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u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/typewriters

I'm still experimenting with different lubricants and cleaning sprays but the best so far:

  1. No spray cleaning or lubricant works as well as taking it apart, completely cleaning it and lubricating it. Dust gums up oil. If you can afford to pay a professional to clean and service your typewriter, do so, the difference in the action of the keys is phenomenal.

  2. I bought a Super Silent with sticky keys off E-bay and fixed it with these two products. Mass Air Flow sensor cleaner, and Dry Lube. Use the spray cleaner to clean out as much gunk as you can and the the spray lube to get things slippery again. (It takes a couple of sprayings combined with moving everything you want lubricated.)

    Dry Lube is spray Teflon that does not attract dust. This solution worked but does not completely clean out all the dust or make the action like new.

    I am presently disassembling my Super Silent and after properly cleaning it, I will experiment with various oils, PTFE(Teflon), and wax/ceramic lubricants and compare how they affect the action of the keys.

    For all parts other than the keys I am already convinced that dry lube is a better solution than any oil because not only doesn't it attract dust but you can blow out any dust with compressed air.

u/foggymountainman · 1 pointr/typewriters

I guess it would be the Penetrating Catalyst. Down in the corner of the front it will have "Part No. 16 PB" This stuff has worked wonders on my Clipper and it didn't take much. I was told and highly recommend that you should do this outside in a place where is plenty of ventilation. I carefully removed all the screws from the covers and replaced them in the chassis so I wouldn't get mixed up later (I tend to lose things). Following mrtopcons warning I wrapped the platen several times with aluminum foil as a mask. I placed a pair of old jeans on the floor of my garage to soak the oily runoff. I worked near the door. I sprayed and worked each type bar free, being careful to protect the platen. After I freed all the bars I let it sit 'til evening and carefully blew out any excess penetrant with air and then wiped off the rest. I let it air out for a few days on my patio table in the morning and back into the garage at night (also to double check the bars). I never had to respray it after the first day. After about 4 days of airing out I brought it inside, reassembled it and now I love my "new" Smith-Corona! This product is fantastic. I just got a '40 Royal KMM last week whose bars were completely immobilized by years of rust (dog hair and God knows what else). I vacuumed it out and took it outside to the garage. Within 15 minutes of spraying and patiently working each key (respraying when necessary) I got all the type bars COMPLETELY freed up. I was amazed. Good luck and let me know how it goes!

u/justamau5 · 1 pointr/typewriters

Hi everyone! I'm new to this sub, and recently bought this Underwood Noiseless typewriter at a garage sale. After lightly cleaning it playing around with it, I have discovered that all of the keys work and none of them stick, but the ink ribbon has dried out. I want to start using this typewriter, but I am unsure where to buy a new ink ribbon. I was looking at this ( but I am not sure if it would work with my typewriter. Does anyone have any suggestions on what type of ink ribbon I should get (I'd prefer Amazon or eBay listings please)? Also, any history information about the model would be appreciated! TIA!

u/BurnySandals · 1 pointr/typewriters

I am pretty sure the whole PB Blaster thing started here. This was the first guide I followed when I started this hobby 4 years ago. It has some other awful advice on it too. I know because I tried. It is the reason I have not bought his book. I was not a typewriter repairman but I have been building and repairing things since a heathkit stereo in the 70s. Use the cleaning guide in the sidebar which was written by a typewriter repairman.

The problem with PB blaster is not the lubricant or cleaners in it. The problem is that too much oil attracts too much dust. If there is rust on your typewriter I would recommend PB Blaster. And then clean it all off. I used it for rusty bolts on car engines my whole life.

In the states you might only find odorless mineral spirits. In the UK it is white spirits. It is the modern environmentally/health friendly replacement for Varsol.

After cleaning, try Liquid Wrench Dry Lubricant with Cerflon. It is cheaper to get it from Wal Mart or an auto parts store. Spray in as much as you want. Wipe the white dust from anywhere you don't want white dust. Done. Because it is dry you will be able to spray out dust just the same as you do with your computer. They don't make typewriters like they used to but lubricants have improved.

u/ahelper · 1 pointr/typewriters


These spools should work OK. Your current setup does not have any spools---the ribbon is simply wound around the hub without the flanges which would form a complete spool. What they illustrate as the "Original" is what you have now. The replacement has the flanges but the important feature is the large hole in the center, which will allow the spools to fit over your tw's large spindles. Most "universal" ribbon spools will not have a large opening. (When they do, it is filled with a removable spacer so it can fit more tws.)

u/WinskiTech711 · 2 pointsr/typewriters

This was the first typewriter book I received:

It's not just about typewriter maintenance, but there is a section in there concerning maintenance. Otherwise, it's just a plain fascinating book covering "all things typewriters".

