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u/gr8cgambino · 23 pointsr/udub

I've been looking for a new cow buddy for you on the Internet, just in case. I tried to find an exact match but it's been tough... I grew up loving teddy bears (I still love them) so this hits close to home. If you want to buy one and need a place to ship them or something, let me know, I'd be more than happy to help you buy one. I know they bring a lot of comfort and have sentimental value which are much needed in a stressful place like college ❤️

Here are some cows I found:
Aurora World Inc. 31175 8" Mini Moo

Aurora World Tubbie Wubbie Plush Cow, 12"

Aurora World Flopsie May Bell Cow 12"

(This one is my personal favorite)
Aurora World 16834 Rolly Pet Daisy Cow Plush, 5", Black, White

u/hello_bonjour_aloha · 1 pointr/udub

>Mainstream science considers gender, race, sexuality, etc. to be in line with the liberal view.

That is because mainstream science is politically correct science, not necessarily 100% accurate or representative of the full picture. There are many studies not shown as mainstream. I have definitely had classes about Marxism, but for the sake of this post not being novel length, I can bring up the deal with science instead. There is science that agrees with liberals and, shocker, science that supports conservative views. For example, how is the liberal belief that gender doesn't exist or that gender is a spectrum align with science? As referenced in one of my other posts here, take a look at these studies that have taken place over decades at Stanford: You learn very differently about gender in psychology classes, and this research is never discussed despite its validity. There's also science that talks about the importance of a child having two parents, or if you want to really, really upset liberals, a mom and a dad. That requires first, accepting or at least humoring science which explains the two sexes are different, and then second, understanding each parent has a vital parenting role ( and ). There's even research which shows a lack of a father in a son's life could increase the likelihood of ADHD, which is important to know. But you'll never learn of that in a child's development class (which I have taken; it was called Human Growth and Development or something to that effect). I don't dislike gay parents, but maybe the research could better inform a gay couple about the need for female role models in a child's life. There is a problem when research is not allowed to be mentioned out of concern for upsetting feelings.

u/hellololer · 2 pointsr/udub

Start learning about limits.

However I'd say the number one important thing you should make sure you are good at before you do any Calculus is algebra techniques. If your algebra techniques are poor you will not do well in Calculus. A ton of people end up performing poorly in Calculus not because of the calculus part, but because their algebra is poor.

So before you self study any calculus be confident that your algebra skills are good.

One last recommendation I have is to get this book

It's a problem solvers book. It does not teach you anything, however it has hundreds of problems and all of them have step by step solutions. When I took Math 124 I used this book, I did practice problems over and over again, the exams were a joke to me and I got a 4.0 easily in Math 124.

As you can see from the link, the book right now is only 1 penny (4 dollars with shipping) if you buy it used (which is what you should do, never buy a book new when you can get it used) or if your library has it just get it there for free.

u/P1h3r1e3d13 · 5 pointsr/udub

OP, I second that. Those little Netgears are small, silent, sturdy, and reliable. And available for $15 at the moment.

There are two reasons you could say it slows down the connection:

  1. You could get a switch that only supports 100Mbps instead of 1Gbps. But if it's from a name brand and it says “gigabit” (like the Netgear above), you should be fine.
  2. That port in the wall is a 1Gbps bottleneck. If you plug in four devices via a switch, they'll be sharing that 1Gbps between them. But you'd have to be doing a lot to hit that limit.

    In most UW locations. Some with old wiring are stuck at 100Mbps or less for now. Some fancy labs and stuff have 10Gbps.
u/BrianBeNice · 2 pointsr/udub

If it's not too expensive you can always buy a solid Velcro belt from Amazon. I've seen some guys squat 200+ kilos in them and they hold up well. It's a solid investment if you are getting into weightlifting.

u/randomhusky · 3 pointsr/udub

You guys should all look into these. Having one on your neck while the fan going is 10/10 would recommend.

u/ArthropodOfDoom · 1 pointr/udub

/u/SoonAfterThen's recommendation is good, but I've started using TRENDnet stuff (see this one) and I've had zero problems. Not that Netgear's bad, necessarily, but it is cheaper and just as good. They'reTRENDnet is a more enterprise-focused company, so their small cheap stuff is a little more no-frills.

u/kawirydr · 1 pointr/udub

Make as much top ramen as you'd like:

u/Fruehling4 · 11 pointsr/udub

Many grocery stores have an industrial grinder in the coffee section.

Or just buy one. Coffee is so much better fresh ground.

u/voiceorreason · 1 pointr/udub

This is the most highly reviewed memory foam topper on Amazon Red Nomad - Twin XL Size 3 Inch Thick, Ultra Premium Visco Elastic Memory Foam Mattress Pad Bed Topper - Made in The USA

u/CorerMaximus · 1 pointr/udub

Don't buy the small Honeywell fans- I had them for 2 years and they're frankly not enough. Buy one of these puppies instead- you can also retrofit them with copper pipes, pump cold water, and get a dorm legal ac out of it.

u/chelc · 3 pointsr/udub

I bought the albums off of the Marching Band page - including the fight song.

Amazon MP3 has them as well -

u/Holographic01 · 2 pointsr/udub

You could always buy one online, why not try looking on here!

u/Uuthgar · 11 pointsr/udub

Not in the class so I’m not entirely sure if this is exactly what you’re talking about, but here’s a staple-free stapler . Other staple-free staplers are available.

u/spawn-12 · 1 pointr/udub

Command Utility Hooks to mount over the window frame. The backside is a sticky adhesive that'll rip off without a mark when you move out.

Black curtain to stick it on the hooks.

edit: o damn ninja already mentioned those hooks nvm