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u/nicearthur32 · 10 pointsr/wowthanksimcured

Very highly recommend it... the audio book is even better. The format is easy to listen to, it’s almost like a really long podcast

Can't Hurt Me: Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds

u/daviejane · 21 pointsr/wowthanksimcured

I like educational tv stuff and read trash like Space Raptor Butt Trilogy for fun.

Hmm...I think they gotta make that a tv series so I can better fit on this column list.

u/Balancing7plates · 1 pointr/wowthanksimcured

That one’s a joke, but this one is legit, and available on Amazon.

u/_AnarchoYeasty_ · -5 pointsr/wowthanksimcured

I really like what this guy is saying about depression and the non medicated ways to manage it. It’s a shame this sub is so anti anything other than medicine. People will legit downvote you for saying that diet and excercise have a huge impact on mental health.

u/bsdetox · -3 pointsr/wowthanksimcured

Just because one is unwillingly to implement a cure does not mean the cure is ineffective. Letting go is the answer. No, it’s not easy. No, no one is going to understand the pain you went through and are often coming from a place of ignorance. But the answer is still the same: nothing will ever make your trauma not trauma. Dwelling on it, arguing about it, wrestling with it... it’s all the same. The only thing you can do is to find the courage to let go in whatever way you can. A lot of bad years taught me that lesson.

If anyone is looking for a book to help them with this, I found “The Courage To Be Disliked” to be helpful.

u/dogGirl666 · 2 pointsr/wowthanksimcured

> like to label you with a 'disorder', send you on your way with meds, and if that doesn't 'fix' you, it's your individual responsibility

That's what this book on addiction says _'The Globalization of Addiction'_ that it is a systemic problem. Addiction can never be solved if the environment people live in is exactly the same as what a person left to go to a "treatment program" from. If people are disconnected, chronically stressed, alienated, persecuted,(often in poverty on top of all of that), there is no way to not be very susceptible to some kind of addiction.

u/scottd3363 · 3 pointsr/wowthanksimcured

Read "The Depression Cure"

You might want to rethink overlooking this.

One key point to take away from the book if you decide not to read it is that although depression has a basis in chemicals in your brain, chemicals are not the only thing that can "cure" depression. It's a great read; it taught me a lot about my depression. I highly recommend you read it.