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u/FeanixFlame · 4 pointsr/yugioh

if they're learning how to play still, i'd recommend starter deck: codebreaker, as it's the most recent starter deck and a good place to start learning the game. it's pretty well rounded in terms of the cards in it, while still being basic enough so as to not overwhelm new players with walls of text in the card effects. if they already know how to play, then the legendary hero decks is probably a good pickup. it comes with three different theme decks based on characters from the different series, all basically playable right out of the box. if they want packs to open, then the most recent main booster set soul fusion might be a good place to start, though shadows of valhalla, battles of legend: relentless revenge, or legendary collection kaiba are also good sets with lots of cards that fans of the anime would enjoy. (the links for the four booster sets i mentioned are booster boxes, but you can buy individual packs at walmart or whatever as well if you wanted to mix and match. three or four packs of each set for each kid for example, that way they get a more varied pool of cards to play with and collect if they're less worried about actually playing the game.) i'd also recommend getting some card sleeves and a binder so they can learn to protect their cards and keep them organized, since nobody likes damaged cards. playmats aren't strictly required to play the game, but they are recommended as the game has zones that need to be kept track of for a number of reasons, and having the zones visible helps keep things lined up so you know what's going on. the starter deck comes with a paper playmat, which is serviceable enough for a beginner, but there's quite a few playmats available that have zones that are pretty good quality (they're like big mouse pads, basically) though you can get some that have a wide range of designs on them, even custom made ones, though i've yet to have my own made yet so i'm not sure how that works exactly. only other thing you'd really need are a few deck boxes so they can keep their decks separate from the rest of their cards.

u/Caaethil · 1 pointr/yugioh

All they need is a deck each. Getting the Legendary Hero Decks for one and Legendary Dragon Decks for the other is fine. They'll have 3 each then so it's over the top but it's all good if they want to play with different decks. If you just want to get one each for now you can buy Structure Decks, but make sure they're both recent otherwise one will be a lot better than the other most likely. There are Starter Decks too but I don't recommend those.

Packs are fun, some will be better than other depending on which decks they want to upgrade with the cards. I can't help you there, someone else probably can.

Sleeves and mats are just for protection. The type of mat does kind of matter because the rules of the game have changed over time and sometimes it changes the layout of the board. This is the correct layout, get one which looks a bit like that (look out for the two extra square spaces in the middle, in between the main rows). You can also get the mats as two separate halves with different designs rather than as one huge one. Rubber mats are great, I think the gameboard is just like a solid plastic version.

u/VictorQueue · 1 pointr/yugioh

I find that they work best with KMC Minis (62x89mm), as the perfect fits are 60x87mm. I also use the perfect fits with Konami sleeves which are slightly bigger and they seem to fit nicely. If Bushiroads/Enskys are any bigger than Konamis it'll definitely fit less snug.

Link to Perfect Fits:

u/GigaBowserX · 1 pointr/yugioh

Awesome! If you'd like a recommendation, there's a nice cheap one on Amazon that should also be pretty good quality:

I haven't bought one myself from this seller, but I'm planning to soon with a design I'm working on right now. The reviews are very positive, and they include reinforced stitched edges/borders, which is really nice.

u/CDFReditum · 1 pointr/yugioh

Hopefully not just parroting the other comments in the thread.

Not having a mat isn't the worst thing in the world, but I'd definitely suggest getting one soon. Tables aren't always the best surfaces to play on and it's always better to get some extra protection, plus cards are easier to play with on a smoother surface.

As for purchasing a playmat:

The cheapest one I know of that's officially yugioh (That's full size) is the one that comes out of the Noble Knights box, which you can purchase here: . A decent amount of people will have these mats, but it's whatever.

Legendary Collection Kaiba mats are a thing, but they're cardboard and awkward, plus they're more prone to irrepairable damage because of their cardboardness. Rubber isn't really going to tear or get cracks.

