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Botanigard Es Biological Insecticide 1qt
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2 Reddit comments about Botanigard Es Biological Insecticide 1qt:

u/Sunkitteh · 9 pointsr/Pennsylvania

OH, there are a few products!

Botanigard-ES, available on Amazon

Biopower is based in India, I can't find it for sale on Amazon or in my nearby stores

Naturalis-L is only available "for crops under permanent protection" (farmers and growers?)

Ha ha ha ha ha. Fuckers.

u/ex_uno_plures · 1 pointr/microgrowery

The imid should be fine after 60 days - friend of mine used it a while back at the transition and the final product tasted totally fine. The pre-harvest interval is I think ~50 days and some imid use is allowed on citrus trees if used far enough in advance of fruit set.

On another note, I would suggest by following up with a tea brewed with this biofungicide beneficial bacteria pack. It contains several strains of insecticidal fungus that actually eat the aphids from the inside out. It is very effective, especially when paired with imid. Many people say imid alone only provides temporary control and that they will bounce back. The tea pack contains the same active ingredients as the agricultural root aphid treatment known as Botaniguard, but is much cheaper.