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u/SobiGaming · 2 pointsr/youtubers

Hey Naff!! I just got back from a trip, so sorry for the delayed response! First off, I love the organization of your reply! I'm such a sucker for nice formatting and structure haha! Thanks so much for the kind words and I'm glad my feedback was useful!

  • 2a - great points and I completely agree there were a few (all reasonable) options to make this one work.
  • 3a - haha BGM will be the bane of us all. It can be so hard! Again, your levels in this one were good though!
  • 6a - I totally understand. I researched this a lot and, from what I saw / remember, I believe the Blue Snowball is great starting mic and comes at $49. There are definitely other options out there, but adding this in case it helps you guys reduce research time / get something relatively affordable.


  • 3b / edit - I had the exact same issue and would have never noticed until I read something online. I'm so glad I was able to share some useful info! Again, I didn't notice anything wrong with the quality in the first place, but I was watching on mobile.
  • 5b - Oh, interesting, I've never tried recording Skype. I mostly record Discord or for audio. If you ever experience issues, might be worth trying one of those out and
  • 6b - Hahah XD I feel like I've given a similar response to people who gave feedback to me on one of my posts when I did a one-time change as well.

    Love the mission statement! At it's core, mine is also about spreading laughs and happiness. Will try to re-collect my thoughts and let you know what I think about your AC video! At the end of the day, our videos should consist of what makes us happy, so I like your comment about not stressing out about it. :)

    You and Ric sound like good-natured, cool people. Thanks again for the kind words and hope you've been well!
u/Cewdyn · 2 pointsr/youtubers

Hey hungry! I liked it! You clearly have an idea of what you want to do, and I think it's going to be interesting when you really get up and running. I do have a few critiques though, that I think might help.

  • Audio balancing. You recognized it yourself that your friends have decent microphones, and you were just using your built in microphone. The difference in sound quality is pretty noticeable, and there are some cheap microphones that will give you a real decent upgrade. I think this is the usual recommendation for a start: However, another thing I noticed was that the sound levels were off a little bit for each person. Avalanche was a decent loudness, but the green devil was quieter. It made it hard to hear the devil's lines. I'm not sure what video editing software you're using, but there should be a way for you to change each track's audio levels to match better.

  • Camerawork. mastro already mentioned this, but it bears repeating. You're definitely need to keep the camera steady when you're doing stop motion. A tri-pod would be best, but you could probably whip together a cheaper option. Like, try duck taping your camera in place. I'm sure if you google it you'll find a lot of good solutions. Also you might want to try to light the scene better. Because of the indirect light, everything came out looking very flat. If you have something like a desk lamp, you could play around with pointing it at and around the scene and see what looks good! Also perhaps try framing the characters a little better. Maybe zoom out a little bit. Also I noticed that the camera was a little crooked. Try putting it on an even horizontal. I think that would help a lot!

    Anyway, I'm still excited to see how this will end up, and I think this is a great start! I hope I've helped in some way. :D
u/punkrok97 · 2 pointsr/youtubers

Less than $500 for even a decent camera will be difficult. I'd suggest looking into a used Canon T3i or a new/used T2i. They may be slightly more expensive but they're the best thing you'll find around that price range (in my experience). Also because they both have interchangeable lenses you can upgrade/adapt them as you get more cash to invest.

I know less about mics although I think it may be difficult to find what your describing, especially at that price. Something like this may be what your after but I really can't say that the quality will be great and the cable will probably get in the way if you're moving around.

What I'd really suggest is to abandon the idea of on-body unless it's absolutely necessary for some reason. If you're up for doing that I'd suggest a shotgun mic (something like this would probably do just fine). The absolute best option in terms of quality and lasting value would be to buy an H4n. The disadvantage is that you'll end up having to sync your audio to the video but the advantages are that the audio quality is great, you can add better (XLR) mics in the future and you can move it around depending on where your audio source is.

I know that this isn't exactly what you're looking for but I hope it's some help anyway. If you have questions please feel free to ask :)

u/TheMidBossYT · 2 pointsr/youtubers

I can definitely say I'm jealous! I wish I could do what you're doing.

