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u/ClaytonBigsbe · 1 pointr/uncharted

It's this guy right here. The price went up a little but it's still def worth it imo. Like my friend said, INCREDIBLY easy to set up and really great quality for the price. I would highly recommend it.

u/justneededtopostthis · 2 pointsr/uncharted

I actually also made an Uncharted 4 costume for a fun run I had. It might have a lower budget then you might intend to spend (Spent about £20 overall on blue dye and grapple hook) but you might be able to take some ideas here

Most of it was items I already owned, and I personally think that adds to the rough adventurer style, but I saw a really nice shoulder holster from Amazon for about $60. Too expensive for me but if you're willing it does look quite nice. I just used belts.
[Here] ( is that shoulder holster.

Of course at is if you are even going for a U4 costume but I hope I could have been some help. :)

u/uk2642 · 3 pointsr/uncharted

That looks to be this one...

His work is fantastic, but very expensive. I hate to critique, but they aren’t 100 percent screen accurate either. It’s weird ND used that watch instead of the liscenced limited one they made years ago, which are even more expensive and difficult to find. Watch wise, they are the closest you’ll get to the one he wears in game, but the cuff isn’t. The watch Drake wears in 2 and 3 are inspired by the Rolex Submariner face, but the casing is different. Here’s a link for a pretty good cheap knockoff, I own one myself, they are hit and miss, request a replacement if you get a faulty one.

A guy on rpf made very accurate ones years ago, and he made holsters too. If it’s accuracy your after, his attention to detail is the best of what I’ve found.

I don’t know if he sells anymore, you’d have to message and see. He also made replicas of the cuff from Drake’s Fortune, I found a listing on eBay from a different seller that’s accurate.

There was also a guy that made leather inspired items that ND themselves recognized, and put his name on a firefly pendant in The Last of Us as an easter egg, his name is David Vigil. He also made canvas replicas of Joel’s backpack. He was battling cancer, I don’t know if he still makes stuff anymore, his website went down a long time ago. His work was awesome and accurate as well.

For the watch in 4, it’s definitely based on the Fossil FS4616, but they are pretty much impossible to find, discontinued too unfortunately. The strap type is called a bund strap, you can find similar ones on the internet. Walmart sells a watch sort of like it for 11 dollars or so, it says they are unavailable on the website, but they usually have plenty in store, this is what they look like.

Here’s one that’s pretty close to Chloe’s watch in The Lost Legacy.,0,136,180_QL70

Lighter color.,0,124,180_QL70

u/smokegetsinyoureye · 17 pointsr/uncharted

The official guide for Drake's Deception offers the most insight into what goes on "behind the scenes" of Nate's relationship with Elena:

> What's the deal with Nate, Elena, and the rings? Did they get engaged?
> They actually got married after the events of Among Thieves. The revelation is perhaps a little subtle, but it's there: when Nate says, "You're still wearing it," (referring to her ring), Elena's blunt response to Nate's observation ("It helps in this part of the world. Seriously, don't flatter yourself.") makes it clear that it is a wedding band, which she uses to deter aspiring suitors.
> Though wealth eludes him at the conclusion of Drake's Fortune and Among Thieves, Nate on both occasions gains a treasure of great value in Elena... and, on both occasions, he blows it, walking out when his phobia of commitment drives the couple apart. Elena perhaps best understands Nate's existential fear: he's afraid of admitting who he really is, and almost obsessively takes refuge in an identity that doesn't truly belong to him.
> The motto on Drake's ring has defined Nate's entire life; there's a sense that he has always walked backwards into his future, defined by his troubled childhood.

We'll never know the specifics and I doubt Naughty Dog will ever come forth with them.

How I took their estrangement was like this: Nate's obsession with Francis Drake bubbled back to the surface, alienating Elena and causing a rift in their marriage. Nate left and sought out Sully; he probably took off his own wedding band soon after (left it on a bedside table or something) and Sully kept it, with the hope that they would eventually reconcile (as they always do).

u/jaded_gal05 · 3 pointsr/uncharted

The Uncharted Omnibus that features 1-6 of the graphic comics is out on July 17th on amazon.


Also I read "The Fourth Labyrinth" by Christopher Golden & loved it. Great book. He really captured the spirit of the game. If you don't have The Art of Uncharted among Thieves it's good too, pricey, but GOOD.

If you want, I have some free time this week, Wednesday, Thursday, I could scan in the Uncharted issue 1 & email it to you in PDF form. It'd be a huge file, but you'd get the feeling of whether or not it's for you.

I'll keep checking this post......if u want me to do that I'll just need your email.

u/PS2Errol · 1 pointr/uncharted

Have you read the actual Uncharted book?

It's well worth reading. I love the UC series and loved this book as it captures the characters very well indeed!

u/R_DOSS · 1 pointr/uncharted

I just bought this one off amazon because i was looking for a new lighter summer jacket and because it sort of reminded me of nate's jacket...

Hope it helps!

u/DaveDrevello · 2 pointsr/uncharted

I recently picked up this which has been pretty good so far. A great first chapter, I thought.

u/Lisbeth_Salandar · 9 pointsr/uncharted

here I preordered this special edition steelbook off amazon before the game came out, and it's still the best steelbook I've ever seen.

u/LauraLeema · 0 pointsr/uncharted

I'm a fan of Naughty Dog and I bought their "The Art of Naughty Dog" book--Which only covers up the The Last of Us. At the end of it, it lists Uncharted 4 as future development, so I would like the code to continue reading the Art of Naughty Dog. Also, I am a female gamer, so I'm in the minority in that one. :) (

u/hitman19 · 2 pointsr/uncharted

If you liked Uncharted 4, then I would highly suggest playing the first 3.

u/odel555q · 5 pointsr/uncharted

I found this kid's book about Francis Drake:

Edit: also maybe some night vision goggles, a kid's flashlight, or some walkie talkies. Those all seem like adventurer's equipment.

u/GatorGalore · 2 pointsr/uncharted

> Outfits - Unlock and equip across both competitive and cooperative play.

u/yanojuego · 8 pointsr/uncharted

Hello Mr. Spambot. You forgot (again) to remove the affiliate shit from your link, but I can help you with that:

u/CobbFC09 · 1 pointr/uncharted

Says limited edition of 2,000 produced, yet Amazon has a pre-order page up for it. I'm guessing they're getting some too? Not sure if I should order on Amazon for the cheaper price of straight from the Naughty Dog Shop so I can ensure I get one.

u/Ciocana · 2 pointsr/uncharted I took the checklist at the bottom as an indication that it comes with the case however I could be wrong.