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u/wickler02 · 1 pointr/whiskey

The Japanese whiskeys are just a weird state now...

It's pretty much a general consensus that the Japanese whiskeys are wonderful and great (I know some people may not agree, but it's extremely hot now...) From a few website I can find like this:

They were selling at $50-$60 a bottle back in 2013 according to this article.

Years ago before 2013, they were selling for $35-$40 a bottle. I cannot verify that because I only started collecting booze in late 2014. So why are they selling for $100 for the 12 year stuff now when 5+ years, they were supposedly $35-$40? Are they really that scarce?

The answer is no, they aren't that scarce. Suntory is just a smart company and created an increased demand and effectively increased the price of all their whiskeys from around $40 a bottle to $100 and the majority of people discovering this didn't know it. They started winning awards, "getting discovered more" and everyone read that the Japanese whisky/scotch are "beating" the Scottish and that the Scottish need to step up their game, mainly coming from this book from Jim Murray:

> For the first time since the “Whiskey Bible” was first published in 2003, not a single top-five whiskey came from Scotland. Murray called it a “wake-up call” for Scottish distilleries, according to the Independent. Ouch

The winner of that year was the Yamazaki Sherry Cask, which is extremely rare and costs thousands of $$$. So everyone is "discovering" japanese whiskey and Suntory knew how to exploit the public. You cannot get the Sherry cask, so everyone is looking for "Yamazaki." They cannot get it, but they can get Hakushu.

Suntory had enough money to buy Jim Beam... Their flagship whiskeys are not scarce if they can buy a major American Distillery.

This year, now Crown Royal won with Northern Harvest Rye... the same award.

What does this mean?

It means that award winners get hyped like crazy. It also might mean distilleries could buy awards by paying a guy off like Jim Murray if it means they can sell their product at a higher price. We don't know this, but it's very possible

It means when you win an award, you get a bunch of free press and everyone wants to try your booze. You can create an extra demand by limiting your booze supply and slowly increase the price over time.

Usually the award winners are great, but distilleries exploit this like crazy so they can sell their product at a much higher price if they play their cards correctly. Japanese are the hottest thing in the booze world now and the Japanese know when they have a good thing going, they will exploit it.

As soon as more people figure this out, the hype train will probably end, but it's hard to know if the price will drop back down, or just stay at the higher levels.

So, what I will say to you is just this...

Drink the whiskeys, enjoy them. Know that some distilleries will take advantage of their press and create a fake supply/demand by limiting their release. Don't buy into award winners as much as you should. Find things you like by doing tastings. Gauge how much you enjoy it compared to the price. And really... just enjoy the damn booze, that's what really matters.

u/Nelom · 1 pointr/whiskey

> Cool, have fun with it!

Thanks, I'm sure I will. Perhaps a tad too much fun. It's only been a couple of weeks, but I'm already feeling like perhaps I'm drinking a little too much of it. It's just something about each sip of each type, noticing the flavours, nosing the glass before, during and after...

And it's more than just the drinking of it. These past couple of weeks, the topic of whisky is rarely far from my mind. I keep thinking about what to buy next, reading different articles and reviews, I just ordered a book on the subject, and I'm thinking on getting a few different glasses to complement my Glencairn... Yeah, it's safe to say I'm getting quite hooked.

As someone who usually dives deep and headfirst into new hobbies this is nothing new, and I'm really loving learning new things about a new topic like this. I haven't really been this obsessive since I got into home theatre and DVDs back in the late 90s. Fun stuff.

Thanks again. The reddit whisky subs and everyone in them have been great. It's part of what's made this so much fun so far.

u/vinnievon · 1 pointr/whiskey

Whiskey drinker male here for far too long - so here are my two cents.

  1. Decanters are really kind of pointless. They can look cool but meh.

  2. Whiskey stones suck. I bought them and were really disappointed. Get these things. They fucking ROCK. (No pun intended.)
  3. This guy is basically THE voice on Whiskey. Great read. Unfortunately he has passed away but good guide for the future.
  4. For glassware I have kind of been interested in these just because they look awesome. I personally own these and they also get some great comments. I've personally never really found a shape that changes the taste so I just wanted something a little more flashy.
  5. I'm turning 30 this year and I bought myself a 21 year old bottle of bourbon and am getting it laser engraved. Things Remembered will do anything really so if you know what he likes (or just as an add in, doesn't have to be crazy expensive) maybe an engraved bottle.

