Reddit Reddit reviews Alphasmart Neo Handheld Word Processor with Full Size Keyboard, Calculator

We found 8 Reddit comments about Alphasmart Neo Handheld Word Processor with Full Size Keyboard, Calculator . Here are the top ones, ranked by their Reddit score.

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Alphasmart Neo Handheld Word Processor with Full Size Keyboard, Calculator
Alphasmart Neo portable word processor with USB cable and 3 (AA) batteriesFull QWERTY keyboard12.4" long 9.75" wideweights only 2 lbssix lines by 51 characters
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8 Reddit comments about Alphasmart Neo Handheld Word Processor with Full Size Keyboard, Calculator :

u/aabicus · 22 pointsr/mildlyinteresting

I debated getting a Freewrite when my Alphasmart died in 2017, but in the end I just bought another Alphasmart. No cloud backup, but otherwise it fills the same function as the Freewrite (removes all distractions and forces you to write) but at $30 instead of $500. Plus it's durable, long-lasting batteries (I only changed batteries three times in 8 years) and connects to any USB-supporting device with just a standard printer cable.

u/kelly_o · 7 pointsr/writing

Why don't you try an Alphasmart NEO?

I write on just about any surface, but when I need portability, ease of use, and few distractions, I use an old Alphasmart. I've written a novel on pen and paper before, but I found it nearly impossible to edit it efficiently that way. And typing it up was a wrist killer. So the plus side over pen and paper or a typewriter is that the files in a NEO can be loaded into a word processor for large-scale editing or submitting, so nothing has to be retyped.

If you're fancy, you could also try a Hemingwrite.

u/jrafferty · 2 pointsr/answers

I think that what you're looking for is a portable word processor/notetaker like the Alpha Smart 3000 or the Alphasmart Neo Handheld or another similar product. I think they have the functionality, battery life, and portability that you're seeking.

u/tm_rain · 2 pointsr/fantasywriters

I used a Chromebook to write while travelling all last year. It's perfect. When you don't have WiFi, you can write in offline mode. It'll automatically sync when you find a WiFi hotspot. Also, you just open the lid and it is on in seconds, which is perfect for catching 25 minutes of writing when you have a break in your day. A downside is that once your doc gets large (>40k words), the file will start slowing down and you may find it easier to open a new doc, which can get annoying. For drafting, I'd also recommend a Neo.

u/whuddafugger · 2 pointsr/typewriters


You can still find them for sale on eBay Amazon.

u/ChessmenArentCookies · 1 pointr/writing

I bought a keyboard case for my iPad mini and it works great. You have to adjust to the compressed keyboard, but I wrote a novel with it. I usually spent about an hour+ with it every evening, never got tired of it.

BUT, my eyes are sensitive to screens, so having to be on the computer all day and then writing with the iPad at night really took a toll. I was getting headaches a lot. So, I ended up buying an old word processor like the ones they used to use in schools before laptops. It has really been amazing! You can upload your documents via a USB cord. It runs on batteries, and the power lasts forever. It has no capability other than writing, so distraction-free and backlight-free. It has about the functionality of a TI-84 graphing calculator lol. Super clunky, I don't really worry about breaking it (I did buy a small laptop sleeve for mine just to be safe though).

The best part is that it'll only run you like 40 bucks! Just make sure to buy one that comes with the USB cord. Here's a link.

u/FrakkenReddit · 1 pointr/arduino

Monochrome types like
This one looks decent too:

480 resolution would be fine (prob need that much really... Doubt i'll find it). Tube TV's and non-optional backlights are a no. (I have a weird but severe form of digital eye strain).

u/Vemasi · 1 pointr/writing

I love writing longhand. I started doing it after going through a lot of measures to have something to type on with me at all times, as I usually want to write when I'm out of the house. But everything that I used to type still needed me to sit at a table mostly, whereas I am able to write in a notebook curled up in a chair, standing at a counter, or against the wall even. I also am able to keep my own interest better because I like notebooks and pens. It also keeps me from editing too much, and makes it a little harder to jump around the text, which is good for me (I find I need to discipline myself and write from the beginning to the end, otherwise I will get distracted and move to another project).

Learning a shorthand might help if you find longhand is too slow.

If you must type but would like the tunnel-vision of writing by hand, I recommend a word processor. I used one of these for years. The only drawback was that you had to treat it nicely or the keys would stick a bit (still work, but wouldn't clack as nicely as the other keys). Very portable apart from that while still having a full-size keyboard, and the readout is not backlit. I mostly didn't even look at the screen.

If they still work the same way, basically you type into a file (it can hold 9-10 at a time). Then, when you get home you plug it into a computer, open Word or whatever, and tell it to export. It will then type everything in the file out right in front of you (so you have to let it run for a minute). Then you can do the editing on a screen when you are done. You can do it in the word processor too, but it's more difficult and hard to format.