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u/SafeNeighbor · 9 pointsr/vjing

My projector is a short throw Optima GT1080 on a generic stand. All the clips were from AtmosFX. I got them into Resolume, organized them, and had like ~60 clips to play with. I launched them with my Akai APC40 mkii. Surprisingly, my mid-tier laptop with only on-board graphics worked fine. It was a good few hours of work to organize the session but I can easily reuse it next year. I also had some DJ lights going with music. Plenty of people complimented, took photos, and even stopped and sat to watch. I'd definitely recommend it. People are so amazed with projection mapping and this took like only 5 minutes to actually map.

u/Zenithik · 11 pointsr/vjing

Here's what I would do (and have done) to get started:


  • Get a laptop with a decent graphics card
  • Download Resolume Arena 6 (free, with watermark on output)
  • Download free visuals from Beeple to play with
  • Optional: Buy a MIDI controller to make control easier, especially for future performances. This is my personal favorite, but you could use something like this too.
  • Optional: connect to a projector and point it at something weird in your room and try to projection map it


  • Download GrandMA2 and MA3D
  • Watch a LOT of tutorials (Console Training to start, Christian Jackson for more advanced things)
  • Start making small rigs and visualize them using MA3D, controlling them with MA2
  • Optional: Learn how to connect a MIDI controller using remote inputs
  • NOTE: to actually output from MA you need MA hardware. This is expensive, but you are also learning the most used lighting software in the entertainment industry and it will be invaluable information. If you want to get outputting lights using professional software for a relatively affordable price, consider the Elation M-Touch.


  • Download the QuickShow demo
  • Learn how to use it
  • Learn and understand rules around using lasers at events and what is required (I.E. variances!)
  • Take proper training as you could literally blind someone if you do this wrong


  • Ask a professional for real training
  • Absolutely do not do this yourself
  • ...That is, unless you are interested in fire spinning on stage AKA flowarts, in which case, I can help you with that too. But I am assuming you are talking about controlled pyrotechnics here.


  • Learn the difference between a fogger, hazer, and Co2
  • Learn the difference between an oil based hazer and a water based one
u/DataPhreak · 1 pointr/vjing

Couple of things.


  1. 120 inches is still pretty small.
  2. that stand is worth its weight in dog turds.

    edit: not done. pressed by accident.



    This is only 100 inch. I'm not posting this as a suggestion. I just want you to look at the picture. You see the stand on this? That's the kind of stand you want. 2 legs on each end, with enough space for you to place sandbags, or better yet, something you can stake into the ground. This one is kind of shit though.


    For an entry level projector screen, these guys have good prices and better selection. As you can see, 120 inches is pretty small. If the specific club doesn't have the headroom for your screen, or the throw space for your projector, consider doing a permanent screen installation for them with coroplast like u/ThatLightingGuy suggested. It will cost "The Club" maybe 50 bucks. And make sure the club pays for it, and they understand it belongs to them.
u/MDJT_Dan · 1 pointr/vjing

I painted right onto the console, but it was a light grey to begin with. Just guessing, I think a white base polish would work better because that's what a top layer nail polish is made for.

Glow in the dark polish definitely looks cooler, but a USB gooseneck lamp is also worth considering.

u/shiftrobot · 1 pointr/vjing

I have been using this one for a year and I like native 1080p to make all my videos in 1080p. For the price its the best I found. My stage is about 30 feet by 20 feet has still has tons of room. To get a better would would run 5k+. I can send you a video of my mappings if you like.

u/OnlyAnotherTom · 1 pointr/vjing

I don't have personal experience with it, but the AVerMedia Game Capture HD2 looks like a good option. Works as a stand alone box with HDMI in and through, records to an internal HDD without needing USB for data or power. one drawback is that it can't be used as capture into a PC, unlike other AVerMedia products.

Like the one you linked it's under $150 but it's not clear if it includes a HDD, so might be worth a look.

u/projectileobjects · 1 pointr/vjing

Do you want to record your sessions with a video camera (at home) if so, then buy a 3LCD projector, if not then the Optoma GT series are on of the brighter and cheaper Short throw projectors.

Less than $500 and easier to mount, pickup and put down almost anywhere. If you want a standard throw projector there are some others I have my eye on.

u/twirlnumb · 1 pointr/vjing

$50 - Pyle mini has knobs, faders, buttons. I haven't tried it but considered getting it as a second controller next to my apc40mkii. Small size would be good for travel but still would want to get a cover for it.
Pyle USB MIDI Controller Board - Mini Portable Workstation Equipment w/ 9 Faders, Knobs, & DJ Transport Buttons - Control DAW Software Kit for Laptop Electronic Music Recording Production - PMIDIPD30

$100 akai midimix this was also one I considered. Lots of knobs and faders. Boring buttons but all you need.
AKAI Professional MIDImix | High-Performance Portable Fully-Assignable MIDI Mixer & DAW Controller

If I had to buy my first again, I'd still get the akai apc40 mkii. Every pro VJ I see at the shows I go to use this it seems, the midi fighters also I see a lot and those are sweet but expensive.

u/rallyaroundus · 1 pointr/vjing

Interested in this here, might have to save for awhile though

BenQ HT2050

u/ChernobogSkull · 1 pointr/vjing

Something as simple and inexpensive as a Micca Speck might do the job for you. They are relatively versatile, and Amazon sells them in the $40 range -

With inexpensive devices like these, though, I recommend getting backup units in case of issues.

u/BunkyDingDing · 1 pointr/vjing

I got this. It's pretty sweet for smaller club/bar gigs.

Epson VS345 WXGA 3LCD Projector 3000 Lumens Color Brightness

u/lachumproyale1210 · 1 pointr/vjing

best short throw for the price and specs that I found is this one.

It's DLP but a)I don't think any of the animations I'll be projecting move bright whites quickly and b) if it does... it might look badass actually.

Out of curiosity though, what spec would I need to look at to see how bad the rainbow effect will be?

u/venturoo · 1 pointr/vjing

Oh your using mac? I cant hate cause I love modul8 but macs are a pile of shit hardware wise.

In that case I would say a distribution amp to split your signal into another machine that can record from OBS. you can get an hdmi splitter for low end 20-30 bucks. Of course you would need an additional PC for the recording so the other guys SD option may be better.

u/dcurry431 · 2 pointsr/vjing

I've had an APC40 for years and I love mine to death, but that's my biggest gripe with it too. Keep an eye out for deals on the APC40 Mk II, it's layout is a little different and would probably necessitate some workflow changes, but it's USB-powered.

u/couponsaver · 1 pointr/vjing

totally. imo you wont be doing any mapping on a $200 projector.

i have a couple of these, theyre great

u/laserpilot · 5 pointsr/vjing

hm ok - here is the benq - if you look at its specs its a 0.6 throw ratio - i know there is a 0.5 out there too, but i'm not going to google for too long:

I think the NEC short throw might be cheaper. I would be careful of the ones with mirrors - if that mirror gets scratched, you're fucked - they have to be handled a little more delicately than a normal projector.

And finding something 500-600'll get what you pay for - which is probably 2000lumens, low resolution - but there might be ultra shorts for that price point. I would invest in one of these guys.

u/mattdawg8 · 2 pointsr/vjing

Hey, somehow I missed this comment 2 months ago.

Do you have any advice regarding screen mapping?

I guess I'm not sure when it would come up, outside of a multiple projector setup. I've been using one of these VGA to Ethernet extenders to get multiple outs, but it's really no different than just sending to one output, as they're all mirrored.

When would the rest of it come up? You mention connection types, resolution conflicts, and transcoding video.