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u/Iswitt · 18 pointsr/twinpeaks

I recommend doing this:

  • Watch Fire Walk With Me: Make sure this is the theatrical cut which is about 130 minutes long.
  • Watch The Missing Pieces: This is a collection of deleted scenes from the film. They are allegedly canon now and add some depth to the universe for sure.
  • Read The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer by Jennifer Lynch.
  • Read The Autobiography of Special Agent Dale Cooper by Scott Frost.
  • Read the Access Guide (it might be hard to find and it's not that important, but it is sort of fun)
  • Read The Secret History of Twin Peaks by Mark Frost which just came out. This is very important, as I have a feeling the information in this book will be referenced or enhance the upcoming season.
  • If you bought the Blu Ray collection for The Missing Pieces, all the discs contain all sorts of extras. Watch them all, including the Log Lady Intros.
  • Start looking into fan creations. There are some great musicians doing Badalamenti's works (Silencio, Xiu Xiu, etc.) or making their own mixes of the music on YouTube. There are also fan books, like the awesome Reflections: An Oral History of Twin Peaks by Brad Dukes. There are also fan podcasts, clothing, art, crafts, film reviews, etc. The fandom offers a lot!
  • Consider attending one of the Twin Peaks Fests, the main one being in North Bend, WA this coming July (tickets on sale in February).
  • Get hyped for season three!

u/TJNudi · 1 pointr/twinpeaks

I believe the actual listing for the original box set is as follows:

The Swedish import could be a comparable edition, but I truly have no idea. The link I provided obviously shows the edition as out of print, with a few third party sellers with copies available.

EBay might be a better bet. Good luck!

u/Ymir_from_Venus · 2 pointsr/twinpeaks

> Also is there anything relating to Twin Peaks you can recommend I watch next? Documentaries or any awesome special features I can find on the DVDs?

[The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer] (

[The Autobiography of F.B.I. Special Agent Dale Cooper: My Life, My Tapes] (

All the Log Lady intros, which should be included with the Gold Box.

[Angelo Badalamenti on creating Laura Palmer's theme.] (

Mulholland Dr.


Laura (1944)

[David Lynch puts panties in his mouth.] (

[How BOB came about] (

[On the Air] ( was created by Frost and Lynch shortly after Twin Peaks ended. It has a few actors that were on TP.

u/GaijinSama · 4 pointsr/twinpeaks

Full of Secrets is a pretty good source. Actually, pretty much exactly what you want. It's a collection of essays focusing on the show, and covers historical context, feminist readings, incest and mythological readings. It's a bit dry, because it's very academic, but also interesting.

Lynch on Lynch is a great book if you want a little more context for David Lynch's overall process. It isn't focused on Twin Peaks, it's focused on his overall career(up to the point of the books publication, which stops at Lost Highway, if I recall correctly).

u/Mavoy · 1 pointr/twinpeaks

I have this book and I really like it, even if I haven't tried the recipes yet ;)

And yeah, there's a chapter "How to throw a party inspired by Twin Peaks" ;)

u/thewomanandthebell · 2 pointsr/twinpeaks

Yep! Here you go! :)

There's an entire section devoted to doughnuts. As well as a recipe for duck called "Agent Cooper's Ducks on a Lake". I haven't made anything yet but I think the season premiere would be a perfect time to try!

u/jordanlund · 5 pointsr/twinpeaks

Your source is, at best, 480 interlaced, so you're putting a ton of effort into something that, at it's best, is going to look primitive.

How much is your time worth?

The Gold Box is $25 and 480 progressive:

The big new set is $155 and has the pilot in 4K and ALL of TP:

u/aleph-naught · 9 pointsr/twinpeaks

The new book clears up some of that, not in a completely satisfying way but it's better than nothing; there's also a very good reveal that adds much needed clarification to an episode, and is extremely significant to the background of one of the characters.

u/oh_Kay · 2 pointsr/twinpeaks

If you're interested in Lynch's whole career, to date, I highly recommend the book Lynch on Lynch by Chris Rodely.

Your commentary on the reception of the upcoming revival is very similar to my thoughts (and others) regarding FWWM. So many people hated it because it wasn't the resolution they wanted- but how often does life ever give one that perfect end point? Rarely- if ever- dare to say never. This will be similar to that. Some will be lost completely, others will be drawn in further, and some will only consider elements of Lynch's whole to be worthwhile. Cheers.

u/OmegaPsiot · 10 pointsr/twinpeaks

As others have said: Netflix has the first two. But I will say that "The Entire Mystery" bluray set looks about a hundred times better than what they've got on Netflix. It was like experiencing an entirely different, noticeably better, show (and it's only like 20 bucks on Amazon, and includes the movie and Missing Pieces)

u/PARPS · 4 pointsr/twinpeaks

I think it depends on what you're looking for. Mark Frost is putting out a second book in October that is what I think most people (including myself) thought this one would be, namely the story of what happened to various characters in the 25 years between seasons 2 and 3. This one is a lot more about aliens and the occult, and focuses more on peripheral characters like Douglas Milford (the mayor's brother) and the Bookhouse boys in high school, so if that sounds like your cup of tea, I'd say it's worth it.

