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u/thesmithdynasty · -1 pointsr/unixporn

I just installed arch linux over osx and am now happily single booting linux. :)
Software related you can install a customizable window manager, the ones that Sylinn recommended are fantastic options.
Hardware related, I think that the best purchase I have ever made, hands down, is an ssd. It has made things SOOOOOOO much faster, here is what I got (the 240gb version):

It is super easy to install, though they are a little pricey its totally worth it. I have a macbook pro 2010 model, so I also replaced the CD drive with my old hdd with the help of a hard drive caddy like this:

Which was a little harder to install, but not impossible by any means. And its cheap!

If you are so inclined, Samsung just released a line of very affordable ssds up to a terabyte in size for only like 500 bucks (I say only, but for a terabyte ssd thats unheard of). Macs are known for being non-customizable, and apple takes pride in that, but with the help of a very small screwdriver you at least have access to the harddrive, memory, and CD superdrive, which is as good as most other laptops.

u/szorfein · 2 pointsr/unixporn

thanks you. I did not know lua before i started awesome. So the first time i've most learn with the rices of u/elenapan and the awesomewm api together, it's really hard to done something with only the API man, it lack a lots of exemples.

Else to learn lua, i've read the best book on the subject :) the first 100 pages are great. You can find it for free on some site.

There are many others nice sources too like to : , , ,

u/a-schaefers · 3 pointsr/unixporn

Initially I watched an episode of lunduke hour that featured a freeBSD dev

I like the documentation available to help me learn. I got my hands on the FreeBSD handbook and can't wait to get into the design and implementation text book, Addison Wesley, 928 pages.

I appreciate the focus on servers and research computing that is BSD's strong suit.

u/Asaaj · 1 pointr/unixporn

I see that, I suppose I just read it wrong. I found syntax here, and the best textbook my classes used was Code Complete by Steve McConnell. Good book, though huge and often too in-depth. But really, there are more than enough resources online, no need to buy a book. The benefit of it is that the textbook uses C++ to describe more advanced programming practices. It's a focus on how to program well and professionally, rather than just teaching basic syntax

u/bob_twinkles · 6 pointsr/unixporn

All the code is up on github here, so feel free to poke around. If you have specific questions about the architecture or design I wouldn't mind answering those, but I don't have the time to walk you through everything line-by-line. If you need that kind of instruction I would refer you to the fantastic tutorials for OpenGL related stuff and a project oriented tutorial-style book like this one for Java for general programming concepts if you're just getting started. I'm not familiar with anything similar for C/C++ but perhaps someone can chime in with suggestions.

u/p3numbra_3 · 1 pointr/unixporn

Im using belkin pcmcia wifi G card on T20 and win xp (need it because of drivers for ccd camera) and it works ok. Its this card

u/there_be_segfaults · 2 pointsr/unixporn

A Nixeus MODA v2. By no means a high end mechanical keyboard, but I still love it.

u/Jako21530 · 1 pointr/unixporn

I finally got a 1080p monitor!

Amazon link if you are interested

More importantly, I upgraded my GPU to a 380x from a 280x. Now when my computer is kicking, it doesn't sound like a wheezing whale.

To celebrate the occasion I changed up my BSPWM config for the first time in a couple months.




Wallapaper - I changed the colors to blue and added a vingett so my eyes wouldn't melt as I look at the screen.


u/bunni · 1 pointr/unixporn

I've had good luck with AMD cards. This setup has a fairly ancient 5770 with a pair of dvi and minidisplay ports. I then have to inline an active adapter as my thrid display doesn't have a displayport.

u/frownybrownee · 3 pointsr/unixporn

Nope, I'm running a Sandisk Cruzer Edge 16GB. 5.5GB / partition and 9GB /home. Have 1GB free on / and 6GB on home.

EDIT: Just noticed they're 70% off on Amazon, here you go mate.

u/mohabaks · 17 pointsr/unixporn

Thanks ;). Not so skilled on that and my advice might be misleading; though I got a background in cs:This would be my suggestion for someone beginning.

u/parabolize · 24 pointsr/unixporn

Raspian Buster 4.19

Raspberry Pi 3 b+

I3wm, i3 status

On screen: ufetch, tty-clock

Still messing around with it. I'm hoping to copy some of my images to gitlab when im finished. Working on a normal screen size version as well

Keyboard: Rii K18 3-LED Color 2.4GHz Wireless Keyboard

Screen: KOOKYE 3.5" Touch Screen LCD Display Monitor

Case: MakerFocus Raspberry Pi 3 Case Protective Case

Wifi adapter: SunFounder RT5370 USB Wireless Network Wifi Adapter

u/throwaway201701271 · 2 pointsr/unixporn
u/FalcoTeeth · 23 pointsr/unixporn


  • Keyboard: MagicForce
  • Monitor: 23" ASUS
  • Lamp: FORSÅ from IKEA


  • Wallpaper: Here (The wallpaper I wal'd for the color scheme)
  • Terminal: urxvt
  • Font: Roboto Mono (I think)
  • Audio Visualizer: Cava
  • Command: -p 5 -R
u/unkz0r · 2 pointsr/unixporn

Is that a Arachnid keyboard?

Edit: nevermind.. was simular to a arachnid keyboard.
Nixeus MODA v2.

u/YoldasHalayi · 0 pointsr/unixporn

holy shit you are incredibly obnoxious, here's a suggestion for you. i hope you get a decent job in the near future and do something useful with your life