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u/darkkite23 · 3 pointsr/workaholics

I was reading the comments on the coat, and you can definitely tell who was not an actual customer and who was. The amount of effort put into trying to sound "tight butthole" was astounding.

u/turboaddict · 2 pointsr/workaholics

I probably wouldn't have noticed them either if I hadn't spent hours looking at random ones online. Thanks a lot, that got me closer than I was. Now its just a matter of finding where to get them ...

edit: After going down the rabbit hole, the lamps appear to be known as a puzzle or jigsaw lamp. Here's a similar one on Amazon

u/topsalesgun105 · 9 pointsr/workaholics

Somehow still available from Amazon and made by Two Rivers Coffee.

I wonder if these are leftovers from a licensing deal worked out years ago, or if they’re still continuing to manufacturer the stuff.

Regardless, I bought a pack of “Let’s Get Weird!”

u/chimairacle · 2 pointsr/workaholics

Looks like this one. Reminds me of the bookbook case, I remember really wanting one for my laptop a few years ago.

u/Stregano · 5 pointsr/workaholics

Just a heads up, they made an entire Wizards album. I bought it about 2 weeks ago and it cost me $8 for it, so the price dropped, and it is 100% worth it. Sorry if this seems like spam, but it is on topic and highly recommended since the entire album is very tight butthole



And those that know me know I'm dealin the realness. And they can feel this like a dope set of real tits

u/S4bs · 4 pointsr/workaholics

As someone who's bought this from amazon and was thoroughly disappointed by the quality, what can you tell me about the quality of the bear coat from your company? My childish side is telling me to fork out the 120 dollars but after spending 200 dollars on the other coat I need to be more prudent.

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