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u/AnTaRes27_ · 1 pointr/utdallas

the books i have:

C++ 8th edition by Tony Gaddis amazon link

C 8th edition by Paul & Harvey Deitel amazon link

Schaum's Outline: Advanced Mathematics for Engineers and Scientists amazon link

the books i want:

Shigley's Mechanical Engineering Design (in SI units); ISBN 978-9339221638

Machinery's Handbook; ISBN 978-0831130916

Machine Shop Trade Secrets by James Harvey; ISBN 978-0831132279 or 978-0831134778 (prefer second edition)

*CNC Trade Secrets by James Harvey; ISBN 978-0831135027

you can PM me your offer and we'll negotiate from there :) note it doesnt really need to be a 1:1 trade. if you have other things in mind PM me anyway i might be interested

i'll delete the post when it's all out. thanks!

u/altered_state · 1 pointr/utdallas

Look into getting an Aeropress. I'm borderline retarded doing anything in the kitchen but everyday I have several people in my UV apartment building ask if they can come by for a coffee made by moi. Super easy.

u/Demenster · 1 pointr/utdallas

Which is perfectly normal but you gave the impression that you would leave it behind which i would recommend against I have a [Corsair Case] ( so mine is fairly mobile except the weight.

u/dragonfly224 · 1 pointr/utdallas

Speaking of lasers, just set these up in my room, they kick ass. Tons of customization. Link, also, be sure to get the little Y cable and power adapter. IKEA has them but they are super expensive and only about 4 ft if memory serves. I put them under my bedframe :D

u/scirc · 2 pointsr/utdallas

Honestly, it was more convenient for me to just buy my own pump. The one I got is like $30 (there are cheaper options available if you scroll down), but at least you know it works, and have it on-hand at home instead of having to find the one on campus that isn't broken.

u/adamsidelsky · 1 pointr/utdallas

If I were you, I would either (A) make sure you have a solder vent sucker like this:

or (B) request badge access to the labs. A lot of students don't know this but you can easily request 24/7 badged access into the building and labs. That's how I used equipment any time of the day or night for any reason.

u/2putts4sure · 1 pointr/utdallas

See if you can't buy/check out the REA Chemistry CLEP book for a refresher. I bought the three books for my three exams, read through each and took the two included practice exams, and passed all three of my CLEPs on the first go with just two days studying for each. Had been more than 10 years since I had taken a history class (and I never even took Psych!). Easier subjects than chem though, of course.

u/FatFingerHelperBot · 0 pointsr/utdallas

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u/prodigize · 2 pointsr/utdallas

I took Calc I & II last semesters and we used [this textbook] ( Check again in a month on coursebook, but you'll most likely use the same book.

u/iamafatweirdo · 5 pointsr/utdallas

She has used this textbook in the past years but I think she's looking to switch to this one.

u/kniveschau305 · 5 pointsr/utdallas

Achiotely Handheld Bidet Toilet Sprayer, Stainless Steel Bathroom Bidet Sprayer Set, Baby Cloth Diaper Sprayer, Wall or Toilet Mount

u/Someslapdicknerd · 2 pointsr/utdallas

Ochem: Grab an old Morrison & Boyd book for sub $20 and go through the chapters that correspond to the Ochem 1 syllabus of previous years. M&B is so far the best no-bullshit way to instruct organic chemistry, and it's a goddamn shame UTD profs don't use it, because the rest of the textbook out there I've come across kinda suck.You can find it cheaper, but this is the edition I bought for myself after I borrowed and used my dad's 2nd edition book for my undergrad.

u/stillinmotionmusic · 1 pointr/utdallas

The Assignments changed in difficulty a lot, some things were very nit picky things from the textbook, others were writing general Assembly programs.

the topics in general were what was difficult, writing Assembly itself wasn't that hard, but understanding how everything fits together with the diagrams was the difficult part.

we used Computer Organization and Design as our textbook, however the book is not designed very well and contains errors, it has a lot of information, but making sense of the information is what was difficult for me.

That's why I am trying to learn Digital Logic because I feel being grounded in that would make reading the diagrams and everything easier. Appendix B in that textbook, tries to cover digital logic, but it isn't explained very well and assumes you already know it when going through the actual material in the book.