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Darn Tough Merino Wool Run/Bike No Show Ultralight Socks - Men's Charcoal Large
Performance Fit: No slipping, no bunching, and no blisters. True Seamless: Undetectable seam fusion for an ultrasmooth, invisible feel.Fine Gauge Knitting: Unprecedented durability and our unique "put it on, forget it's on" feel.Fast Action Wicking: Pulls moisture away from skin. Fast drying; Naturally Antimicrobial: Repels bacteria and odor.Merino Wool: The ultimate fiber for breathability and comfort in all conditions.Still made in Vermont, USA. Still unconditionally guaranteed for life.
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6 Reddit comments about Darn Tough Merino Wool Run/Bike No Show Ultralight Socks - Men's Charcoal Large:

u/ShortTermMath · 3 pointsr/running

I am looking to buy these Darn Tough No Show socks to run in and general wear. I am not training for any events just trying to get back into running. Should I buy them?

Edit: Thanks everyone. I wear Darn Tough socks everyday but the socks I have are normal length socks, crew length? And I wanted to see your opinions. It is getting hotter now and I need some shorter length socks.

u/eddyinet · 3 pointsr/onebag

Darn Tough's are the only socks I wear.

Summer is Darn Tough Men's No Show Ultralight (

Winter is Darn Tough Vermont Men's Merino Wool Micro Crew Cushion Hiking Socks (

I know a lot of people like Smart Wool but I've personally found them to wear out fairly quickly. Also you just can't beat the Darn Tough life time warranty.

I own three pairs of each. When traveling / one bagging I just bring two pairs and it works out perfect. I wouldn't hesitate in the slightest to give them a go.

Good luck!

u/DontRemindBot · 2 pointsr/onebagging

I use this. If you are looking for more options then read more here

u/ttubravesrock · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

well let's look at the amazon order I just made.

camera - $200

tablet - $180

shirt - $20

shirt - $20

heart thing for wife - $70

loppers - $30

bt headphones - $50

foodsaver - $100

jeggings (wife) - $20

bra (wife) - $30

plan weights - $10

socks - $10

That leaves me with another $260 to spend...

I'm going to delete the wife stuff and the socks...

and go $10 over by buying a PS4 - $400

I can buy games for it later

u/Barnacle-bill · 1 pointr/BuyItForLife

Looks like Amazon still has them. Here's a 6 pack of them

Darn Tough Men's No Show Light ( Style 1437 ) - 6 PackCharcoal, Large

And here's a single pack

Darn Tough Men's No Show light,Charcoal,Large

u/FlashAndPoof · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

High school budget... invest in nice boots/outerwear. Everything else can be found from Target or similar.

For example... if you really want a nice shawl cardigan, go ahead and get one with a 25% off coupon from J.Crew. Want some really nice boots? Don't be afraid to have them be your most expensive purchase in your wardrobe.

But for basics like tees and shirts, Target is just fine. Hell... I still rock a $5 "premium" Hanes tee when I know I'll be sweating outdoors. My most frequently worn socks are these Darn Tough Merino wool socks They may be $14 a pair, but I believe they carry a lifetime warranty. Extremely comfortable and I haven't even had one wear out on me yet! I recommend everyone try at least one pair to check them out and see if merino wool socks are for them.

OCBDs and most shirts... to be honest, I think name brands are a bit overrated for simple OCBDs and similar shirts. Sure they can be made of different material and vary in comfort... but they're all very similar and 99.9% of the people around you will never be able to tell the difference. I've never had a single person tell apart one of my $500 Ralph Lauren Purple Label shirt from my J.Crew ones. It's not like they're going to reach out and feel your shirt every time to check lol. The MAIN thing is fit!!! Fit is king! Try a bunch on and find one that fits you decently. I won't recommend tailoring all your OCBDs and shirts immediately as I find high schoolers can have huge variation in their bodies as they continue growing.

Putting together outfits... woah. Honestly... I'd just look up a bunch of popular instagrammers and the WAYWT threads on here and just keep on clicking. Maybe take some notes on what really really pulls you and draws in your imagination/taste.