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u/elboydo · 4 pointsr/watchpeopledie

I remember reading "the body farm", a great book about one of the first US body farms -- places where they set bodies to decay to monitor what happens.

One part was regarding the effect of burning on bodies and how they could recognize if a car was burnt intentionally and if the bodies were alive / dead / planted when the car was set on fire due to how the muscles may contract.

It was great reading in secondary school class and great if the teacher looked at the books people were reading as it also had excellent pictures and figures.


I think this was the book:

u/insurancefun · 20 pointsr/watchpeopledie

For anyone interested in wildfires and how they can catch you “Young Men and Fire” by Norm MacLean (A River Runs Through It) is an interesting read I highly recommend.

u/theshalomput · 1 pointr/watchpeopledie

i wish I still had my copy it's worth $100. Here's Amazon reviews if you don't believe me. Again, nothing in this subreddit can compare to what he did.

u/nonsignifier · -15 pointsr/watchpeopledie

Not a joke, as that is actually proof of racism

Sources included

Edit: I love when this happens :D

u/JackFucington · 2 pointsr/watchpeopledie

History is cyclical and it tends to repeat itself. Maybe you should be a little more concerned with educating yourself on what your side of the political spectrum was responsible for in the 20th century. I could care less about your personal experience fallacy, those tend to be extremely bias based on the worldview the person wants to portrait and they tend to ignore what statistics say, and in this case the statistics for Europe are quite damning.

If you don't think that it can happen again you are very naive. You live in a world where it is still happening. Socialism has destroyed Venezuela right before our eyes, plain as day, and there is nothing you or I can do about it and no government that cares to intervene, nor should they. North Korea is a relic from the 20th century and one big Gulag. China, a world superpower is a great example of a country that censors the data in/data out that you are referring to. Read The Will to Power by Nietzsche, The Gulag Archipelago by Solzhenitsyn (even if its just the abridged version, it is a masterpiece and changed my life), and Orwell's 1984. Read these and then cross reference what you learn with current political climate regarding political correctism, left wing authoritarian political systems in your countries over there that compel speech and ban certain idea's and criticisms, your governments collectivist policies and your firearm policies. After you read them you should be able to see striking similarities to your current political landscape and you will know just how close you are to the edge. At very least you will escape the ideological bubble you seem to be in.

u/bvcxy · 9 pointsr/watchpeopledie

Maybe read some books on the subject by actual historians. I can recommend this one, which coincidentally has a whole chapter on this subject i.e. the Red Army atrocities.

u/platetone · 2 pointsr/watchpeopledie

Every time I see a discussion about professional executioners, I have to throw in a link to this fascinating book I read a few years back on the famous executioner of Nuremberg....

u/_AlreadyTaken_ · 2 pointsr/watchpeopledie

Some other things that tipped off insurance investigators were that his pet macaw and his artwork were moved out just before the fire. He also claims he had scuba gear near his bed and used it to escape down a rope ladder. Like you said, he was totally broke and asking friends for money at the end and he couldn't handle his fall from grace.

He had a neurotic need to be right. Instead of paying a fine for a motorcycle accident he caused he pushed it to two trials (he lost in the end) and then wrote a book called "moron drivers" out of spite.

u/Intertubes_Unclogger · 11 pointsr/watchpeopledie

I know what you mean, but it's not only a possible excuse, it's also one of the factual causes. When your whole world tells you that education and a job aren't an option, that crime is your destiny, it's extremely hard to choose a different path.

This book opened my eyes on the issue. The author isn't blind to the moral side of things but set out to describe a bad neighborhood in detail. It's a great but depressing read.

u/Glumbot_2 · 3 pointsr/watchpeopledie

That could be true, but I think in this case it's just complete stupidity and nothing else.

Also I'm not sure why you got downvoted so hard, drugs were even used in WWII by the Nazis for this exact reason. To keep them going through all the hell of war, christ there's even a book written about it. Hitler did more than anyone, to "keep up his appearance", and the commanding officers actually issued drugs to the Nazis. I've read the whole book, and the main argument stemmed from the research is that the Nazi's were only able to do what they did because of the drugs fueling them. I highly recommend this book, it's extremely interesting and has years of research behind it.

I'm not sure if the Iraqi government actually does supply troops with drugs, but it's definitely possible a lot of these soldiers do take drugs to cope with the hell of their situation. Sorry you got downvoted so much man, I can definitely see the reasoning behind your statement.

u/funfungiguy · 36 pointsr/watchpeopledie

Pretty much not off the mark. Phil Zimbardo, who is the psychologist famous for the Stanford Prison Experiment, helped co-write a book called Violence Workers: Police Torturers and Murderers Reconstruct Brazilian Atrocities, and basically, yeah, they got wives and kids. Have barbeques and hang out with friends and drink. They keep their professional life and their personal lives very separate.

Granted this book mostly focuses on police torturers, death squad members, and generally people that are employed by the government, and that may have an influence because it's a little easier to justify what you're doing when you can tell yourself your a soldier or a policeman and on the right side of the law, and that what you're doing is getting drugs off your streets and reducing crime, as if the ends justify the means. Whereas these guys chopping off rivals heads with chainsaws mostly seem like criminals committing crime and a lot of these guys are probably complete maniacs.

But in Zimbardos research, at least when these guys are doing this for the police or as a death squad soldier working for a heavy-handed government, a lot of the total psychopaths (who you would think might me the ideal candidate for this fucked up line of work) are weeded out pretty quickly as being loose cannons, and not really reliable for extracting information they want. The ones that are good at torturing people and murdering people actually have fairly solid heads on their shoulders, look at what they're doing as righteous and for a bigger cause (to keep their streets safe, or to support a family by working for the government which has the population to provide for, etc.). And for the violence workers interviewed, they basically just leave all that rotten shit in the office on Friday afternoon and go home to mow the lawn and lay in the hammock, or whatever.