It definitely shades this current season differently, but I don't think reading it necessarily tells you much that the season won't (though who knows). I've enjoyed it, but if you're looking for answers about what happened after season 2, I'd say wait for the upcoming one.

u/thecowjumpedovertheM · 3 pointsr/twinpeaks
  1. First time I see anyone reading that scene like this. She was checking the coordinates took from Davenport's arm. True, that seems Mr C's primary interest, but to say he is there right now is a huge stretch.

  2. Personally not fond of that theory, but you might really want to read The Secret History Of Twin Peaks ;)
u/splendorsolace · 2 pointsr/twinpeaks

You don't really need to read any of the books to follow along. They're interesting though if you want "more", but they're not "necessary" to enjoy the series.

There's a fun "Access Guide" (like a Travel Guide) to Twin Peaks which came out during Season 2 which is light-hearted but really cool & has lots of pictures & diagrams and stuff:

u/buffalo_kaiju · 1 pointr/twinpeaks

I agree with most of these. If he already collects these Funko POP figures, it'd be a good gift. Otherwise, maybe a TP coffee mug or t-shirt. Or if he does collect figures, these just went on sale:

u/severedgoddesshand · 1 pointr/twinpeaks

Don't get me wrong I love figurines, I've got a decent collection of stuff, and of all the funkos these are cool, but just funkos in general I don't get the appeal, but I'm just not into caricature thing.

I do like these though, I think they're made by the funko people:

u/thatthintyler · 2 pointsr/twinpeaks

Reflections: An Oral History of Twin Peaks is a very thorough book of interviews of the cast and crew
And the documentary Secrets from Another Place is awesome as well.

u/emmjai37 · 1 pointr/twinpeaks

I think this is it. I'm not sure, but it looks the same. It's pretty solid build quality.

u/_zoomp · 64 pointsr/twinpeaks

I imagine conversation will still be lively here
We will have a new book to discuss
And hopefully new scenes to ponder when season 3 is released on blu-ray

u/EuniceBKidden · 1 pointr/twinpeaks

I actually got it on Amazon. Click 'See All Buying Options' and there are several listed for sale from third party sellers. The ones listed right now are a bit pricey, but you could do like I did and just check it frequently to see if another gets listed at a more economical price.

u/Pand9 · 1 pointr/twinpeaks

Of course you can buy them.

Edit: Actually all I can find is . I can't find it in the original color. (Or maybe it's also original color?)

u/the_stoned_ape · 2 pointsr/twinpeaks

You can also check out the Official Books, 'The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer' as well as 'My Life...My Tapes: The Autobiography of Special Agent Dale Cooper'....There is also a 45 Minute cassette called 'The Diane Tapes' that you can listen to on Youtube. And there is a new book that Mark Frost is writing called 'The Secret History of Twin Peaks' coming out in October that will bridge the gap between season 2 and 3 as well as other things I imagine.

As for other David Lynch films I suggest watching them all in chronological order, but if you want the essentials...(I started to write out what I thought were essential Lynch films and I realized I wrote them all yeah).

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u/HooptyDooDooMeister · 1 pointr/twinpeaks

I really want to read it now, though it doesn't seem as reliable as maybe it once did?

Amazon link for anyone interested.

u/limedilatation · 4 pointsr/twinpeaks

Yes it is. There's the "Music from the Limited Series" LP here

and this soundtrack which is the "Limited Event Series Original Soundtrack"

The first one is a comp of the bands that played at Bang Bang and this is the score.

u/PurpleTittyKitty · 2 pointsr/twinpeaks

"movie not found" awesome.

If you really love the series, just buy the movie, it's only $6.

or if you're really that cheap, you could just google the movie title and streaming to find it..

u/horse-lover-phat · 1 pointr/twinpeaks

Thanks for the heads up. Do you know anything about what's on this release?

Also, are you aware of the other release at Amazon (I just noticed it) - it has the "Bang, Bang" logo on the cover? Same company Rhino, but different ASIN number.


u/Skinnedm · 3 pointsr/twinpeaks

He actually did contribute new music, you can see here:

It may not be as much as the original series + FWWM, but he did compose new music. Ambient sounds are far more important in this season.

u/digitalelixer · 1 pointr/twinpeaks

They are on amazon!, really cool packaging too!

u/Smugsy2099 · 1 pointr/twinpeaks

And you can buy it new from Amazon, as well! My pedantic nature makes me feel obligated to mention that.

u/OpinionGenerator · 5 pointsr/twinpeaks

It says so in the official promotional description on Amazon.

