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u/PsychoWithAChainsaw · 4 pointsr/vinyljerk

The one cheap vinyls player I have to recomend to EVERYONE who asks me is [this one] ( Such high quality for your buck, cost efficent and beautiful. You've never heard your vinyls play on a better turntable.

u/chippewhattha · 1 pointr/vinyljerk

Actually, if you just save up for a few more months, you could get this all-in-one: link. Clear off some room on your dresser!

u/mawnck · 2 pointsr/vinyljerk

Live a little! Be a gypsy! Get around! You'll have all sorts of friends, girl and otherwise!

u/josheves03 · 0 pointsr/vinyljerk

This is the turntable I have atm:
Would you recommend just selling this on and purchasing a new LP Turntable?