The quality of the footage is definitely nice and high, which is always important in vlogs, especially in travel vlogs. I definitely recommend picking up some kind of microphone to improve the talking quality, but it's honestly not bad. It's just the easiest nitpick to make. One cost effective mic that I've had repeatedly recommended to me is this one.

The music felt fitting, and had that 'pop' music feel that is very appropriate for this type of video. I can agree with noodltube in that you should focus more on having the commentary match the clips (if at all possible), but I think the shots you did provide were really nice for the most part.

I would also suggest lowering the background audio as well.

Finding a format for videos, I find, is one of the biggest difficulties in creating content. I would suggest you heavily focus on determining what your format should be for future videos. This was just a trailer of sorts, so I'm not really criticizing this video as much as just giving you hopefully helpful hints for the future.

Keep giving it your all and I wish you luck on your journey! Sorry if my criticisms sound too harsh, I think you're off to a fine start.

u/AshBashBoBash · 1 pointr/youtubers

I would hold off on making a channel trailer until you either get a better mic or can get your current set-up sounding better using a program like audacity (Effects > Noise Reduction for starters) since it won't be a good first impression to have a trailer with bad audio. I clicked on the Mars video - totally something I would be interested in but I just couldn't watch it because of the audio, I think I closed it 15-20 seconds in so I can't really speak on the content quality of your videos. Adding the CC might help to negate the bad audio quality a bit, that was the first thing I checked...but it looks like its the auto-generated ones and only made sense half the time. I personally would watch a video reading the CC with the sound on mute/almost mute if I was interested enough. If you want to get a cheap/halfway decent mic to start I recommend the Samson Go Mic I got it to use when skyping on my macbook pro (I don't naturally talk very loud so the internal mic just didn't cut it) and that's all I've ever used it for but it really is decent and has a lot of good review. If you're looking to spend more the Rode Procaster Dynamic Mic is my most used XLR mic that I own and doesn't require a whole lot of noise reduction in post since it's dynamic (vs the NT1-A which has beautiful sound but will pick up every noise) just keep in mind that you have to get a pre-amp (what I have and like) as well if you want the quality of an XLR mic. As for the banner and channel icon/avatar, I like them in general but I think that the channel icon would like more interesting with a less 'vanilla' font. Overall I think you have a good start!

u/gabyred884 · 1 pointr/youtubers

I just picked up a [Rode NT-USB] ( and I love the quality. It has a great tone and has a good depth to it. It is a little pricey at $169 on Amazon but if you're going to be doing videos for the long haul I definitely think its worth the money.

While I was doing my research i also noticed a lot of people mention that they had a Blue Yeti from Blue Microphones and they liked it as well. This is also a USB mic and the sound quality is really similar (and the mic is about 50-60 bucks cheaper) but I just really liked how the Rode Mic sounded.. That's just personal preference. You can find this mic at around $100 so its still a little pricey but again, if you're going to be doing videos its still worth it.

If you're looking for something to use with a DSLR camera, I like the way the [Rode VMGO Shotgun Mic] ( sounds. It has that full sound and this one comes in around a little under $80.

Finally if you're looking for something under $20 I would probably go with the [Boya By M1] ( mic. This is a lapel mic so its easily portable and for like $16 its a great starter mic.

I did my research for about 2 months because I was so indecisive on which type i wanted i get for my use case. Since I do Voice-overs I wanted to get something that's easily compatible with my laptop so thats why i chose the USB route. Keep in mind that audio quality is just as if not more important than the video quality.. If you're audio sucks, you won't keep long retention rates which means your videos won't rank as high which means less views and ultimately less subscribers.

Hope that helps!!

u/RealFREE · 1 pointr/youtubers


Your channel does need improving, as you say the microphone quality needs improving, as well as the banner. I could highly recommend the Blue Snowball Ice, or the Turtlebeach PX21 headset for microphone quality (I use both)

The actual video quality is great, very clear to see, and the added bonus of 60fps. The only issue I have is the length of the videos. I know that a lot of people prefer watching a video that is less than 10 minutes long, sometimes up to 15 minutes. 45 minutes for a single video, personally, is way too long for a small channel. You could combat this by including key parts of the games only, and cutting any slow, or unentertaining sections out. This will also help create a more interesting video, and should help you get some more subscribers.

