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u/-LordFabulous- · 13 pointsr/vegancirclejerk

Housing bees is still a great idea! but you wanna really gear it towards the natives

Have a look into 'bee boxes', native solitary bees will live in them (like bumblebees)

You won't have honey, but you'll have a bunch of fat and fuzzy friends to watch in the garden and they do a better job pollinating too <3

Here's an example, but they're quite easy to make if you do any carpentry

Bee boxes are really good for providing homes for the bees in your neighbourhood, it's like a little apartment complex

Good luck if you decide to get one!

u/threeowalcott2 · 1 pointr/vegancirclejerk

Not to be a stickler, but you could easily argue that abstaining from voting is as sensible as going vegan, since it's all about supporting the status quo of a system that's based on unscientific nonsense. I've taken quiet an interest in democracy the past few years and the more I learn about it, the dumber it seems, kinda like animal agriculture.

If you're curious about the subject I'd highly recommend both Against Elections and Against Democracy. Democracy For Realists is pretty enlightening so far as well, but I'm not done with it yet.

u/HealthyPetsAndPlanet · 20 pointsr/vegancirclejerk


Can cats be vegan?

Yes. Cats require many nutrients that typically come from meat. In regular kibble, many of these nutrients are stripped away during processing and added back in from synthetic sources. These same sources are used to fulfill missing nutrients in vegan diets. Studies and anecdotal evidence support vegan diets as a healthy diet for cats.

Vegan dog and cat food has the same amount of carbs, protein, and fat.

There is one point of concern though. Vegan diets are typically more alkaline/basic (high pH) than meat based diets. Basic diets can cause FLUTD (feline lower urinary tract disease), especially in male cats. To combat this their food must be acidified. Most vegan and non-vegan cat kibble is acidified to prevent this condition. It's still a good idea to monitor your cat as it transitions foods to ensure its best health.

The most relevant research has this to say on the matter

> The normal pH of a cat’s urine is 5.5–7, and the normal range for a dog’s urine is pH 5–7 [85]. A pH > 7 indicates alkalinity. A variety of dietary products (e.g., “Vegeyeast” from Harbingers of a New Age—see [26]) and additives can correct alkalinization, should it occur. Asparagus, peas, brown rice, oats, lentils, corn, brussel sprouts and yeast may be included in feline and canine diets, and are all urinary acidifiers [27]. Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is also a urinary acidifier. The British Small Animal Veterinary Association (BSAVA) Small Animal Formulary [86] recommends a dosage of 50–80 mg/kg every 24 h for cats and dogs. And for more serious cases, the amino acids methionine and cysteine may be used [13]. The BSAVA Small Animal Formulary [86] recommends a dosage of 200 mg/cat every 8 h. More detailed advice about urinary alkalinisation and corrective strategies is available via, or within veterinary medical texts.

> Increased urinary acidity, decreased urinary magnesium and increased water consumption all help to keep the urinary pH within a healthy acidic range, and help to prevent the formation of struvite crystals. However, acidifying nutrients, agents, or products should be used carefully, as excessive levels can lead to metabolic acidosis. Increased urinary acidity may also promote higher urinary excretion of calcium and lower excretion of magnesium, and magnesium is a natural inhibitor to the formation of urinary stones associated with calcium [87].

  • source

    > "Urinary pH is the most important factor in determining the SAP [struvite activity product, which can lead to FLUTD]. Acidification of urine causes deprotonation of phosphates and increases the total proportion of urine phosphate existing as trivalent anions, reducing the SAP.6 Urinary pH and SAP have been reduced with both dietary modification and administration of urinary acidifiers.7 The solubility of struvite is maximized when the urinary pH is <6.4 ... acidification of the urine to <6.29 may increase the risk of calcium oxalate urolith formation...[Urinary acidifiers] should be considered only when the urine pH is >6.5 with ad libitum feeding conditions...A general recommendation for prevention of urolithiasis is to increase water consumption...Diets with reduced magnesium that maintain a urine pH between 6 and 6.3 are recommended despite lack of evidence of efficacy...Monitoring urine pH is recommended to assess dietary compliance and efficacy. Values between 6.0 and 6.5 may reduce the incidence of calcium oxalate and struvite crystal formation. "

  • source

    So what should you do?

  • Always soak a cat's food in water for at least 30 minutes before feeding
  • Buy vegan cat foods that have been acidified to lower pH. pH 6.3-6.4 is optimal, though exact pH will not likely be advertised. You can check for acidifiers by looking in the ingredient list for sodium bisulfate, dl-methionine, ammonium chloride, Vitamin C and the others discussed in the above study. These are already commonly added to regular pet foods.
  • Check your cat's urine pH 1-2 weeks after switching to vegan and then twice a year. pH > 7 is a problem.
  • For cats the target food pH is 6.3-6.5. Urine should be 6.0-6.5. Below or above this range is unhealthy. Acidifiers are only needed if the urine is above 6.5.
  • If your cat appears to be in pain when using the litter box, immediately contact your vet. FLUTD is a serious condition that can lead to death.
  • If you make your own food, which is not recommended, it is extremely important to check pH after it is thoroughly blended and mixed, and that the pH is 6.3-6.5. The author of Obligate Carnivore recommends taking these steps in the following order
  1. For minor cases, enzyme supplements which include methionine, vitamin C, and/or cranberry extract will be sufficient. These limit both urinary alkalinisation and inflammation. They also aid digestion, and can result in increased vitality.
  2. For moderate cases, Gillen states that Vegecat pH, with added sodium bisulfate, may be sufficient.
  3. For severe cases Gillen recommends methionine pills. Severe cases also require a visit to the vet and possibly removing them from a vegan diet. Gillen estimates 85-90% of cats will never experience even a minor case.

