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u/esotouric_tours · 1 pointr/wroteabook

The Kept Girl is now available from Amazon or direct from Esotouric Ink (signed or in deluxe art deco wraps).

Synopsis: Los Angeles, 1929: a glittering metropolis on the crest of an epic crash. A mysterious prophetess and her alluring daughter have relieved an oil tycoon's nephew of his fortune. But the kid won't talk. To find the money, the old man calls on a trusted executive, Raymond Chandler, who in turn enlists the aid of his devoted secretary/mistress, Muriel Fischer, and their idealistic patrolman friend Tom James.

Soon the nephew is revealed as a high-ranking member of a murderous cult of angel worshippers, and the trio plunges into an investigation that sends them careening across Southern California, from sinister sanitariums to roadside burger stands, decaying Bunker Hill mansions to sparkling cocktail parties, taxi dance halls to the morgue, all in search of the secretive Great Eleven. But when Muriel goes undercover to infiltrate the group's rural lair, she comes face to face with disturbing truths that threaten to spoil everything, not just for the cult's members, but for herself as well.

A work of fiction inspired by actual events and featuring the real-life cop who is a likely model for the mature Chandler's greatest creation, private eye Philip Marlowe, Kim Cooper's The Kept Girl exposes a mystery so horrifying, it could only be true.

What the Critics are Saying:

"Commendable." - Kirkus Reviews... "Holy cats, this woman can write! Kim Cooper's The Kept Girl evokes 1920s Los Angeles in general and especially Raymond Chandler magnificently, without ever stooping to mere ventriloquism. It abounds in grace notes, snappy character sketches and, yes, similes that keep their dignity even in the presence of the master." - David Kipen, editor of The WPA Guide to Los Angeles... "Kim Cooper is the perfect Virgil to 1929 Los Angeles, a city that was both a paradise and an inferno. Her knowledge of the city that was is unparalleled, her imagination unnerving. The real-life characters and crimes that would give birth to the pulp fiction of the 1930s and the film noir of the 1940s can all be found here. Aficionados of noir Los Angeles will read The Kept Girl with fascination and with growing horror as the terrible crime at its core is revealed." - John Buntin, author of L.A. Noir... "Nervy, bold, and shot through with a deep sense of Los Angeles history--the kind that feels practically tactile, as all the best noir narratives do Kim Cooper's The Kept Girl is a delightful addition to this city's literature. The effortlessness with which it borrows against the Chandler tradition while at the same time retaining its unique intelligence and slyly contemporary flavor is just plain stunning. I can't commend it highly enough." - Matthew Specktor, author of American Dream Machine

What Readers are Saying:

4.5 stars with 10 Amazon reviews, including:

"Plot, character, pacing and period detail are all impeccably rendered here, bolstered by the author's deep knowledge of Los Angeles history." (Mike Stax)... "I couldn't put this book down; RIVETING. Well-written, brilliantly researched, totally compelling and fascinating." (Thessaly Lerner)... "The story she weaves is complex and richly detailed. The mix of fact and fiction could have been daunting for a first-time novelist, but Kim Cooper understands this turf like a beat cop." (A. Schaeffer)... "Cooper's writing style is wonderful, warm and inviting, and rich with ambiance... a deeply delicious read." (Unabridged Chick)... "Kim Cooper has always been a terrific historian, but very few terrific historians can write a story this well. Just wonderful work." (sirmarktwang)

Learn more about The Kept Girl and the real-life crimes that inspired the novel here.

u/UnicornColors · 1 pointr/wroteabook


The perfect coloring book gift for anyone crazy about unicorns!


The Colorful Unicorn: A Unicorn Adventure (Ages 4-8) includes:


50 coloring pages

25 unique designs

Original artwork

High resolution

Cute illustrations

Single sided pages

Age appropriate backgrounds

A large format - 8.5 x 11 inches


This coloring book includes 25 unique designs. Each design appears twice, perfect for sharing or for those who wish to try again. Behind each drawing is a blank page, effectively preventing bleed through and allowing the user to tear out from the book their colored illustration on completion. In this book, you (or whomever you may wish to gift it to) will encounter unicorns, mermaids, princesses, and a wide variety of other cute creatures sharing their adventures. The age-appropriate backgrounds filled with flowers, castles, forests, ponds, and plenty more makes for fun coloring. The large format is perfect for small and unsteady hands and also work in favor of those with more experience who may wish to color with the utmost detail. There is no better way to stimulate both the creativity and the imagination of a child. The Colorful Unicorn makes for a great gift! If you (or your child) love cute unicorns, mermaids, and princesses, get your copy today. A magical adventure awaits!


