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u/grilledcheesetruck · 7 pointsr/workingmoms

I used a Merlin Magic Suit for the transition from swaddle to sleep sack. It helped a lot for us, but I know for other babies it did nothing. That was also around the time when we decided to sleep train. working and getting up 4-5x a night was manageable at first, but as my lack of sleep built up I could feel myself becoming unstable and an emotional mess. I've had a lot of success with Precious Little Sleep and my sisters have with their babies as well. We all BF as well. Good luck!!! In the meantime, lots of coffee <3


Editing to add: Since it may be awesome and it may be a crapshoot, I would recommend getting a second hand Merlin suit. I wouldn't have paid full price. I borrowed one for my first then bought one second hand which is now hanging out in the closet for whenever I have another.

u/onemosphere · 1 pointr/workingmoms

This might seem like an odd suggestion because it is technically a knitting bag, but the Harlow by Namaste Bags may fit the bill. It has a ton of pocket and it is just really well made and sturdy. It also looks super professional. I got it for my knitting projects in the espresso brown color, but ended up using it a lot for work travel. It might be a little more pricey than you are looking for ($97). Unfortunately Namaste's site is down, but it can be purchased from here: This Amazon page doesn't have it for purchase but does have great pictures of all the pockets:

u/irrational_e · 2 pointsr/workingmoms

There are great tips here! Here's what I found helpful, and some feedback on what you've got so far:

  1. For my second baby, I splurged and got a pump / lunch bag. It REALLY helps to have everything consolidated and is one less bag to carry. This is the one I bought, I like it so far - In all transparency, the lunch box on top is kind of small for me, I need more calories than what the bag can hold. I tend to use the top for snacks and breakfast and put a frozen lunch in my big bag.
  2. Big bag for purse, lunch, laptop -- I just use my old LL Bean backpack.
  3. I don't use a diaper bag every day but bring miscellaneous daycare items as needed.
  4. Redundancy, redundancy, redundancy -- keep an extra set of pump parts at work in case you forget anything. On my second baby I got a second pump through my insurance. It REALLY helps to have a second pump if you can afford it. Second work laptop if your company can afford to get you one so that you can work at home. Second toothbrush to keep at your desk, plus extra make-up if you wear make-up. You get the idea...
  5. Instead of rinsing the pump parts after pumping, just store them in a freezer bag to kill the germs. Way faster and saves company time when you pump. Rinse and wash at home or at the end of the day.
  6. Along the lines of redundancy, keep like 10-15 extra milk storage freezer bags at work. You WILL forget bottles and it helps to have a few bags around in case you need more milk storage or if you forget your bottles.

    Some documents and resources from my LC:

    Work and pump -
    Breastfeeding storage guidelines -

    Good luck with your return to work!!
u/nplovetoski · 1 pointr/workingmoms

Try this! I spent $100 and bought every bottle on the market. I went back to part time work at 3.5 months and we tried everything the month leading up to me going back to work. EVERYTHING. She would only breastfeed. I called my lactation consultant so upset after my first two weeks back (my baby drank nothing for 8-9 straight hours 😭). She suggested the nuk sippy cup. It worked perfectly. She knew exactly what to do. I came to the conclusion that the bottles, even slow flow, probably released milk too fast. She’s a great breastfeeder and I think she liked to be able to suck the nuk strongly and control the flow. Good luck!

Edit: this one saved our lives - nuk trainer sippy

u/StellaTigerwing · 1 pointr/workingmoms

I can't find it in my orders (I might have ordered from my husband's account), but I think it's this:


If you end up getting something like that, I recommend putting a plate inside of it in the dishwasher so that it doesn't fall over and not get cleaned on the inside.

If you're still figuring out milk storage, I had a lot of luck with these:

I stored them in quart size baggies, which fit about 13-14 depending on how they got dumped in, so I could give 1 bag and whoever was taking care of my baby would be able to thaw an ounce at a time so less milk was wasted.

u/alysa0521 · 6 pointsr/workingmoms

As someone who has her PMP and took the test before I was even pregnant...I postponed it 4 times due to various other things in my life (infertility diagnosis and planning for ivf and work was crazy). It's not worth taking if you aren't feeling confident, and totally understandable given everything you have on your plate. Don't read into too much what you read online I spent a month actively preparing (like an hr a day) for the test and took 3 days off work to study before, but the people who say you need to study 4 hrs a day for 2 months are crazy. I highly recommend this study guide ( ). I made flashcards using this and the test was pretty easy and I passed with most areas above target. I literally did as you said and studied for the test, not necessarily worrying about whether I would retain everything after the fact.

u/motado · 2 pointsr/workingmoms

I bought one of these and use it at work all the time. I also brought a wash basin from when we were in the NICU since I also don’t like to use the communal sink. It’s worked out pretty great.

u/exhaustedinor · 2 pointsr/workingmoms

I have this one that I just put on over my nursing bra. LO is 10 months almost and it's served me very well. I did have to buy a second one cause with 4 pumps a day and usually 1 pump even on days off it got a lot of heavy use and a little stretched out.