    Can I make my own vegan pet food?

    It is possible, but risky. The vast majority of recipes, even those made by veterinarians, are nutritionally incomplete.

    You must ensure the pets diet is nutritionally complete, digestible and the appropriate pH for proper health. For example, cats have problems digesting carbs unless they are blended, baked and processed as is done for kibble. It is recommended to add a supplement such as VegeCat or VegeDog to get most essential nutrients. may also help.

    Additionally, you must be wary you do not add poisonous or harmful ingredients to a pets diet. Everyone knows chocolate is poisonous to dogs, but did you know grapes, raisins, onions, garlic, and chives are also poisonous? There are many other foods that are not recommended, commonly because they are too fatty, salty, or cause digestive issues. Research all ingredients before feeding to your pet.

    It will likely be easier, cheaper, and safer to buy pre-made pet food. Treats can still be made to supplement their food, but it is risky to make home-made meals the bulk of their nutrition.

u/acultinsideofme · 2 pointsr/vegancirclejerk

/uj If you're from Florida I recommend checking out this book so you can make all your circlejerk dreams a reality! There's another one called incredible wild edibles but it's only good for the stories and historical facts.

u/justin_timeforcake · 5 pointsr/vegancirclejerk

Look, I'm a total atheist (obviously) (DAE Dawkins lolol) but there's literally proof in the bible that blow jobs are like the most vegan and sacred thing ever.

So, it's pretty obvious that Adam and Eve were vegans, right? They had all the vegan food they could possibly want in the garden of Eden. It wasn't called the "deli of Eden" was it?

Anyway, they were all happy and getting along with all the animals and running around naked giving each other Divine Vegan Oral Sex (because God was all like "You can eat everything you see here.")

But then Satan came along in the form of an evil snake {obvious phallic symbolism}. See, just like in today's memes, Satan likes to use snakes to confuse vegans into making hypocrites (sinners) of themselves so they'll get kicked out of the garden of Eden (veganism). {Paradoxically, his lesser-known "good" twin, Seitan, is a vegan activist who has done more for the vegan cause than even Saint Ingrid of Newkirk.}

So Eve was tricked because she thought she was talking to a big dick, and that's vegan, but it was actually a snake, which was actually Satan. And he was all like "OOoh, come on baby, eat that apple, eat that apple real good...ooh yeah, that's it...oh, it's so juicy and hard and ripe...yeah...unghhh...." and she was used to both apples and blowjobs being totes vegan so she was all over it and did things to that apple that I can't even mention here.

But, as was revealed later in the bible (Showerthoughts 18:4) some people do not know that blowjobs are vegan. This kind of ignorance is a sin. It's actually a cardinal sin and anyone who asks the question "Are blowjobs vegan?" is supposed to be struck down by lightening and their body eaten by locusts. But I digress.

So, you can see how literally the worst thing that ever happened to humans was when they got kicked out of the garden of Vegan and became ex-vegans, miserable creatures destined to wander aimlessly on the earth ranting and raving a bunch of incoherent nonsense. And ever since then, Satan-Penis-Snake has been trying to trick the remaining vegans into losing their divine and perfect state of vegan-ness. So don't fall for it!

u/JordyVerrill · 1 pointr/vegancirclejerk

Oh yeah? Well you go right ahead and enjoy your vitamin B^acon 12 deficiency there buddy.

Your hatred of bacon is unfounded

u/Maklodes · 3 pointsr/vegancirclejerk

It's just your old non-vegan orders (like Tuscan Whole Milk) clearing out of the delivery system. Once all of your previous omnivorous Amazon orders are cleared, your deliveries should become more regular.

u/theuntamedshrew · 3 pointsr/vegancirclejerk

I just put a couple [of these] ( under my bun when I have a burger. Try it. You won't be disappointed.

u/timelimitdraw · 10 pointsr/vegancirclejerk

There is literally a plant-based Mexican food cookbook titled Decolonize Your Diet.

u/Odd_nonposter · 14 pointsr/vegancirclejerk

A good book to read on that: The Sexual Politics of Meat. Long story short, it's all tied to the idea of masculine dominance. Same reasons why men are allowed to be more violent, men are (historically) allowed to get away with lewd comments and such, and bodily commodification.

I drew a lot of ties between meat, strip clubs, and sheep shows after I read this book.

u/kcirvam · 9 pointsr/vegancirclejerk

is no one going to link to the amazon page so we can all give it 1 star reviews?

I gotta do everything around here

u/HannibalLightning · -2 pointsr/vegancirclejerk

Who? Scholars?

In terms of actual Russian deaths, figure was around 20 million. That is only killed. It doesn't include the mass deportations. But that's a critical examination of every communist country, which puts the number at 97 million deaths throughout the history of communism.