>While The Secret History of Twin Peaks served to expand the mysteries of the town and place the unexplained phenomena that unfolded there into a vastly layered, wide-ranging history, Twin Peaks: The Final Dossier tells us what happened to key characters in the twenty-five years in between the events of the first series and the second, offering details and insights fans will be clamoring for. The novel also adds context and commentary to the strange and cosmic happenings of the new series. For fans around the world begging for more, Mark Frost’s final take laid out in this novel will be required reading.

u/hallwayyy · 3 pointsr/twinpeaks

My advice is, if you can, wait until The Return is finished and see what Showtime is doing with it on home video. The reason the prices are so high for the 10-disc set is because it is out of print, with the rights to the film and missing pieces going to Criterion and a big question mark on the rest. If you can't wait, however, just get the 10 disc set from Amazon UK - it's region free and much much cheaper than the US box. Same exact discs/layout as the US set -

u/dfan · 5 pointsr/twinpeaks

This is covered in the book Reflections: An Oral History of Twin Peaks, which I highly recommend to all fans.

u/AutoModerator · 1 pointr/twinpeaks

Just dropping by to warn everyone that we're in the final third of the rewatch. Fire Walk With Me is not available on Netflix in the USA and The Missing Pieces is hard to find outside of the official box release. Now would be a good time to find a method of watching for when we get to the end of the rewatch. You can get the entire mystery with both the film and TMP here or the film only here. We'll be watching the film on 10/12/16 and TMP on 10/16/16.

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u/-R-o-y- · 1 pointr/twinpeaks

Well, of course there's the companion The Final Dossier.

u/ManicPixieDreamGrl · 1 pointr/twinpeaks

Did y'all go buy all the copies off amazon just now? Cause it's $51 now.

u/cityzenkeys · 2 pointsr/twinpeaks

I'd like a Dougie Jones prequel. What was that guy's life like before Dale Cooper? Apparently, lots of degenerate gambling and cheating on his wife. Maybe Jade give more than two rides?

After "The Return" ends, on October 31, there's a final book to look forward to: Twin Peaks: The Final Dossier

u/automatic_bazooti · 4 pointsr/twinpeaks

Twin Peaks: The Final Dossier will be released October 31st, 2017 according to Amazon.

u/about_350 · 2 pointsr/twinpeaks

It's dropped to $38 on Amazon a few times. You can sign up for alerts on this site

u/iscmarkiemark · 3 pointsr/twinpeaks

These are cool, but I also had to snag these

Funko Action Figures Twin Peaks Dale Cooper, Laura Palmer, Bob, Log Lady 4 Pack Action Figure

u/shadowtakemedown · 1 pointr/twinpeaks

I think I finally found it again. It's been awhile since I've seen it. He doesn't directly say he's split, but he does confirm that the other Cooper is part of him and one part is with Bob.

It's from Lynch on Lynch, p. 183:

Interviewer: So, was Cooper occupied by Bob in the script before you changed it?

Lynch: No, but Coop wasn't occupied by Bob. Part of him was. There are two Coops in there, and the one that came out was, you know, with Bob.


Here's another quote from the same interview:

INTERVIEWER: Why was Cooper possessed by Bob at the end? It seems like he’s lost it.

LYNCH: Well the thing is he hasn’t been possessed. It’s the doppelgänger thing, the idea of two sides to everyone, he’s really up against himself.

u/billwenham · 2 pointsr/twinpeaks

It's not from the Secret History of Twin Peaks - it's from the Access Guide:

u/ArbyArby · 2 pointsr/twinpeaks

I believe this is the US/Region 1 version. I’m guessing it’s out of print since it’s not available at the handful of sites I checked:

u/JFrankParnellEsquire · 4 pointsr/twinpeaks

ive got this version Box Set. ive not had any audio issues and comes with FWWM and tons of extras

u/MiracleZenkaiPower · 3 pointsr/twinpeaks

This version works on my US Blu-ray player and costs way less than the two you listed. It includes the 10th disc omitted from later releases. The "15" rating badge is a little unsightly but eh...

u/mercilesssinner · 1 pointr/twinpeaks

You can get it on the soundtrack, released 8th September.


Soundtrack on Amazon

u/bentla · 2 pointsr/twinpeaks
Let's go the source!

Interviewer: So, was Cooper occupied by Bob in the script before you changed it?

Lynch: No, but Coop wasn't occupied by Bob. Part of him was. There are two Coops in there, and the one that came out was, you know, with Bob.

u/cy_cy · 3 pointsr/twinpeaks

i am guessing no. the upcoming mark frost book says it's his "final take".

u/Mista_L · 1 pointr/twinpeaks

It's part of this boxset coming out in December. It contains all of the original series, The Return, Fire Walk With Me, The Missing Pieces, the Pilot and The Return Part 8 in 4k, creditless roadhouse performances, behind-the-scenes footage for each episode of The Return, new interviews with the cast and crew, and possibly more things that haven't been announced yet.

u/Kentr_Wrolfsong · 3 pointsr/twinpeaks

[They already did!](/s It even comes with Fire Walk With Me's long sought-after deleted scenes.

u/Axxon-N · 6 pointsr/twinpeaks

The gold box is DVD, not Blu Ray. The first 2 seasons, FWWM, and the Missing Pieces were released on a 10 disk set called Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery which was then rereleased as Twin Peaks: The Original Series, Fire Walk With Me & The Missing Pieces which is right now 1/4 the price but is missing the 10th disk, which contains the following extras: