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u/rocketsp13 · 1 pointr/zombicide

First advice with new painters is always thin your paints. A more accurate advice is to thin your paint when you want to do just about anything other than dry brush.

The follow up question is often "how thin?" The answer for this depends on what you want to do. If you're doing a basic wet blend or base coat, something like melted ice cream will suffice. If you're doing more detailed work, or more fine blending, something like skim milk will work better.

The better question is "why?" You're often told that wet paint flows better, and therefore won't leave brush marks, but there's an additional thing that's occasionally mentioned as a drawback of acrylic paints; they're semi transparent.

This is abused in several painting techniques, two of which I'll describe below.

The first is layering, which the simplest version is what I described in my previous post. If your paint is thin enough, some of the layer underneath will show through. For this, you'll want to be closer to skim milk than melted ice cream. You can then build up layers (therefore "many thin layers", or "layering") with each successive layer covering less and less, but also with each layer providing more coverage.

The second, and more advanced technique is called feathering or void blending, and is really just a more advanced form of layering. When you put down a layer, very quickly clean and dry your bush to where it's moist. Then, use your brush as a sponge to make the edges of the layer you just did more faint. the trick with this, is you have to be fast. Acrylic paint dries quickly, and unless you're using an acrylic drying retarder, thinning your paint makes the paint dry even faster.

As an aside, often times, some old school painters are called "brush likers" because they'll use a variant of this called spit blending, where they clean the brush with their mouth, using their spit to keep the brush moist.

For more on this topic, see this video by Miniac, and for more on the general topic of blending see this video by Vince Venturella

u/ijjusion · 1 pointr/zombicide

If you're not into painting - the first bundle is fine if you're willing to put the money into it, the other bundles are too much for a beginner IMO

Something like:

Is a cheaper entry point - look for something in the same category as this, the primary colours + a few extras, a shade and a standard sized paint brush

This way you can try out painting and if you enjoy it, you can add to it from there, while not investing as heavily as the suggested bundles in the link are asking

Another option ~

Any paints from Army painter/Citadel/Vallejo are great places to start, just get whatever's got the best deal on at the time.

Only other suggestion would be to get a spray undercoat such as

Undercoat sprays make painting a mini MUCH easier and MUCH quicker, however, if you are only painting the bases and not any detail on the mini, you can get away with no undercoat spray
(You can get cheaper sprays but I find when you're new, picking one model paint brand and sticking to it to start with makes things easier to manage)

I've just grabbed links from Amazon, but you can find these products all over the place

u/RynoKenny · 4 pointsr/zombicide

I am very amateur, but I highly recommend Strong Tone Quickshade, that stuff is amazing and was the easiest part of the process. This is how they came out.

u/tourachsdoorbell · 1 pointr/zombicide

I believe you're talking about the STST19900! I just got one myself, albeit for the original Zombicide. I ran into the same issue with the tile space.

You can center the tiles on the grooves that jut out for dividers. It depends on how many tiles you have, but I have all of the original seasons/expansions, I and was about 7 tiles away from fitting them all using that method. The space underneath is the perfect height for boxes that minis initially come in to rest, so you can store smaller items ziplocked in there with no issue and add stability to the pile.

I wanted all of my tiles in one place, so I ended up using a Dremel to get rid of those grooves. The space still narrows near the bottom (the indents on either side), but I have just an inch and a half of clearance now. I'm in the process of modifying these to be the right height for storage underneath, but that's certainly not required.

It's been about an hour's worth of work so far to get the tiles in and the majority of that was just cleaning out the plastic I ground off. Just did it last night, so I was excited to see someone else using the same storage!

u/Madnapali · 3 pointsr/zombicide

Definitely keep them separate. I have a full collection, and sounds like you do, too. In a large Plano tackle box I keep the things that are shared between games, such as dice, dice tower, paper, etc. The rest of the stuff is split into file boxes per game, and I put the trays of figurines into the tacklebox for travel.

You can get spare trays just about anywhere that sells fishing gear. Happy storing!

u/jt25617 · 1 pointr/zombicide

I just ended up buying a couple of diecast cars and a helicopter off of amazon. The cars: Pull Back Diecast Police Cars - 4 High Speed Vehicle Set Toy For Kids – By Kidsco
The helicopter: Sky Pilot UH-60 Black Hawk Diecast Helicopter Replica 1:60 Scale
The helicopter is a little big but I think is fine. The cars are the perfect size.

u/Serneum · 5 pointsr/zombicide

Reaper makes Learn to Paint kits. I've used them to reinforce some of what I've learned at local painting meetups and I've liked them. I ended up grabbing a large Army Painter paint set and then had a wet palette and a Winsor & Newton brush recommended to me from a Zombicide painting group. They also pointed me to a head-mounted light/magnifying glass and some brush soap.

u/daviddoughty83 · 2 pointsr/zombicide

You know I don't think there are any missions with just toxic mall and Season 3. I have made a bunch with Season 3, Toxic Mall AND Season 1.

I would recommend picking up just the tile pack for season 1 and that alone will unlock a ton of missions for you.

I found some on eBay and Amazon for $20 with free shipping

Also you can check out:

And a shameless plug for my Zombicide Survival Guide. It has just about every mission created in one .pdf

u/Either_Orlok · 1 pointr/zombicide

I use a combination of these for my Zombicide seasons 1-3. I own one of everything made for the game (each retail and promo item) and got it to fit in two of the LP cases and I believe ten of the Plano cases.

I plan to do the same for Black Plague, but I need to come up with something for the extra large "boss monster" figures.

Aluminum LP storage case

Plano 23600-01

u/Cyntax3rr0r · 1 pointr/zombicide

Apologies. My replies with direct links were not posting.

Cooler - Water Bottles - M16A1

u/kingmoon · 4 pointsr/zombicide

Printing: 9€
Punching tool: 8€
576 cuts, 576x pressing the puncher amazon link

300g/sqm paper.

u/Majawat · 1 pointr/zombicide

On Amazon,

Angry Neighbors went down from $42 to $35 - Camel
Season 2 Prison Outbreak went up from $57 to $74 - Camel
Season 3 Rue Morgue went down from $80 to $61 - Camel

I might just have to pull the trigger on these finally.