What you can also do is check out mats for other games. As long as they don't have zones, mats can be used for any game. I know one of my locals is more of a Magic shop than a Yu-Gi-Oh shop, so they have LOTS of Magic mats for cheap, but they're literally the exact same thing as yugioh mats (just themed with Magic artwork)

u/BlazingSkyline · 3 pointsr/yugioh

Yo, I've pretty much went through a similar situation. I personally got the Ultra-Pro Pro-Tower, but there's probably better ones as I hadn't explored my options that much when I got it, along with the fact that I was new to everything. A few weeks later though, I wound up getting a lot more into collecting cards than I'd anticipated, which led me to getting binders. So ya, if you're sure you aren't going to get more than 130 cards or so, you might have to get another deck box for the few extra cards. Personally, I'd recommend getting something cheap since it would only contain about ~30 cards.

Also, to expand on what u/chimaeraUndying said, this would be the inner sleeve, and this would be the outer sleeve (Note the dimensions, and the fact that a yugioh card is 59mm by 86mm).

u/DoctorOtaku · 2 pointsr/yugioh

Is this the deck box you’re talking about?

Also. I know double sleeves aren’t legal. But I don’t really plan to play in tournaments. If you are gonna play on a competitive level then it’s a little odd that you ask to how to clean sleeves. Just spend a few dollars on new sleeves man.

If cost is such an issue I recommend these. They’re cheap and sturdy. And they aren’t matted in the front so you’ll see the holos.

Ultra Pro Card Sleeves, Black, 180 Count

u/Sether2121 · 3 pointsr/yugioh

Ultra Pro Satin Towers are pretty good. Reasonably fit 40 main, 15 double sleeved extra, 15 side, and another 40 card deck.

I've been using it for a while and it's held through being tossed around in my trunk.

u/RidingTheFireStorm · 1 pointr/yugioh

Hello. I'm not an active player of the card game and never was (except some older videogame titles), but I recently stumbled upon the Legendary Decks II box and bought it because of nostalgia.

After researching for some time which are the best protective sleeves, I bought the Standard Clear ones from Dragon Shield. Well, needless to say: it was the wrong size. After further research, it seems that the Dragon Shield Minis would be the right choice.

My question: How do the Minis compare from the feel/look to the Standard ones? I like the Standard ones a lot. And I know what many want to say: "Go with KMC or go homu." Sadly, I live in a part of Europe where KMC Hyper Mat Minis cost 70% more, so they're not an option.

u/chocochip179 · 11 pointsr/yugioh

I bought one here

$14 relatively cheap for a custom mat, and the quality is pretty decent imo. Makes sure you have a high resolution image to send in though. The higher the res the better the print quality.

u/ShimmerShores · 1 pointr/yugioh

Have you already bought the Legendary Hero Decks, it comes with a Hero Deck. It's $24 here.

u/ez_walker · 1 pointr/yugioh

I know I am super late but since I am mostly on a budget when it comes to buying my cards and accessories I go with these UltaPro Sleeves. They are not as high quality as Dragon Shield but they are still very good matte sleeves. I use them for all my decks and side decks.

u/Zizro · 2 pointsr/yugioh

Hello! Sorry if this is not the right place for this. But I was wondering if anyone new of a playmat that is all black, two player, and has the link format printed on it. Any solid color would be appreciated also. Thanks for any help!

Somthing like this but all black.

u/Nandom · 1 pointr/yugioh

thanks for the response. This is what most of you guys are refering to?

Can I have any problems with this? I heard about weighed packs or like packs that were opened already. If I open those packs what cards should i be excited for to see pop up?

u/MonteTribal · 1 pointr/yugioh

This my box. I really like it. Holds sleeved deck + extra + side. All double sleeved. Or holds 2 decks, single sleeved with extra. The side might fit depending on sleeve size. And the magnetic clasp hasnt failed me yet, and i just toss it into my bag everyday.

u/MisterSynister · 10 pointsr/yugioh

I use to use those sleeves on my extra deck. Really nice accent to my BA deck.