I would also recommend having an intro, around 5-10 seconds long at max, as this will show viewers that you are putting effort and time into your video, and show a little more professionalism in the beginning of your videos.

When speaking, make sure you are not saying "ur, erm" so on. This will show that you haven't really thought through what you want to say in the video. I personally have some notes on paper next to myself when recording a video which is not live, as this allows you to keep to the point, while also not forgetting what you are wanting to say. If you do this once in a while, you could look at cutting the section out. Also, try to edit the audio so that there is not a lot of silent parts. I usually record a point at a time, then edit the audio to allow it all to feed together, allowing it to sound like a single sentence. If you know what I mean.

You do have some work to do on the channel, but the majority of this will be easier over time to do as habit, and will improve the quality greatly. You have a good clear voice, you just need a good microphone to be able to show this fully.

Good luck with your channel.

u/giri0n · 1 pointr/youtubers

I'd second the Blue Yeti; they make great mics. I have the Blue Yeti Nano for quick laptop style voice overs and podcasting, and I like it as well. It's a little cheaper, but the sound is a bit flatter (some of that can be changed in post if you like)

As an alternative, I bought this mic from Audio Technica back when I first got into podcasting/video production. Its not super expensive, and there are deals occasionally. The connection is standard USB and the audio quality is very clean. If you're recording in a bedroom/studio or other area that isn't going to get outside noise contamination, this is also a great choice, but it WILL pick up other sounds around you if you aren't careful. But I love mine, and its been a couple years and works great, plus you can accessorize with your choice of pop filters, mounting arms, or whatever else you like.

I'd say as far as cost, with audio - you DO get what you pay for, but you can get really really good quality for under $200 pretty easily. Good luck!

u/TheSockGenius · 1 pointr/youtubers

Having good audio is crucial (Especially for a mostly voiceover channel). Now normally I would say, "stay away from mics less than 200" just because it is really an investment and you get what you pay for, but the snowball is a fantastic mic, especially for its price.

If thats still a bit pricey, I would say save up until you can afford it because anything less than that will either break the day you open it or sound similar to what you are using right now. (Keep in mind, i dont mean to sound like a jerk, i'm a nice guy i swear) And the great thing about this one, over the snowball ice is that it has a switch that will cancel out any background noise automatically.

If you want the cheaper variant, i thought i would link it, its fine but it doesnt cancel out background noise for you so it will sound pretty cruddy. But if 70 bucks is too much, this is the absolute cheapest i would suggest.

Happy hunting!

u/DivideaConquer · 1 pointr/youtubers

ooooooookkkkkkkk lol well i mean you guys sounded like you had a fun time :) i thought some of it was funny. the thing is i think it would of been more funny if your audio was not so bad. ALWAYS remember that people can forgive bad video but they will never EVER forgive bad audio speeking of that your recording software it was really lagy and kinda buged me after a wile. when you colab with someone make sure that they have a good mic and sound quality otherwise it will bring your video's quality down. Here are some suggestions for equipment that could help you.


1. Blue Microphones Snowball

2. Blue Microphones Yeti

3. AT2020

Facecam: (i know you said you had already ordered a facecam but i thought i would throw this one out there for you just in case also dont forget lighting if you dont have enough light into the room you will get a really bad image.)

Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920


(i am glad to hear you have obs there are lots of youtube videos that explain how to set the settings for youtube or twitch so i would sugest looking that up also if you are going to do a face cam this is importent you need NEED to record it separate from your game capture otherwise you risk having the game video and the video of you being un synced try recording your game with OBS and your face cam with Xsplit)


And Free Edditing Software

Hitfilm 3 Express: (second only to adobe)

Gimp 2.0

this is for thumbnails i hope all this helps man :)

u/rebeccaloops · 3 pointsr/youtubers

Two cheap options I’ve used-

This works great on my 5S iPhone but has started crackling with my 6S+ (it improved when I cleaned the headphone jack but wasn’t fully resolved).

