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u/Cheesemind_1978 · -7 pointsr/vaxxhappened

If you'd like to learn how to implement vaccines in a safe manner, I suggest this book:

He explains the problem with the current vaccine schedule and teaches you, with facts and science, how to implement vaccines in a way that is safe for your loved ones.

u/Peanutlicious · 5 pointsr/vaxxhappened

From the Amazon site:

> Also included is information on learning to spot, report and treat side effects; talking to your doctor and finding a sympathetic one if you can't, and comparing alternative schedules if you decide to delay or skip shots. When it comes to your child, it's your choice. Vaccines 2.0 will give you the information you need to choose wisely.


u/lostfourtime · 2 pointsr/vaxxhappened

Well at least there's no penalty for making fun. Probably not much luck in swaying anyone who is a fan of that nut job site. May as well have some fun and try to profit though by feeding the stupid. The same page claims that baking soda is a treatment for the flu. Setup an Amazon associates account and then link to some overpriced "natural cures" using your affiliate link. You might get paid.

u/dotlizard · 10 pointsr/vaxxhappened

Antivaxxers believe Agenda 21 is a conspiracy, but in reality it's a non-binding action plan of the United Nations with regard to sustainable development, mostly relating to developing nations. It's a big plan, covering things like fighting poverty, conserving the environment, protecting the vulnerable, and implementing all those things with science and technology. Not a thing about depopulating any first-world countries, or really much about first-world countries at all.

Coincidentally, it's also a novel in the "thriller" category by Glenn Beck (actually written by Harriet Parke). So I guess the first thing to ask a conspiracy theorist if they're talking about the sustainability plans, or the work of fiction Glenn Beck didn't actually write.

There is a neat website about the original Agenda 21, if you're interested in that sort of thing.

u/nmagod · 17 pointsr/vaxxhappened

My sister is into that "essential oils" garbage. See, my building had a bed bug infestation recently (that was fun, oh boy) and I noticed that the things almost instantly died if I put some Fast Orange on them, and brought it up when we all had to go to Montana for our father's funeral service. So, I get to hear all about how essential oils are vital, and good, and pure, yadda yadda.

u/WeirdChickenLady · 5 pointsr/vaxxhappened

Isn’t an autistic dog just a cat? 🤔

Source: All Cats Have Aspergers

u/science_puppy · 14 pointsr/vaxxhappened

I know exactly what you should get her for Christmas

u/AtomicKittensAttack · 5 pointsr/vaxxhappened

Oh yes because all cats have autism!

Seriously, who the heck calls their cat autistic? Your cat can’t talk to you? Oh no your cat is non verbal! Your cat is autistic!

u/PersnicketyPrilla · 44 pointsr/vaxxhappened

The rise in peanut allergies is a direct result of the previous recommendation that children not be given any nuts at all until age 2. It turns out that that was the exact opposite of what parents should have been doing because not exposing children to allergens a young age increases their risk of developing an allergy. By like a lot.

The current recommendation is to begin exposing children to common allergens between 4 and 6 months of age. There are even allergen kits that can be purchased specifically for this purpose.

Hopefully with the new recommendations being followed we will start seeing less and less severe food (and specifically peanut) allergies in future generations.

edit : added link

u/advcthrwy · 2 pointsr/vaxxhappened

I'd have read those as a kid, too bad we didn't know each other for tradesies purposes. I was a bit of a nerd, though.

Also, I actually found the Pasteur book! Here it is on Amazon.

u/Rhesusmonkeydave · 1 pointr/vaxxhappened

The small pox vaccine is the only one I’m aware of that leaves a mark, most people in the U.S. used to have one but its much less common since small pox was all but eradicated.

The only small pox left in the world is government bioweapons and if those break out A) we’re fucked globally and B) the vaccine probably wont make much of a difference since they’ve been tinkering with them to make them worse than they were naturally. Check out Robert Preston’s “The Demon In The Freezer