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u/badbadnotgabe · 26 pointsr/tylerthecreator

What up dawgs, I appreciate the comments (glad the outfit worked out)

I’m getting a couple messages regarding the fit. If you wanna be Igor you will need:

u/Rpup1529 · 3 pointsr/tylerthecreator

i’m doing the same. i found 2 suits on amazon. one only has like a dark blue and a lime green, like the only ‘igor’ color suits. that one has a max of $45. the 2nd one is more pricey, topping at $66, but it has more colors, there’s like 3 shades of blue, a red, a nice pink, and a black. so obviously pay more, you get more. but yeah. none of those prices include shipping btw.

1st suit: Mmmmmm
2nd suit: Cloudstyle Men's Suit Single-Breasted One Button Center Vent 2 Pieces Slim Fit Formal Suits

u/MalachiLui · 1 pointr/tylerthecreator

the A/D conversion is only CD quality, so you can upsample it but it's still only CD quality at it's core. if you want to get true 24bit hi-res transfers of your vinyl I'd recommend you plug the AUX output of the TT into something like this but it costs almost as much as the turntable:

u/homosexualmother · 1 pointr/tylerthecreator

got these off of amazon and theyre pretty similar

u/ComradeDelter · 1 pointr/tylerthecreator

Looks pretty similar to this one, but its got a gold face so could be this one? he's wearing one in the Potato Salad video too I think?

u/Maarccross · 1 pointr/tylerthecreator

I got a wolf poster off of amazon for $5. And don't worry, the "Tyler, the Creator" wording isn't on there:

Edit: link

u/Domredd · 1 pointr/tylerthecreator

Here you are. These will guarantee that you have the right color. You can probably find a cheaper option with less quantity but being one of each color and then just find out when you get there.

u/boychik0830 · 2 pointsr/tylerthecreator here is the link. sorry i forgot to add the link when i made this post. it dosent have a pre order button yet but I assume we will be able to soon.

u/PM_ME_UR_ILLUMINATI · 2 pointsr/tylerthecreator

I bought frames twice off of Amazon and they had holes and warps in the plastic both times. So annoyed lmao i recommend just going to a store and getting the best looking frames you can.

Those are the ones I bought, they fit well but they just came in fucked two times in a row.

u/MegaJacobF · 3 pointsr/tylerthecreator

Alternative Girls Golden Mushroom Wig Short Bob Wig With Bangs Blonde Bowl Cut Wig Cap For Women