Also, I'm supremely jealous you have a easily accessible supply of Olivetti machines to tinker with...dare to dream.

u/Kylatia · 1 pointr/typewriters

Would something like this be what you're looking for? I have Around the Office Ribbons in three of my manual machines and they seem to work pretty good.


Wait I think I found it! I had to do a few searches to find out what the ribbon looked like. The Fact says its the film not a cloth ribbon.


u/benungs · 5 pointsr/typewriters

That's an Olympia SM8, probably late 1960s version. This is among my favorite machines to type on. I was typing on one this morning, in fact. You can see some galleries of this typewriter here.

Red/Black "Universal" typewriter ribbon/spools will work fine for this typewriter. You can find them on Amazon, eg here.

Type much!

u/RottenEggStand · 1 pointr/typewriters

I actually have this typewriter next to me right now!

This is the typewriter on amazon

This is the cartridge on amazon

Do you know what the set and clear buttons do? So far nothing is happening for me.

Edit: I also have the manual if you need it.

u/MakeItHilts · 1 pointr/typewriters

Absolutely -- you can identify its general design and appearance -- even the distinctive keys.

OP, the GoodWill listing photos indicate the machine was made in Spain. That is where very good Olivetti typewriters were made. So, if it's in working order, I think this is a good bet. It's likely to have been made at a time when typewriters had to be competitive, and craftsmanship-level was high.

The typewriter ribbons are basic and can be found on Amazon, eBay, and at office supply stores. They're still made.

If it doesn't have an instruction manual, you will be able to find what you need online, probably, by searching for an Olivetti Dora. But here's one:

u/discoshrews · 1 pointr/typewriters

Awesome! Is this it ? Southworth Linen Résumé Paper, Almond, 32 Pounds, 100 Count (RD18ACFLN)

u/Abstract_Logic · 2 pointsr/typewriters

If you are just looking for what you need to type all you need is a Universal Ink Ribbon Spool. Can be bought on amazon. THe office Max here sells them as well. That will get you typing just make sure what you buy has a spool diameter of 2 inches and the ribbon is 1/2 inch wide. If your typewriter takes a smaller spool you may have to rewind. I havent found a smaller diameter spool for my machines that take them.

u/TheVorpalBlade · 2 pointsr/typewriters

I buy these typewriter ribbons and they work great. I've typed over 300 script pages on one and it's still going.

u/generalized_ennui · 3 pointsr/typewriters

Buy this book and read the repair section:

The Typewriter Revolution by Richard Polt

Visit Richard Polt's website for more tips.

Buy a few low priced typewriters and tinker with them.

Consider joining the Antique Typewriter Collectors and Antique Typewriter Maintenance groups on Facebook. The groups have friendly and helpful people (just don't barge in and start asking how much you can sell typewriter for on those pages).

EDIT: spelling

u/MrEggplant · 2 pointsr/typewriters

smith corona Coronet Super twelve 1970s electric typewriter
here's some ink for it.

u/febonenine · 1 pointr/typewriters Personally haven't tested it out yet, but the reviews seem good for this ribbon.

(more experienced typists can tell me if this is wrong and never use it lol)

u/kb3pxr · 1 pointr/typewriters
u/hawkeye18 · 4 pointsr/typewriters

Never use WD-40 on a typewriter. It is a good short-term fix but will cause massive issues down the line once it gets dirt in it and gums up.

This oil is what I use on all my typewriters and I find it works very well.

As for a squealing belt, the basics are the same as for an accessory belt on a car... you can make the squealing go away for a little bit with belt dressing and the like, but the only real fix is to replace the belt. Remove the belt, measure it (width, style, length) - if it has teeth count them, if it doesn't, wrap a cloth tape or string around it and measure it or cut the belt and measure it, and get a replacement off amazon.

u/thelastspike · 1 pointr/typewriters

I’m not even remotely sure on this, but:

The early Mac IBooks, and PowerBooks of the same era, circa y2k, used a round “ufo” power brick. That power brick had a cord with 3 round pins. You might be able to use one of those cords, even though the outer shape of it is different. Definitely no guarantees on that though. Maybe you have a buddy with one laying around?

Edit: come to think of it, some aftermarket laptop power bricks have essentially the same thing:

laptop cord

u/-js23 · 1 pointr/typewriters

These are the ones I use, 12 ribbons for $12 and they work just fine, they don’t have grommets to trip the ribbon reverse, but if you tie the ribbon in a knot at both ends it does the same thing.

u/Koh-I-Noor · 5 pointsr/typewriters

Many modern typewriters have at least a small display with the last words typed. E.g. this Brother, which also has "line-by-line"-printing, what probably is this feature you want.

u/Rumsquall · 1 pointr/typewriters

Alrighty! I took your adviuce and ordered this one

u/aplombed · 1 pointr/typewriters

Thank you. I am in California unfortunately for that, but I think I'll try to order this and see if it arrives. I'm not sure if the Skyriter has feed rollers, but I'll have to take off the platen to tell because I can't see them.