By design, The Colorful Unicorn is intended for young audiences. This is not an adult coloring book; the illustrations within are carefully designed (and charmingly hand drawn) to appeal to ages 4-8. If, however, you’re in love with unicorns, pay no attention to this!

u/Pr3di7or · 1 pointr/wroteabook

Hello everyone! I recently published my own book.

It's an adventure fantasy about a young man who is thrust into a world that is foreign to him and his people. It has magic. It has other stuff. I won't claim that it's the best book on the planet, but I enjoyed writing it and I am glad for the opportunity to share it with others. Here is the description:

When Chase is thrust from his life into the unknown, the assassin has no choice but to move forward. With only the help of his best friend, Chase desperately embarks on a journey in search of answers. The road forward is full of horrors and dangers beyond the young man’s wildest dreams. Pulled to an unseen destiny, Chase will find that everything he knows about the world, and his life in Rakksberg, is mistaken.

"The Shadow" by Zach Otto is available on Kindle through the Amazon store for $2.99 (free for Kindle Direct Members) or as a paperback through and for $9.99.

I would say I have drawn the most influence in my creativity and writing style from Harry Potter, The Inheritance Cycle, A Song of Ice and Fire, and the Wheel of Time, so if you enjoyed those series, you may see aspects of them in my own.

This book is the first in a series and the second is under way! Thank you for your interest and if you have any questions, you can respond to this comment, or direct message me. Also feel free to look me up on facebook at This is where I will update people with news on titles, artwork, and previews of books, characters, and cultures.

I have a lot planned and writing is a huge hobby of mine so stay tuned for more! Happy reading, everyone!

u/TvsPhil · 1 pointr/wroteabook

Neon Sirens is my first book. I was inspired by Jack Handey's "The Stench of Honolulu" and John Swartzenwelder's novels. They told their stories with a comedic absurdity that I thought would be fun to do, and writing in that style of voice definitely helps mask my limitations as a writer.


"Mondo Springs doesn't exist in the 1991 that you remember. It exists in a hazy, varicolored memory of high-waisted denim, light up shoes and absurd crimes, blended together and lightly sprinkled with a sci-fi glitter. It was the perfect setting for a new type of cop show. A show that gave viewers a nearly unfiltered view of the city, from the fluorescent heart of downtown, to the grungy...feet...of the outskirts. As the cameras roll on the Mondo Springs Police Department, Officers Rainier and Collins must face off with the likes of power-lifting freaks, inept street gangs, "ancient" cults of friendship, and talking snowmen. And they have to deal with it all as the only two women on the force. Now, take a step back in time and visit Mondo Springs. There's no place like it."

u/RollercoasterandSons · 1 pointr/wroteabook

Free today only 8/4/2019 #amazonkindle (Kindle eBook)

Rollercoasters and Sons: A Single Father's Foster Care and Adoption Journey

A personal reflection on the ups and downs and in-betweens on the road to adoption for a gay man. In writing this book, my goal is to help others (straight or gay) who are interested in taking the leap to better understand what happens throughout with courts, schools, biological family, and of course the children as well you - the individual.

Glad to be able to share. I look forward to your feedback 😉.

u/WingNut1155 · 1 pointr/wroteabook




My Review (Biased) : A Leisurely Stroll In The Dark is a tale of resilience, moral ambiguity, and desperate asymmetric warfare. By the end, it is unclear what actions of the protagonist can be rationalized as a depraved necessity to achieve a worthy goal, and what may classify him as a villain - that is up to your own judgement.


This novel takes place in a familiar setting, be it exaggerated to bring to the forefront the question of Freedom vs Security in our current society. Small-scale breaches of privacy today by media behemoths and the like are largely ignored by the public, how far must they go before it is considered an infringement on our fundamental natural right to self-property? How late is too late to act? This novel creates a world that represents this scenario, while maintaining realistic undertones that complement it's immersive imagery.


The relatability of our main and supporting characters along with the impartial nature of our narrator allows for a discussion of sensitive subject matters without patronizing the reader. A Leisurely Stroll In The Dark begs questions of the unknown state of surveillance in our own communities, as well as our tolerance for such as people with "nothing to hide". All in all a fantastic read.


Consider this novel if you wish to explore the future of your own autonomy.

u/AsIfProductions · 1 pointr/wroteabook

Available in paperback and electronic formats:

Amazon (Paperback or Kindle)

SmashWords (Paperback, ePub or MOBI)

DrivethruFiction (Paperback or PDF)

RPGnow (Paperback or PDF)

Media Kit - Learn More

How You Can Help:
My marketing budget is tiny, so I need you to help if you can: Review It! Post about it! Invite me to come speak about it on your podcast or blog! And share these links with your SF fan friends!

u/cheesy_hobo · 1 pointr/wroteabook

This book has over-the-top violence and (im)mature themes, so consider this your warning.

