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u/XboxFitnessTest · 2 pointsr/witbox

Welcome welcome

I would recommend a few things depending on what you're looking to do.

For helping smooth out the print I regularly use XTC-3D by smoothon- You basically coat your print with the epoxy and it dries smooth. You really need to put it on really thin or else you will lose the details of your print. Once its dried you can sand it further or paint.

I also regularly use a dremel to remove excess pieces or grind away parts I cant tear off.

I also picked up these needle files that are awsome for sanding down detailed areas.

I also use sculpting tools to help remove stubborn support materials.

Specifically the forth tool from the left

Other than that I just use sanding paper when needed.

Hope that helps and hope you are enjoying the witbox

u/JJT_Awesome · 1 pointr/witbox

Well shit... yeah. Shipping is $15...

Nice catch though!

EDIT: If you have amazon prime, shipping is free (I think?) for christmas. I might actually order this later, and will fill you guys in

EDIT 2: There seems to be two options, you can get it for $19.00 with $15.00 shipping, or you can get it for like $38.00 and get free shipping with prime... facedesk

I found this other amazon seller and they have the same fillament except for .89 cents more a roll but you have to buy two rolls to get free shipping (free shipping on purchaces of $35 or more)