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u/The_WFRP_Companion · 1 pointr/warhammerfantasyrpg

Afraid I won't be approving your post under Rule #2 as I consider it to be low effort but primarily because if you're after 2nd Edition books the way of getting your hands on them is well known and I'm happy to share.

You'll probably already have found the official PDF source which is here:

The best source you'll find is Amazon, it's a bit hard to search for them so start with the 2nd Edition core rulebook and look through the relevant items:

Please note however that it's not gonna be cheap. Core Rulebook usually fetches about £70-80 but it's slowly getting more expensive. Other books will vary between £40-60 depending on value, but you may occasionally catch something for cheaper.

If you're UK based then rarely stockers like WHS Smith can have them online, but it's mostly dried up and you'll probably only be able to get 3rd Edition material.

Your last main option will be Ebay, and there's often the basic stuff for the same price as Amazon that you can buy without bidding but if you do want more advanced stuff be prepared to fight for it:

I hope this helps, it can be a real challenge getting a hand on these books. For 2nd Edition they are not at least 10 years old, the core rulebook is now 13 years old.

Please do post again if you have follow up questions or want to share what adventures you get up to :P

u/HyarionCelenar · 2 pointsr/warhammerfantasyrpg


This is the link to the core rule book for First Edition

This is the link to the Second Edition core rule book:

Third Edition comes in a boxed set.

Your best bet for finding the first two is used on ebay or from a google search. The Third edition box is or ebay. Good luck!

u/mockinggod · 7 pointsr/warhammerfantasyrpg

Took me way too long to find it again but the best compromise is using paper prints and displaying them with either Plastic Capsules or Game Card Stands

I don't recommend those particular products I haven't done my research.

u/TheNonAbsolute · 2 pointsr/warhammerfantasyrpg

I actually use Paizo Flip-Mats and draw on them with Dry-erase Markers, because that is most suited to my Style of Prep and running Games.

I also use some of the Minis I have from other Games to mark the Heroes and Villains if possible, but that is not always the case. LotR Moria Orks work as Goblins, and Poxwalkers work as Zombies, but a Rivertroll, or a Halfling Scholar? No Chance portraying that with what I have here.

What I do in those Cases is just use a Die to mark the Position and Wounds of a Monster or Character, I have enough Dice in enough Colors to make that work pretty well.


Edit: me no spell gud