This is a pretty solid lapel mic that plugs straight into a phone; I like it and haven’t had any problems with it.

Audacity is a free audio editing program where you can “teach” it the sound of the white noise and then remove that sound from the whole file. It’s more steps but if you want a free option it should at least improve the quality.

u/Asherms21 · 2 pointsr/youtubers

your audio is not that bad actually. yeah it can be better but ive done worse lol My audio is finally on point now.

wait that why you have the ear bud in....thats your mic? I bought a great boom mic. I have a lav too if im in a crazy area or dealing with a lot of outside noise.

i like your content i like how you have clips of the actual movie. I wanted to do something with movies but Idk how to get the movie without buying it. blaaaah. i aint tryna steal it. lol

some ppl would be put off by the swearing. Im not but i get that complaint too in my vids.

your thumbnails- good that your face is in them. make your letters bigger. use the space wisely. easy to see and highly recognizable ya know.

boom i use. not too expensive

u/ABrownCoat · 1 pointr/youtubers

Amazing starter mic:

As others have said, you seem to drop the end of your words. You can google speech therapy excersises to help with that. It just takes practice.

Also, there is a lot of echo in your audio, which I assume comes from recording inside. It makes the audio sound like you’re in a can. You can mitigate a lot of this with 1) A good mic like the one I listed, and 2) Get a thick blanket, a moving blanket, a quilt, something along those lines, hang one on any walls that won’t be in frame for your video. It will soften the echo’s in the room.

Overall you have good voice, so work on your diction and setup the area (your studio?) where you do you work for sound and you will see a lot of improvement. A room with carpet on the floor also helps.

u/SciFi_Pie · 2 pointsr/youtubers

I'm personally planning on buying the ATR2100. It's a rather cheap microphone that works both with USB and XLR. I've heard really good things about it and the demos I've listened to sound great.

I suggest you don't fall into the trap of getting a Blue Yeti. A lot of people who don't know squat about microphones tend to go for it because it looks cool, but it's quite overpriced and generally isn't considered to be very good. There are definitely much better options out there for a better price.

u/CoopPlays · 2 pointsr/youtubers

I HIGHLY reccommend the JK MIC-J 044.


Perfect for someone on a Budget. I've had mine for 2 years and love it! Pair it with a Zoom H1 and you got the perfect setup on a budget!

Here's a good review on it/Comparison

u/salllysm · 2 pointsr/youtubers


I have the first set, having two lights is super nice and allows for a lot of flexibility regarding setups. Also makes it super easy to use fun color gels, can't recommend them enough.

u/themercmonster · 1 pointr/youtubers

It seems a bunch of people have already dived into some of the sound issues you're having, so I won't go into it too much - I do agree that a shotgun mic would probably be your best bet, with Rode offering some semi-affordable yet very high quality options, such as:

I am definitely a Rode-head and love their products.

I do like the corner you're in, with the Dr. Seuss artwork a nice pop of color as well as just a nice bit of insight into your surroundings and personality. Also really nice to have an outro video, so good job there, as that's something I would highly recommend everyone add.

If you have some money available, I'd recommend buying a light stand just for a key light on your face - you don't have to buy three lights for the traditional three point setup, but just some more focus on your face would be great.

And my final piece of advice would be to try and shorten the video as much as possible, as the average YouTuber loves shorter videos. This could be done by just quickening your pace a bit, along with removing some auxiliary stuff such as reading the questions aloud. I know this can be tough, as it's excruciating for me to cut out stuff from all the material I've gathered!

u/ChipsAhoyMccoy14 · 2 pointsr/youtubers

First off I really, really like the name. On your Five Nights at Freddy's 2 videos you can't distinguish one episode from the next on the thumbnail; at first I thought that they were all episode 2. On the note of thumbnails, your Shovel Knight episodes don't have any. You should also invest in a better mic, one that doesn't get all the background static (like an AT2020, a Blue Snowball, or a Blue Yeti). The commentary itself is fun and enjoyable, but it overpowers the sound of the game. You should also get an intro, I think that would help your channel alot. All in all I see some really great potential from your channel.