    Hope this helps!
u/py_Ninja · 1 pointr/whiskey

The one that I've gone to, twice and a third time next year :), was very much worth it; there were scotches, bourbons, ryes, vodkas, gins, rums, etc everywhere. There was also free apps, loved me the smoked salmon, for days. AND I got to keep the snifter, or Glencairn, that I used throughout the night.

My ticket was $75, for all you can drink, from $1000 bottles, and all you can eat. That really just replaces a couple of weeks worth of going out; it's more than worth it.

Hope yours is similar, both in experience and in price :)

u/drfalken · 1 pointr/whiskey

Don't buy him a bottle. Yeah of course everyone who drinks wants something to drink, but he will drink it and then its gone. Get him something that lasts, something that every time he drinks he will think about you and the gift. Ice cube trays and glasses are your best bet. There are also some places where you can get a phrase engraved on the glass as well, which is an added touch.

The 2 things that my whiskey can't live without are a nice double old fashioned glass (get more than one, they're cheep)
Crate and Barrel
And a nice BIG ice tray Tovolo King Cube

Don't get whiskey stones, they can hold flavor from one whiskey to the next, and my preference is a little water with my whiskey, hence the ice cubes. You can go for a Glencairn they are designed for whiskey, but in my mind i prefer the double old fashioned glasses, because they're more versatile.

u/Throwaway674764838 · 2 pointsr/whiskey

He definitely enjoys a glass of whiskey on the rocks but he is starting to get more into the aromas and flavors so I think I might get one or two of those and then also one or two rocks glasses.

I have found quite a few rocks glasses on amazon but I'm not sure how to tell which ones are good quality (not cheaply made). Any recommendations? I want to make sure I get him quality glasses.

Are these good quality?

u/Evtide · 2 pointsr/whiskey

I’ve been using this one with great results.

(I hope that link came through)

It’s important that clear ice is achieved, otherwise there’s no real benefit over regular freezer ice. Clear melts much slower.

u/blowjazzle · 6 pointsr/whiskey

I love my Stanley flask, it's not concave which would make it more comfortable to carry in jeans and easy to conceal. But, it's got a wider mouth than others I've had which helps with pouring (and drinking!). Also Stanley thormoses are bad ass! IMHO.

u/the_signal_tree · 1 pointr/whiskey

I have this Stanley flask in black.

I've heard people say that the Stanley products made today are pretty inferior to the older stuff. While some of that may be true, this flask has suited my needs very well. No problems at all.

The thing I love the most about it is it's shape. It's a bit taller and the body is tapered in on the one side, making it slightly triangular. It's the perfect fit for the inside pocket of a jacket or blazer.

u/PerspektiveGaming · 9 pointsr/whiskey

Does he eat cake or other sweets with whisky? If not, he may just be confused, and buying a bottle of whisky would be a safer route.

If he doesn't have a set of Glencairn Glasses that might be a nice gift as well.

u/jsmith84 · 1 pointr/whiskey

I like mine chilled but not very watered down. So I picked up one of these from Amazon and it works great. Keeps it cold without melting very fast.

u/ButterLust · 1 pointr/whiskey

I bought these double walled rocks glasses from Amazon and I love them for a few reasons:

  • I drink my whiskey with ice and the double walls act like insulation so it takes way longer for the ice to melt and I'm not left with whiskey that's too watered down by the time I get to the bottom of my drink.

  • Condensation doesn't collect on the outside of the glass so I don't have to worry about it dripping in my lap when I pick it up for a drink and it doesn't get my hands all wet.

  • They're big enough for my extra large ice cubes
u/Gelectrode_ · 1 pointr/whiskey

OP's glasses are not too bad looking for whiskeys tbh. It will work nicely with a really high proof dram. Why not pick up a set of 2 or 4 glencairn's to go with current glass set as a just in case. You can get similar looking glencairns as well but they cost a lot more. OR not worry about it, i like having different glasses in my collection so maybe this person will too.

u/Ju1c333 · 1 pointr/whiskey

Crystal Clear Ice Ball Maker - Ice Ball Spheres Whiskey Tray Mold Maker

$32, it's just rubber mold and styrofoam for the case. It's a bit over priced but makes perfect ice balls every time.

u/quercus_robur · 3 pointsr/whiskey

Great, they look real nice, but realize that drinking out of those glasses won't accent the aroma of a whiskey as much as a glass with a more closed opening. Hence the common recommendation for a Glencairn glass, or something similarly shaped:

Decanters are mostly for looks--I certainly wouldn't keep expensive whisky in one for long.

u/wrugoin · 1 pointr/whiskey

I was given a few air canisters of nitrogen as a gift.