20XX - The Apocalypse has arrived.

You finally wake from your stupor with a great hunger, a hunger that can only be sated by a hoagie! In this branching path story you will be able to determine how the tale unfolds and what kind of legendary epic hoagie you will be able to create!You must do whatever it takes in order to acquire the ingredients to build that perfect sandwich - are you ready to make the big sacrifices? …are you willing to bend your moral code to satisfy that hunger inside you, or are you pulled towards a higher calling?

Try your hand and soul at Hoagie Quest; the latest gamebook from Choose Your Own Fate Books!

Can you solve the puzzles of the mysterious Traveller?

Morality system shows just how good or how evil you really are!

Optional quests add depth and replayability!

Secrets abound, can you unravel their dark and arcane nature?

Will that be for here or to go?

Amazon Links:




Canada (soon!):

u/rocketcarrcae · 1 pointr/wroteabook

Hi, I'm a father of a 4 year old, and am fascinated by Astronomy: the galaxies, planets and exotic phenomenon that challenge our imagination. I want share this with my son, so I wrote a book! 'Omo and the Rocket Car Race' is a children’s picture book about astronomy, racing, and the value of working together.

u/CodyLeet · 1 pointr/wroteabook

If you enjoy the book, please leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads.

Current Amazon reviews can be read here.

u/beffjaxter · 1 pointr/wroteabook

As an animator I can distill this down into three easy steps.

  1. Buy the book, The Animator's Survival Kit.
  2. Start animating.
  3. Don't stop animating.
u/atheistmil · 1 pointr/wroteabook

"When a nuclear war breaks out and the nations of the Earth are destroyed, it maroons a group of astronauts on the Moon. Using the "torsion field generator", they hope to find an alternate Earth that did not suffer nuclear Armageddon. But once they do, how will they return home? They have one Lunar Module,. which can carry only four astronauts into lunar orbit... "

Short-listed for BSFA AWARD.

Amazon UK


u/bigpig1054 · 1 pointr/wroteabook

In 1912, an obsessed scientist, searching for a away to cure aging, accidentally develops a serum that turns the living into the undead. On the run from a zealous private inspector, the scientist and his poor assistant book passage on the first ship out of England.

Meanwhile, the heiress to a peanut butter empire is wooed by a shady socialite, claiming to be an extended member of the Royal Family. An American wedding is decided and the would-be bride and groom, along with a meddling step-aunt, book passage on the first ship out of England.

The fates of both parties, and many more, cross paths on the grandest ocean liner in human history, but everything you think you know about the infamous sinking of this tremendous vessel is about to be thrown overboard. For on the night the Titanic sank into the Atlantic, the passengers and crew were also struggling against a menace from beyond the grave...

This is part two in the Farcical Zombie Trilogy. This is TITANIC PANIC!

Link to the paperback version is here

The book is a sequel to GZA: Geriatric Zombie Apocalypse, which I posted about a month or so ago on r/bestofkindleunlimited

My blog ( has more books and information, if you're interested.

u/MrHawks · 1 pointr/wroteabook

Inside Monster Skin it's a cool October in NYC. Pretty colors. Jack o' lanterns sitting on stoops. It takes place in 2005. When things were simple. The president was simple. Life was simple. Well, maybe not if you were in New Orleans or the Middle East or if you were Scooter Libby, but if you were a 16 year old named Spooky Bonsai, hell yes. Simple. Spooky's a native Brooklyn kid. A Japajew living with her karate instructor-cum-stepdad. Mom split. Dad is a box of bones buried in Green-Wood, across the street from Spooky's house. She spends her days learning the quadratic formula and her nights either getting her rocks off with beefy English bass players or scaling downtown apartment buildings to swipe designer clothing from snoozing models.


But it's New York twisted in post-9-11 freak-out, so it's never THAT simple. When one of Spooky's cover-girl victims turns up murdered the next morning, she finds herself dogged by NYC's dimwitted but brutal Fashion Police. Equipped with a pair of prototype Alexander McQueen boots, a black belt in karate, an inexhaustable supply of cigarettes, enough hormones to drown a buffalo, an Italian switchblade, and her trademark green lipstick, Spooky will fight and fuck her way into the heart of an erotic mystery.

"Monster Skin for me was an elixir, a mind medicine that celebrated storytelling, philosophy and ancient spectres that are so crucial to ones psyche." - Abbie Foxton

also available on Amazon ( but by purchasing from the official site you'll be supporting indie publishing with the full force of your dollar vote. Monster Skin is the first release from Last Night On Earth, a group of friends looking to do good, make art, and defeat the machine in big bad NYC.