Blue Snowball:

Blue Yeti:

u/MatusLabs · 2 pointsr/youtubers

Not sure what your financial situation is like, but something like a clip-on wired lapel mic (like this one) would improve your audio quality immensely. You don't really need a super fancy microphone, honestly. In fact, I have several fancy microphones and I tend to find the lapel mic has been the very suitable to capture voice work.

If you are also trying to capture the background noises...just pop in free sound effects or your own separate foley work.

u/-Puddintane- · 1 pointr/youtubers

Well, your budget does not have a lot of are my thoughts and recommendations...

1-Camera...Keep using your cell phone for mobile recording, maybe consider getting some sort of stabilizing grip or selfie stick...that being said, your budget must leave room for good sound and software, so i am reccomending you purchase this HD 1080p webcam for all stationary shots at home...dont underestimate it, this is one of the most used webcams on Twitch...

2-Sound...Blue is a trusted and WIDELY USED company in the YouTube world...this USB mic would be for home use, but would allow you to have great audio and do voice overs...

3-Software....As another person has recommended, i would go with Adobe Premiere Elements...get used to the Adobe ecosystem so one day you can graduate to the full program and entire suite!...

Entire package comes in at around $170...if you want to spend more, put it towards the microphone!


u/Pyroraptor · 3 pointsr/youtubers

Blue Snowball $48

ATR2500 USB $57

CAD U37 $47

Personally I use the Blue snowball (DON'T get the ICE version). It's a favorite among newer YouTubers. Same with the ATR2500. Haven't used the CAD U37, but heard good things. If you have more money look into the Blue Yeti or the AT2020 mic. Also the Rode Podcaster.

Don't forget to get a Pop filter which will help a lot. Also I suggest using Audacity to record, (and it is free). If you need help with Audacity, here's a good video to get you started

u/ABuk2016 · 1 pointr/youtubers

> Samson Go

thank you for the reply.

OK, so I think i should invest in some headphones. I did see some in the past but it seemed like they required some extra equipment before plugging them in to my laptop? Some phamtom power thingy.

I guess i need to find a USB mic, i.e so I wont need anything else to use it?

Looking at your recommendations, what would you recommend:



u/FergvisionFilms · 1 pointr/youtubers

I think a shotgun microphone should help here along with some blankets or acoustic treatment. You can pick up this shotgun microphone and some isolation to try and get that noise dampened. This will work if you are recording to a camera with a mic input, but if you don’t have a microphone input you can pick up this recorder which will also double as a recording interface. If you need to place your mic further away from your camera or recorder, this cord will give you some length to position it where you need. This is really nice if your camera is a few feet or more away from where you’ll be while shooting, as an added bonus the closer you place your microphone to your subject, the better it will pick sound and reject sounds you don’t want.

The shotgun mic should reject sound coming from the sides and pickup clear audio from the front. Place this close to your mouth and you’re good to go. I use a shotgun microphone to record voiceovers and videos at my desk because just like your place, it seems like my neighbors are always doing something loud. It’s useful to check your audio with some headphones to hear what background noise you might be picking up, then adjust.

If you’re still getting noise you’ll need to pick a time where you can record that you know to be more quiet. It’s a bit of a pain but unfortunately most home productions have to work around some sort of obstacle, just don’t let it keep you from making some videos!

u/Potzer · 1 pointr/youtubers

Yea. For now, I stand a little to close to the sheet. I was thinking about getting a light with a clamp so I can set it up when I do the video and take it down after. I use Sony Vegas, that I got in an ill gotten manner lol.

My brother uses Windows Movie Maker, and he likes it a lot. Your audio definitely sounds better in the second half. I think it is just a fraction out of sink though. The claps totally help. My mic is Zoom H1. I use it just how it is in that picture. I have used it for Podcasting, for corporate meetings, and on the spot audio interviews. It is really handy. It even has a little stereo input that you could use to plug in another Mic, like the lapel microphones you talked about getting.