The thought was I could open a bottle of wine, drink half the bottle, and by using the nitrogen, could remove much of the oxygen out of the bottle and preserve the bottle for a 2nd use.

I wonder if the same concept would work to better preserve an expensive/rare whiskey that's a quarter/half full.

u/ems88 · 1 pointr/whiskey

Check out The Joy of Home Distilling by Rick Morris and Craft of Whiskey Distilling by Bill Owens.

And, as everyone else mentioned, absolutely do check out Tasting Whiskey.

Also worth checking out is How to Make Whiskey by Brian Davis.

u/JayPASS · 1 pointr/whiskey

I have this Tovolo and like it. The mold is soft, so it is easy to get the ice cube out.

u/WhiskeyMasterRace · 12 pointsr/whiskey

Here you go

  • step one: subscribe to /r/bourbon
  • Buy a bottle of Buffalo Trace, Elijah Craig 12, Evan Williams Single Barrel, or Four Roses Small Batch
  • Pour your new purchase into any glass you have, but look into getting a Glencairn
  • Sit back and enjoy!

u/bpi89 · 6 pointsr/whiskey

Are they all unopened? For unopened bottles just keep them upright, in their boxes, and at moderate temperatures (room temp inside is fine).

If any are opened then maybe look into a wine preserver that uses inert gas like this, for the next time they're opened. Don't open for the sake of spraying them, but for any bottles that are less than 3/4 full, next time you open them to have a drink, spray the inert gas preserve in there as directed and that will help prevent them from oxidizing further.

u/Neversafeforlife · 6 pointsr/whiskey

Looks like international shipping is insanely expensive. Might wanna keep it to UK area orders for now :/

Heres a cheaper shipping option for USA folks

these guys are gonna be like “wtf is going on with the flood of orders?!?!”

u/xChocolateCake · 1 pointr/whiskey

Hey! Thank you for your answer and your recommendation. This is a book that I found, - would that be any good?

I'm falling asleep - will reply with a more thorough reply tomorrow.

u/Tattooligan · 2 pointsr/whiskey

This book is awesome, gives you a lot of hard to find info on a ton of American whiskey

u/LazyWASP · 1 pointr/whiskey

I only use filtered water when I make giant ice cubes because
I can taste the difference between ice made with filtered water and ice made with plain tap water.

I prefer my whiskey neat, with a glass of filtered water on the rock.

u/mattisafriend · 1 pointr/whiskey

Decanter, glasses, coasters. For a book I'd recommend Clay Risen's

u/neurogeneticist · 2 pointsr/whiskey

I would suggest a large ice cube tray or two. My husband and I use ours all the time. $15 is a bit constraining even for a 375, and glencairns or rocks glasses might run more than that as well.

u/QWOP_Expert · 1 pointr/whiskey

I took some pictures of a couple of Glencairns I have around, one is a known genuine glass purchased in person from the Glen Garioch Distillery, the other is from a 4-pack on Amazon (note it was priced at ~$24 when I bought it). To me, they look and feel exactly the same. The etching is also the same as far as I can tell. The packaging for the Glen Garioch glasses is obviously different from a standard Glencairn, but the Amazon glasses came in a plain cardboard box with 4 individually boxed glasses in it.

Album with a few comparison pictures.

u/atrain728 · 1 pointr/whiskey

I went to amazon and ordered this:

I have decided that for $60 I can deal with foggy, square ice cubes.

u/roadkill6 · 1 pointr/whiskey

It's just a double-walled whiskey glass. They are available wherever bar glass is sold and on Amazon.

u/DocWarlock · 2 pointsr/whiskey

Looking again at the spine of Messiah War it appears that you did see Deadpool after all. He's just not in the title.

u/Daerdread · -1 pointsr/whiskey

I'm not big on rocks either, mine came in a bag of 9, I think they're granite, and it takes most of them to chill one drink.

I've used two types of ice-ball makers: Tovolos and OnDaRox. I only recommend the former, the latter are a pain to fill properly. There were many times they froze together, and I had to chip them apart myself.