I make calls, chart (I'm a pediatrician), eat snacks, drink water. Sometimes you'll still need to do a little hand massaging to get the max out but it works great.

u/keikeimcgee · 1 pointr/workingmoms

I used this LactaMed Simplicity Hands Free Bra Kit - Black
I wore a nursing bra and used this. I never wore a pumping bra. It worked everywhere and it’s small and easy to transport

u/greensthecolor · 1 pointr/workingmoms

Dude! We did the scraping poop thing for a few months before we discovered the magic of diaper liners. We just pack one inside of each diaper we send and it's so much easier for them to dump out. Yea it's an extra cost which goes against one of the best things about cloth diapering (the savings) but they are pretty cheap and last a long time before you run out. Also, not telling you what to do, but if you and baby aren't ready, you can wait to try solids til closer to 6 months and start with puréed foods or baby oatmeal. Here are the liners we use now after trying a couple different brands.

u/123mommy123 · 1 pointr/workingmoms

Check out the book It's Not About the Broccoli she has some really helpful hints about getting kids to eat foods. You might also like @Kids.Eat.In.Color on Instagram. Both talk about healthy ways to get kids to eat at meal times (and eat more healthy foods). We've done a lot of things over the years.

I bought some tiny cookie cutters and sometimes cut fruits/vegetables into fun shapes. If we are having dessert, I put it on the plate with dinner. I don't nag about eating anything--they don't have to eat what's on their plate, but there isn't anything else, they can pick out what they don't like. We have a set dinner time every day (within a 90 min window) and dinner happens during that time and if they don't eat, that's it.

For throwing food, we started young that if they throw the food on the ground, we took the plate away and told them NO very firmly and said "If we throw our food, it goes away." After a bit, we'd put the plate back. If they did it again, same thing. If it happened 3 times, dinner was over. They got the idea pretty quickly. Might not help with actually eating, but it might keep the food on the plate.

u/Frippa78 · 2 pointsr/workingmoms

I went back to work with this bag and it was a total game changer:

The New Yorker Breast Pump Bag by Charlie G, Black/Gold (Large)

I had a job where I was getting on a plane 2-3 times a week while breastfeeding/pumping and this bag made all that travel possible. I was able to keep my pump in one end, small cooler for pumped milk in the other, my laptop and iPad in the side pockets, and my wallet and other personal items in the top compartment.

I seriously love this bag so much that I kept using after I was done breastfeeding.

u/nlwric · 4 pointsr/workingmoms

I wear a nursing bra that unclips and then use this thing. I put it on over my clothes and just pull my shirt up. Works great.

u/chailatte_gal · 5 pointsr/workingmoms

I use this one u/yourenomatch

Simple Wishes Signature Hands Free Pumping Bra, Patented, Pink, XS-Large

u/LadyStarbuck1 · 4 pointsr/workingmoms

Avery has non-iron clothing labels that I used. They were amazing.

Also, anything plastic (like sippy cups, bottles, whatever) can be labeled with these .

I’ve had zero issue with either label, and we’ve washed both clothes and dishes many, many, many times.

u/emaz88 · 2 pointsr/workingmoms

Hey, I’m going back to work next week. I recently read Work. Pump. Repeat. and it’s helped ease my anxiety about how pumping at work is going to go. She gives you lots of tips and includes checklists. Highly recommend it for anybody who’s got questions about pumping at work.

u/123sali123 · 1 pointr/workingmoms

That's not the one I have , I bought mine from Winners in Canada for $30. But I think if you google "wheeled tote bag" you will find some options.

u/nerdygiraffe · 2 pointsr/workingmoms

Toddler alarm clock! This is the one we got:

It glows green when they're allowed to get up. My daughter was waking up earlier and earlier, so we bought this for her. After a few days she learned that she couldn't get up until it was green and it was glorious.

u/Ale_Lang · 2 pointsr/workingmoms

I use this. I fold my nursing bra to where the boobie pads (I use disposable ones) are facing up to catch any errant drops of liquid gold. Perks of using that nifty tool: it doesn’t really require laundering.

u/Fire_opal246 · 1 pointr/workingmoms

Why not use a drink bottle with times on it, like this

u/Nymeria9 · 1 pointr/workingmoms

Simple wishes double pump bra
Simple Wishes Hands-Free Breastpump Bra, Pink, X-Small-Large

u/katstratford10 · 3 pointsr/workingmoms

Seconding the clip-in pumping bra! I have this one.

u/norabw · 3 pointsr/workingmoms

Send three backup clothes. Send the sleepsack. Our daycare specifically prohibits bringing toys unless they ask, so I would check.

Label everything: we use these for clothes and these for bottles/sippies. If she takes a pacifier, put it on a tether with her name on it (you can use the same labels as the clothes, or else get the rub-a-dub sharpie).

u/bertiewake · 1 pointr/workingmoms

This is my work bag. Fits so much! YALUXE Women's Oxford Nylon Large...