Get them here if you are interested.

u/ElSeniorHuevo · 1 pointr/yugioh

get the monster double deck boxes
i use them and their great because the little compartments pop out!

u/renernavilez · 1 pointr/yugioh

I bought this gold set just for the sake of buying it. Anyone have an idea of wether it'll be a good pull for a dragon or dark paladin deck? Sorry, I regularly just play my brother and get cards as a hobby...

u/_TheSiege_ · 1 pointr/yugioh

Look up one of the Legendary Collection boxes. My brother has those sleeves, and while I'm unsure of where exactly he got them from I know most of his collection is from those boxes

Edit: apparently they're not from those boxes, but I found an amazing link for them. Not sure if this is allowed or not

u/chansy93 · 0 pointsr/yugioh

EDIT: so aparently they recentlyy got baught out by ultra pro so they dont make pc whites anymore wtf... these use to be the no. 1 sleave used by pro players like every ycs player on the circuit uses thease... they was like 6$ for a pack from evry vender

now they are like 15$ for remaneing supply o_o

u/soupydoopy · 3 pointsr/yugioh

I just bought this one off of Amazon. It's really nice--sort of like a mousepad sort of material. I play with my boyfriend so we just got the two-player mat rather than getting two individual ones.

u/jetjaguar5 · 1 pointr/yugioh

Not exactly what you're asking for, but I like the simplistic design

u/DreadedZeke · 1 pointr/yugioh

This is pretty close HTTPS://

u/generaltechnobi · 1 pointr/yugioh

I use these for bulk storage. They hold about 840 unsleeved cards each, and they'll be nicer to your cards in the long run than tins.

u/HolySmokesItsTeddy · 1 pointr/yugioh

Assuming you mean these , you can find others by searching "mini character guard sleeves" if you want them to fit Yu-Gi-Oh sized sleeves.

u/UnknownChaser · 1 pointr/yugioh

I should have this copy already since I answer this question every single time:

Double sleeves:

Yugioh size sleeves

Dragon shield clear

Triple sleeves:

latcg clear sleeves

Waifu/standard size sleeves

KMC/other brand character guard oversleeves

u/Friscis · 2 pointsr/yugioh If you go to additional sellers it has an option to buy from MariasToys or something like that for just $14. That's who I purchased from.

u/TobiRa1 · 3 pointsr/yugioh

You answered your own question. Yes there are sleeves with the anime style backing and they were officially released by Konami in Japan.

Here's one link:

I'm a sleeve collector and I don't consider those to be that expensive. It's higher than when they were first released but there are sleeves that are 10x higher than that price.

u/aZEROemerges · 2 pointsr/yugioh

I see listings for it up on some card sites as well as Amazon, but I'm waiting for it to pop up on walmart to preorder. It's being released on November 8th.


hero strike amazon

u/maximumbamboozle · 2 pointsr/yugioh


u/TheDrakion · 3 pointsr/yugioh

Ultra Pro Zippered Gaming Case with Corrugated Insert

Something along these lines???

u/Ahhyeah13 · 0 pointsr/yugioh

I bought these personally
Konami Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal Duelist Card Protector ZEXAL Card Sleeves

u/jlivi3 · 1 pointr/yugioh

there is, personally just ordered a mat from there recently, cant wait till i get it

u/Parachuu · 1 pointr/yugioh

If you're not willing to drop 25, maybe you're willing to drop $15.

Fully customized, all you've gotta do is send them the picture and they'll make the mat. Of course get the highest res you can so it scales better, but I've ordered 5 mats from them so far, and I've yet to be disappointed.

u/tpphypemachine · 8 pointsr/yugioh

TL;DR The UK release of DSOD doesn’t have the missing credits song issue, nor does it have ‘dubtitles’ like the US version, so it’s not Konami or 4K Media’s fault–Anchor Bay, the distribution company for the US release, had a similar thing happen with their Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Blu-Ray release. More info on that here.

(Anchor Bay did not offer refunds for GitS by the way.)

EDIT: You gotta be kidding me! It doesn’t have scene selections! :(