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u/EmmNems · 6 pointsr/woodburning

The Creative Woodburner from Walnut Hollow is what I started with and it's the one I use the most. It's very versatile, has temp control, and you can change the points very quickly. I also have the Versa Tool that was mentioned below; it's cheaper and comes with a case, which makes it a sweet starter tool.

Additionally, get her lots of patterns! (Amazon has many books on pyrography but "grownup" coloring books are fantastic resources, too.) Carbon paper is a must as well for easily transferring those designs onto the wood.

Right now, Walnut Hollow is also having a 40% off sale w/code WBCVIP40 in case you want to get her planks or rounds to burn on. They may or may not get here on time for V-Day so try Michaels or Amazon.

And because by the time she gets the goodies Feb won't be over, have her follow the hashtag #BurntFebruary on Instagram: It's a challenge where every other day pyrographers all over create/share their projects inspired by a particular word (Love, Animal, First Project, etc.). It's a great source for inspiration and ideas.

(Random but also along those lines: For more inspiration to gift her, look up the hashtag #BurntOctober [same concept as above but different prompts] and maybe try making a book with the projects from that hashtag like with Chatbooks, which I think may do it automatically.)

u/malba_toast · 11 pointsr/woodburning

I’d recommend using carbon transfer paper. Tape your printed out initial pattern over a piece of transfer paper to the workpiece, and then trace all lines with a pen or pencil. Then you’ll have a pencil outline on the workpiece you can go over with your burning tool. Hope that helps. Happy burning

Carbon transfer paper

u/skfoshay · 2 pointsr/woodburning

When I upgraded from a beginner burner, I got this. It's definitely an upgrade, but it's still a good "beginner" level tool in terms of price. Great as you learn to control a wire burner.

u/thecrafthorse · 1 pointr/woodburning

Thank you! I really appreciate that! Wood burning quickly became my way to destress and I fell in love.

I also use this guy:

u/JKzkars · 1 pointr/woodburning

I'm only experienced with a basic kit, which has a few different tips. Basically, I use 3, a fine point, medium point and a thicker point to fill.
Something like this should work for what you described....
Walnut Hollow Creative Woodburner Introduction Value Pen for Beginners and Intermediate Woodburners

u/herbalinfusion · 3 pointsr/woodburning

Wonderful! Share your results if you do!
The school ordered them from amazon:

u/Janke47 · 3 pointsr/woodburning

Here this is a good one to start with it has temperature control which is great (its currently on sale so bonus). The kit i started with didn't and its been a hassle.

u/spike31875 · 2 pointsr/woodburning

I also agree that the Walnut Hollow Versatool is a good starter kit. It has variable heat and a large variety of tips. It costs about $30 so it's not expensive.

I also agree with the other comment: it can get uncomfortably hot to hold. One thing that can help is to hold the pen at an angle and not straight up & down: heat rises so if the pen is held at a near vertical angle, the heat rises up towards the hand and it can get uncomfortable.

One solution is to get thermal finger guards: they aren't expensive at all (designed for protecting crafters who use hot glue guns, soldering irons or woodburning pens, etc.). Here are the ones I have, but there are many different types:

u/LivingWithBacon · 1 pointr/woodburning

Thank you! I use a truart burner. This one specifically: TRUArt Stage 2 Dual Pen Professional Woodburning Detailer 60W Tool with Digital Temperature Control, 20 Tips and Case

u/runny_door · 2 pointsr/woodburning

I used the cheap weller for Christmas decorations and it was ok. If I wanted to go deeper I'd invest in a burner that I won't burn my fingers on the tip so easily. I'd really like this one, but out of my price range

Here's the cheap weller I used.

u/thumbtackmassacrrre · 1 pointr/woodburning

Thank you so much! I started out with the tool that came with the Brit + Co. wood burning kit: . However, the temperature is a little weak, so I switched to this tool I found on Amazon:

kit/-/A-51666305 .


Honestly, I wouldn't recommend the second tool either. It lasted until the very last second of this project, then the tip I was using got stuck and wouldn't budge one way or another. Was finally able to unscrew it using pliers, but the inside of the tool was completely stripped and now won't hold anymore burning tips, so I'll be replacing it.

u/Vaxme--IIIII---I · 1 pointr/woodburning

Wood Burning Machine Kit 20 Tips, Dual Pen 110V 50W Pyrography Machine, Digital Temperature Adjustment and Electric Wood Burning Detailer for Wood/Leather/Gourd, Red

u/SeaWolf84 · 2 pointsr/woodburning

56PCS Wood Burning Kit, Pyrography Pen with Adjustable Temperature for Wood Burning/Carving/Embossing/Soldering+ Soldering Tips + Stencil + Stand + Carrying Case