The H1 is actually stereo, so if you ended up getting it and could prop it out of frame above you guys, it might do the trick without you guys wearing something. And she would be to one side, you'd be to the other.

u/nvaus · 10 pointsr/youtubers

First of all, congrats on not having yet another gaming channel. You've already got a leg up. I'd like to challenge your idea that you don't have a proper setup right now. If you have a place to sit you can make it into a proper setup. Buy a cheap softbox light kit on amazon or just put some 4500k lights into your lamps at home and watch a youtube tutorial on three point lighting. Clean your room so it doesn't look a mess in the background, or shoot against a blank wall/bedsheet. Buy this microphone and clip it on your shirt. Plug the wire right into the camera you're using. Buy an extension cable if necessary. Boom, you've got a professional talking head setup.

As far as what the subject matter of your content should be, not many people can help you there besides yourself. Watch a lot of other channels to get ideas of what you like and don't like. Try things and see what sticks.

u/mightykevin · 2 pointsr/youtubers

Have had good luck with these, but it depends on your set up too:

Neewer 2 Packs Dimmable Bi-Color...

Neewer 18-inch Outer Dimmable SMD...

Good luck!

u/ConfidentNobody6 · 1 pointr/youtubers
u/AsarathaHS · 2 pointsr/youtubers

yes because $120 isn't actually a whole lot for something you're going to get a massive amount of use out of. you're probably not going to use the mic exclusively for video creation.

and let's not forget about the cheaper variant that is recommended on amazon right beneath it

u/hammerbeef · 1 pointr/youtubers

Any modern decent computer with a core i5 CPU and more than 4 GBs of ram should be fine... But if he's gonna play game... Well, I guess he needs a gaming computer and those are not cheap. =(



A pair of those:

Now, he needs to know how use both of them. He needs to know how to erase the noise in the Microphone and he needs to know how config the camera to get a good image, and he need to know how to use two-point lighting. There tutorials for this all over Youtube.

u/chumbait · 1 pointr/youtubers

I think this has been said, but I think your #1 investment with this channel would be a higher quality mic.

We use this one [here] (

Perfect mix of quality and cost-effectiveness!

u/KelseyOnTheHouse · 2 pointsr/youtubers

I’ve had good luck wirh Rode’s model:
Rode smartLav+ Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphone for iPhone and Smartphones

u/FUTURE10S · 1 pointr/youtubers

Best affordable mic is the Blue Yeti?

Blue Yeti: $116

Shure SM58: $99

The Shure is miles above the Blue Yeti in terms of fidelity, that's why they've made them for 50 years. The only issue is that it needs an interface, because it's actual audio equipment.

u/rayjirdeoxys · 2 pointsr/youtubers

One suggestion I have is maybe think about investing in a separate headset/microphone? As close as your headset is, there's a very distinct pop whenever you say a P or K or something similar.

Here is a microphone stand that won't break the bank entirely. I use this, this Samson Pop Filter and a Blue Yeti USB Microphone for recording my videos (Just starting, I sorta suck)

Other than that, I liked the way you described LoZ's graphics and such. :D

u/kent_eh · 1 pointr/youtubers

Oh, you already have the camera. I was interpreting it as you found it for sale and wanted to know if you should buy it...


I assume that model of camera has a connection for adding a microphone (as far as I can tell, there are several models of the EOS rebel).

The Rode video mic is a popular choice, and isn't too expensive.

u/JohnnyBoy11 · 1 pointr/youtubers

I think you mean deadcat like wind shield. What I mean by shielded is against RF interference that electronics sends out. It might just be unshielded cables but I'm not sure

Some of the Amazon reviews talks about it (search interference)

u/Mr_Oujamaflip · 1 pointr/youtubers

I use the CAD u37 USB microphone. Amazon has it here

u/rohitknhs · 1 pointr/youtubers


It all really depends on your budget. I would say spend more on audio equipments

u/ryanraspberry · 1 pointr/youtubers

I use this microphone at the moment, but there's probably cheaper options:

u/hungrypolarbear77 · 1 pointr/youtubers

Let's say I want to interview drunk people or just general fuckery outside, would this work:

Oh and I checked out the dslr but sadly it does not record video