browsing Reddit... (Piece that contacted with the Omron Switch snapped... in half.)

    Choose what works for you.


    Mouse accel. Mouse accel. Unless you're dead set on it, like Swag from Complexity, turn it off. TF2 doesn't have linear acceleration, so the learning curve for it is ridiculous.

    Turn it off in both TF2's settings AND Windows (Enhance Pointer Precision)

    This will improve your consistently drastically.

    Throw on Raw Input to bypass all of the strange calculations Windows puts on mice.

    Keep Windows Sens to 6/11, so the computer won't have to "scale" your movements up or down.


    Go ahead and sit on your scope. If you don't feel confident you can hit the target, aim for center mass, charge the scope up, and fire. Who cares, if that bodyshot gets you a pick on the enemy med?

    This also leads up to playing passively. Some snipers DO play this way. Watching chokes. Not being inside them. I'm one of them. This will alleviate tons of stress, and it will really reduce the chance that you can get killed. How's a scout supposed to reach you if you're on Roof on Badwater, and he can't see you?


    Chill out. Listen to some music. Remember games are meant to have fun, not stress over. If you're having a rough day on Sniper, switch it up! Scout's a good way to practice hitscan without actually playing Sniper. Taunt after every kill. Throw in a huntsman every once in a while.

    Once you begin to become great at Sniper, it'll be second nature. And you'll genuinely enjoy the class too.

    Oh, and getting accused of hacking. Get to that level, and it's the most hillarious thing in TF2.



    Practice... A lot. Many good Snipers have hundreds of hours on that class. It will fall into place in time.

    And be confident.

    >"You miss every shot you don't take."

u/ScootPilgrim · 3 pointsr/truetf2

I like this discussion, I think good stretches and warmups are important to any activity, whether it be yoga, football, or gaming.

On that note, ergonomic positioning and technique is very important to save your limbs over the long haul. Trust me, I got some serious carpal tunnel from my laptop keyboard. To help combat this, I recommend a couple of products to make gaming for comfortable:

  • Gaming Keypads: The linked one is my current keyboard, although I got it for much, much cheaper. It gives you a natural palm rest and the ability to move your keyboard freely for enhanced comfort.

  • Wrist cushions to keep your wrists level, and ease the strain of long sessions.

  • Wrist Braces Which do a lot to keep more strain off your wrists, and pressure off of your painful median nerve.

  • Comfort-conscious mice I haven't had a chance to try this one out personally, but it is important to use a mouse that is the right size for your hands.

    Another good practice is to make sure your chair and desk height are high enough to keep your arms level to your input devices.

    Products listed are items I currently use, and I am not paid for their endorsement, I have found they were economical and practical for the prices I paid
u/Croxous · -9 pointsr/truetf2

I assume by "high sensitivity" you mean high inches per 360, low sensitivity.

You should first of all have a gaming mouse and mousepad if you don't already. The higher DPI and more ergonomic mouse design helps immensely. Definitely more important is the mouse pad. Its hard, near impossible to play with a 12-inch/360 if your mousepad is only 4 inches long. I suggest the Razer Goliathus mousepad.

And yes, what you say is correct, when you have a lower sensitivity, you primarily use your wrist and forearm to move your mouse large strokes, and use your fingers to make fine adjustments. This type of aiming style is more efficient simply because you have so much more mouse control. When you're using a ridiculously high sensitivity, like 1inch/360, you can ONLY make large mouse movements. You can't make small adjustments for tracking, you can pretty much only twitch aim. And as a scout, you want to be tracking, and keeping your crosshair on them as long as you can.

I suggest you just try lowering your sensitivity to something like 8 or 10 inches per 360. You will hate it at first and you will play like complete garbage at first, but you will eventually get used to it, I promise you. You just need to practice with it.

In the long run, for hitscan classes, lower sensitivities are better, because they yield more mouse control and allow you to more easily keep your crosshair on a target.

u/Davidmoose · 3 pointsr/truetf2

Most people here have already said it, but a nice set of headphones and a clip-on microphone is the way to go. I have a pair of Sennheiser headphones I was able to pick up on sale at Best Buy and a clip-on mic I found at Radio Shack.

