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u/TheAwesomeFNAFBGuy · 1 pointr/yokaiwatch

Disney Infinity Disc Capsules Work just fine, and they are pretty cheap, but the medals aren't stuck in place, so they can be lost at any moment if the plastic cover isn't on.


The Japanese Medallium is the best I can think off, but in follows the Japanese releases (that means that some of the medals in there aren't out here yet) and It's really expensive.


The English Medallium isn't as bad as it seems. The Extra pages are cheap and they give you 4 in each "Page Booster" with an extra Exclusive Medal. If you don't take medals out and put them back on again too much, then the pages will only get a bit bent, but not totally destroyed.

u/Saihyou · 2 pointsr/yokaiwatch

I'm not sure if she'd find it cool or not, but there are chocolate and gummy makers that you can only get on amazon Japan.

Note for the chocolate maker you'll need to buy the choco factory maker separately but that also comes with it's own molds too.

Here are the links for them as well as a video showing them off. Also found a castella maker which is a kind of Japanese sponge cake.

I'll reply to this with some toy/plush suggestions too. It would help if you mentioned which yokai are her favorites ^ ^

yokai watch chocolate maker

chocolate factory

yokai castella

yokai 3D gummies

u/SpiralMorioh · 2 pointsr/yokaiwatch

I got mine from amazon. Which costed me around ~100 Canadian dollars, but will go for cheaper depend on your country and site. Try sites like Amazon, Play-Asia, and Ebay. Play-Asia is pretty cheap.

u/chrysopelea · 4 pointsr/yokaiwatch

Doing what?

Both X and Y and Yokai Watch came out in 2013 only months apart. Are you telling me that Gamefreak copied the idea of another franchise that they didn't even know would succeed while they were years into the development of X and Y in which Mega Evolution was their main concept?

u/Annepackrat · 2 pointsr/yokaiwatch

Is she into Yokai Watch or just yokai in general? If it's just yokai in general this might be a better gift.

u/djskitzo24 · 2 pointsr/yokaiwatch

That is literally this kit put together

I just got it and set mine up was extremely easy. It literally consists of putting the board into the plastic case formatting and then copying the software to the mini sd card and then plugging it in.

u/ColeSailing · 2 pointsr/yokaiwatch

I believe that these are the medals you are looking for. Yokai Watch Yokai Medal Episode1

u/SamCarterX206 · 2 pointsr/yokaiwatch

>The Yo-Kai Watch is a toy variant of the titular watch. There are currently six watch variations in Japan, the original Yokai Watch, Fumika's necklace style Yokai Watch, the Zero-shiki Watch, the Prototype-U, and even newer U1 and U2 watches.

u/mutepenguin · 2 pointsr/yokaiwatch

I was working on something like this, but I kind of gave it up in favor of cooler projects... my ideas were:

  1. Simply put, instead of holes mounting in nylon nuts, and using the corresponding bolt heads as the nubs (nylon so it didn't scratch up the switches)


  2. The less complicated but not as cool method, using thermoplastic. Thermoplastic is a plastic that is moldable with heat, so heat it up, form small balls, and stick them partway in the holes, with a bit sticking up to form the nubs. When you want to switch it just pop it in some hot water, and they get soft again.
u/thebokobear · 1 pointr/yokaiwatch

Same idea as disney sleeve but I think the circular tube should work just fine. link

u/thejonnyMAGNUM · 2 pointsr/yokaiwatch

I did a search for the ISBN and all the retailers come up with the same information: 80 pages and hardcover. Also, the publisher IDW has a history of making hardcovers for their collected comic runs. It's most likely not a single issue but a collection of the first six (or whole run) issues. Comics are about 24 pages long or so, with advertisements.



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