Two thoughts on your post:

  • Consider buying a mouse with a side mouse button, you can simply use your thumb to enable push-to-talk

  • Don't go for a "Gaming Headset", like other people have mentioned here. I've never bought one that I didn't have to return within a week.
u/thisisnotgood · 8 pointsr/truetf2

> I'm in the market for a headset

I highly recommend buying a nice pair of headphones (ATH AD700 are a favorite for gaming) and then a mic like this clip on zalman or the antlion modmic. You almost always get better sound quality (playback and recording) for the money and a wider choice of headphones.

u/squidwalk · 7 pointsr/truetf2

If you get combo phones/mic, you'll be getting a worse setup than getting them individually. Gaming headsets aren't worth the extra price.

When it comes to headphones, you have to consider your purpose. For TF2, you won't want to hear outside noise and you want something you can wear for a while. That usually means cans. I couldn't imagine wearing buds for such a long time, it would irritate the heck out of my ears. I use Denon AH-D1001s myself, and I can't complain. Before I had the money for those though, I rocked Sony MDR-XD200s. They also sounded great, and were even a little looser on my head. And if you don't like them, they come with so much cord you can hang yourself >_<.

For mics, you don't really need much clarity for voice. I used the basic Logitec Desktop Mic for a decade until it blew out, then I replaced it with a Blue Snowball for podcasting. A friend that does TV editing used it professionally for years, and it's a great mic.

So if you're going cheap, you'll be way better with the MDR-XD200 and the Logitech desktop mic than with an $80 headset.

u/Dailan_Mistwalker · 1 pointr/truetf2

First off, MGE is the most efficient way I know to get better at scout vs scout, you can pub, and play DM, but you are less likely to encounter another scout, and when you most battles are over with very quickly and you don't really learn from it.

If you have a problem with carpal tunnel then I recommend this I use it all of the time, and it seems to have a significant improvment on how my hand feels (my mouse hand).

Next if you want to land more shots you might want to change your mindset, and ONLY fire when you think it will do a significant damage. I know that sounds intuitive, but I notice a significant improvement in shots that I land when I think like this, instead of mindlessly shooting. If it gets frustrating then thats probably when you should stop and take a break.

If there is a significant skill difference move on after the 20 kills are up, and maybe focus and trying to dodge better instead of working on aiming. If you want someone to practice against then steam message me here. And I can just work on dodging, which you can always improve.

Edit: I live in NA btw, not sure I would be much help if you didn't live in NA.

u/joan_hickson · 2 pointsr/truetf2

Zalman mics have been recommended forever because they are super cheap and sound great.

right now this is $6 (US) :

u/Pathetic_One · 5 pointsr/truetf2

New G400 mice are still out there for sale. Two catches:

  1. apparently you have to use 800dpi (and use TF2 raw input and/or turn off Windows' "enhance pointer precision") to get accel-free behaviour from the G400 - this might be an issue if you play with a high sens. If you want "perfect control" at a higher dpi you'd have to use, say, a Razr Deathadder at 1800dpi - and then you apparently have to contend with a higher lift-off distance and shonky driver software.

  2. the new G400s might be better, or it might be worse, or just different. I haven't seen a decent review yet. C'mon, Ramla... :)
u/guamaniantreerunner · 7 pointsr/truetf2

I got this one and it's great considering I already had awesome headphones.

u/GrantSolar · 2 pointsr/truetf2

Something big and flat. The rest depends on personal preference and what type of mouse you have (my laser mouse has difficulty with reflective glossy solid white) Cardboard works, but I use one of these granted, mine was £1 from a charity shop

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u/Playing_advocate · 1 pointr/truetf2

I use this, because I don't have enough space of a larger mousepad. Also, I need to transport mine a good bit. It has served me well over the past ~5 months, but as others have said, it really comes down to your mouse and available desk space.

u/ANALCUNTHOLOCAUST · 2 pointsr/truetf2
  1. This is pretty solid and it's only 8 bucks, plus you can use it with whatever headphones you use.

  2. Not sure about everything, but Mumble has that as an option.
u/TheMagicPancake · 1 pointr/truetf2

You can actually pick one up for $7 on amazon.